Julia Gillard's press conference, 26 November, 2012
A huge day on the blog


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Bel Marduk

I know who I believe and it isn't Julia Gillard.


I know who I believe, and he doesn't wear a $30,000 Chanel Suit !

stu nt

Gillard wants us to make our minds up?! http://youtu.be/DabD3Z9Ix7U

Allan Cox

Ralph's replies always come instantly, unequivocally, as if from the heart because in his mind he knows he's telling the truth.

Once again, well done Michael for getting Ralph's verbals on the record so that 'she' that should know better digs an even deeper hole for her soles, as 'her' soul sure ain't goin' to heaven until 'she' 'fesses up; sooner the better for the sake of our country, I say.


I have seen in a few articles the insinuation that Ralph is being paid off by some mysterious party to pursue these matters. Maybe you could ask him on the record to put that particular question to rest?

Keep it up guys, you can see the cracks appearing now.


It's a shame so many haven't grasped what it means for a nation when a Prime Minister can resort to the grubby, gutter tactics of name calling and defaming a private citizen, and not be held to account for it. A private citizen - a person no different to you or I, bar the extraordinary circumstances that has caught the attention of the media... A grave day for democracy.


why can't anyone ask the question have you ever witness a PA without witnessing the signature in person,


That was a very fruitful interview with Ralph Blewitt, Michael. As he said, "Why would I lie? I could go to jail over this."

Hopefully, Julia Gillard will go to jail over this.


Ralph don't take any notice of a woman who believes it's ok to have an abortion at full term, nine months and kisses babies at election time.
Her policies have enticed 1,000 people, men, women, children and babies to the bottom of the ocean.

The press conference was just a tactic to avoid answering in Parliament and you had the guts to confess to Police.
Gillard repeatedly said she just gave advice but who goes to a National high profile law firm and gets advice that conflicts with State Law, especially when the lawyer is a senior partner?


"why would I lie to put myself in jail"?. Ralph Blewitt. Beautiful.
On the other hand why would Gillard lie? To stay out of jail.


Yep Ralph is right,the best form of defence is attack,be prepared for a lot more,the PMs advisors are on the ball,She will come undone though,it is just a matter of time.Great work Michael


Leigh Sales on the 7.30 Report promo looks like she's about to have a breakdown.


Suggestion to Ralph Blewitt.

Start a defamation action using Slater and Gordon on a no win - no fee basis. After all, no law firm would have a better idea about its chance of success.

kooka otways

I'm sure I read that Kerr st house got sold Feb 1996
so that would have been the time of the morgage renewal"3 yrs". So the "renewal morgage" must not have been taken up again, hence house sold.Was AWU on the title of the house as the lender or/wilson as POA,or Blewitt. Which of these got the benefit, if any, from the sale of the house.Of course that is if a profit was made.


@silentnomore, that is just another smear that is being thrown about.

If you have noticed, the general claim is that it is a Liberal Party smear, despite the fact that the whole issue has been brought to life by ex-AWU officials.


Smithy, a brilliant and highly informative tape, love it, it's far more convincing than all the Press conferences and Question Times.
Ralph is quite alert for his age,
i'm impressed

Has our Prime Minister Julia Gillard failed to be trustworthy???

Truth is the truth, and Australia needs to investigate and find out the true value of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's word, because she has failed to answer specific questions clearly.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has taken an affirmation to be trustworthy and faithful to the Australian People.

"I Julia Eileen Gillard, do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will well and truly serve the Commonwealth of Australia, Her Land and Her People in the Office of Prime Minister."

Andrew the brother

Don't get why she hasn't been asked why as a lawyer she put her signature to an application for incorporation without ensuring it contained the five requisite members. The rules are clear: 5 members. For Julia Gillard two sufficed. Why was the application limited to the names of Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt?

Gillard seems to think that any alleged wrongdoing 17 years ago is unworthy of scrutiny. No scandal hangs around an individual for 17 years for no reason. Where there's smoke there's fire. Time has never functioned as a barrier between truth and any citizen connected with or participating in unresolved questionable activities.

But it almost defies belief that someone who bullied her way into high office (albeit with the blessing of her union crony powerbroker associates) can come out with an undignified barrage of abuse so unbefitting the office of Australian Prime Minister.

I thought she also incorporated Emily's List, but probably has no recollection of that either. After all, she's signed thousands of documents, can't remember going anywhere to sign her adulterous lover's paperwork, so why would she recall her work on Emily's List. Or would she.

val majkus

I'm pleased that Ralph sounds in good spirits. Catallaxy Files has a post up "How the PM of Australia describes an Australian Citizen." Listening to it I was embarrassed - self serving denouncement of a citizen of the country of which she is PM.
I posted a comment on Michael's 'high flyer' post this morning and I think it's been eaten by the anti spam gargoyle. In essence I was saying thank you to Michael for giving us access to such a richness of documentary material.
I'm sure most of you would agree with me.
And Ralph, keep your chin up and thank you for making yourself available to us during your stay in Australia.


Julia asks -who do we believe- her or a bloke who has admitted to using prostitutes. Perhaps Julia should re-phrase that question-would we believe a serial adultress and family wrecker over a bloke using a prostitute. Interesting she refuses to answer questions in parliament for fear of misleading parliament. When she started mocking the JFK assassination i thought this woman has lost it.


Hi Michael
More re the evidence trail.
Either JEG took her solicitor's stamp to WA to witness the POA and there'd be someone who would know she'd be out of the office - and she'd remember that, or there would be records of Ralph attending S&Gs Vic offices to sign the POA.


Just jog my memory. Is this the SAME Julia Gillard that is standing in front of a selected media pack spewing venom to anyone that will listen about a man that was once a friend? Let me remind all that this one Julia Gillard broke up not one but TWO marriages with little children involved. This woman is a disgrace to ALL woman and she does not represent me! I have never thought her as being the first female Prime Minister of Australia. It doesn't count if you buy and lie your way into this position. That honour is reserved in the future to an honest ELECTED PM - not one that was selected by a couple of labor sycophants.


The most offensive things here are Ms Gillard and her labors colleagues lack of concern regarding an illegal slush fund and that once again Union members monies have been missused.Not ONE of Gillard and her cronies has clearly stated that it is wrong and illegal to use union funds in such a manner, also Mr Howes has been very quiet and by NOT condemning Gillard for assissting in the fraudulant set up of a slush fund and using the awu name to do it, he is basically condoning it.geez these power hungry fools will stoop to extreme levels to cover teir backs.Judgement ,humility and honesty are more than lacking they don't even exist.

Spin Baby, Spin

How did Gillard end up witnessing a Power of Attorney that Ralph did not instruct her to prepare? Gillard had a duty of care to Ralph and she failed to protect him. Ralph should complain to the Law Society about her conduct in the preparation and execution of the Power of Attorney.

Techo John

Gillard: what a piece of work. I hear she used to call married women prostitutes, presumably because they accept a man's money and safekeeping in return for sex. She also has relationships with married men. She happily lied to the Australian people about the carbon tax and shamelessly leaves massive debt for our children to repay for her. She runs a government of failure and remains an unmarried woman in a relationship with a man who watches TV during the day. There are questions she doesn't even pretend to answer and an apparent cover-up with the losses of files.

Who is she (pronoun) to tell anyone they aren't a good person? She thinks John Howard is good (presumably because he didn't ask her about her past) We won't know our country when Gillard and Labour have gone.

My point? Gillard, just stop talking. It is foolish to slime people when you have no credibility, especially one of your best friends from 18 years ago.


Do you think if slater and Gordon feel threatened that they will find some evidence to protect themselves.


Ralph, you have been described as a person of "questionable" character by a published liar, hello ???,

and then the pm asked the journalist "you decide" who to believe ????

again I say, hello ???,

Keep up the good work and research guys.


In this interview Ralph stated that Julia Gillard was lecturing at some university somewhere when she was said to be in Perth witnessing Ralph's signature. Surely that fact is easy enough to check up on?


Gillard accuses Ralph of sleaze in having a penchant for Asian sex workers, then describes him in terms apparently used by un-named "others", namely "imbecile, idiot, sexist pig" etc.

In the famous words of Thatcher in response to George Negus using similar anonymous inuendo - "Who ARE these people? Who is saying such things?" We can guarantee Gillard will never name them or be asked such a question. A very cowardly repost from the Nation's erstwhile 'Leader'.

YOUR accusers Madam, are happy to name you directly; ie, Michael Phillip Smith, Ralph Edwin Blewitt et al.

Curiously, Gillard did not describe her "mate" Craig Thomson in similar terms when concrete evidence pointed to HIS penchant for Australian sex workers. It seems the nationality of the women in the sex trade is relevant. Is that racist?

However, Madam, YOUR proven track record of taking husbands and fathers away from their wives and children is WHAT?

A little dabbling in 'social engineering'?

Seeing how many lives you can disrupt and destroy? Does it feed your sociopathic ego and prove your superiority over wives whom you have described as "prostituting themselves to their husbands" in exchange for a home and security?

Gillard has proven, out of her own mouth, that she has no moral compass whatsoever.

Yep, the female version of 'creep' is definitely 'slag'.


Well done Ralph,

you presented well and said nothing inconssitent with your past statements. I felt you were given a fair go from Leigh Sales and that you made the most of it!


I just saw Ralph Blewitt on 7:30 being interviewed by Leigh Sales. She certainly tried to attack and goad him but Ralph did extremely well maintaining his composure and her frustration was becoming clear. I do this Ralph should have rebutted more strongly the insinuation by Julia Gillard that he is a sexual predator. Although I think the Prime Minister should be very careful attacking the private sex lives of others when there are many married skeletons rattling in her closet...


Great interview by Ralph on 7.30 report....

Made those eyes of Leigh Sales go all blinky as she does when she doesn't get her way :)
close to shrill too as she does!

God bless her husband.... or is it Karma????

Can you stand it!


Julia Gillard said she broke off her relationship with (1991-1995) boyfriend Bruce Wilson (to paraphrase) 'after hearing rumours about what was happening in the Victorian branch of the AWU'.

She could have said she was totally cognisant of what he was up to as reason why she broke up, but instead chose not to implicate herself by outlining exactly what Wilson was up to. Instead, Gillard chooses to put on public record she broke up with him over (un-named) 'rumours'.

However, funnily enough, Gillard is suddenly very derisive of any 'innuendo' against her, repeatedly saying noone has put forth allegations of wrongdoing (despite the treasure trove of documents on the public record).

So given Gillard repeatedly asks for 'allegations of wrongdoing' to be put regarding her behaviour as solicitor, why doesn't she apply same test to herself & put forth 'allegations of wrongdoing' against Bruce Wilson, rather than simply say she split up with him over rumours.

Because such allegations of wrong-doing against Wilson which prompted Gillard to split up with him, might shed light on why such massive fraud was perpetrated without a single person ever being brought to account.


The Senator

Did you notice how agitated Leigh became in the face of Ralph's beguiling authenticity?

The best nightwatchman performance since Gillespie's 201 not out!


My advice to Ralph would go - The PM with her well known preference for married men would be well advised to avoid making judgements on other peoples morality. And I'd laugh uncontrollably if Thomson got charged in the same week!!!


I watched in trepidation Ralph's interview with Leigh Sales I thought she would make mincemeat of him. No way he handled himself extremely well and made her look nasty. Ralph is being supported by Harry Nowicki and he also answered some of the other intracies of this affair, openly and straight forwardly. MORE THAN THE PM DOES. Give it to them


Ralph Blewitt's interview with Leigh Sales on the ABC 7.30 Report tonight was brilliant. Ralph was in command, spoke intelligently and was genuinely believable!

Sales did her level best to discredit him, referring to Julia Gillard's despicable smear of Ralph's character at her Press Conference today, but failed royally - on all points!





Well, I've got to say - WELL DONE RALPH. Have just seen the 7.30 interview, I think Ralph presented as frank and non defensive. Sales hit him between the eyes with many awkward questions and he didn't flinch. He will find a not unsympathetic audience in many viewers who recognise a knockabout Aussie with many flaws but a certain authenticity. That might be lost on certain Scottish imports, but it resonates with the natives.I would go as far as to say that he has trumped Gillard's snarling, aggressive press conference.

And what inside information has Sales learned recently about the AWU WRA? Expecting a savage, dismemberment of her subject, I instead saw a probing, but civil interrogation.

Michael, you might be vindicated in your staunch support for your man.


"Ralph is being paid off by some mysterious party"
Terese Rein, Kevin Rudd's "life partner" is worth close to 200 million dollars. There's no way that money plays a part in Australian politics.


Michael, please please please counsel our fellow MichaelSmithNews concerned Aussies that patience, accuracy, consistency, reason and a diligently prosecuted argument WILL win the day against the indecency of the current P.M. and her equally illegitimate ex-union dominated caucus, the sycophantic and incurious Canberra press gallery, the sadly partisan ABC, and a witless and feckless MSM generally. I know of the amazing trump card(s) soon to be carefully dealt out and it will hook more than the PM, leaving her front bench decimated and Ludwick's power base permanently demised. And then there is the Heiner enquiry in QLD for the Ruddster to navigate which cannot possibly achieve.

John Greyhair

We were asked on the 7:30 Report who we believe, Julia Gillard or Ralph Blewitt.

Regardless of both your backgrounds it comes down to current events.

You have made a statement to the correct authorities and made no public statements derogatory to the Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard chose a press conference (which she controlled) to make a statement whereas the correct venue or authority was the House of Representatives which she attended a few minutes later. She made many derogatory statements about you, and most were based on hearsay without any substantive proof.

Who would I believe under these circumstances ? Julia Gillard or Ralph Blewitt?

I would answer Ralph Blewitt.


WHY does Gillard diligently study Ralph Blewitt's facebook page, but not his financial circumstances when helping to facilitated S+G loan into Fitzroy house? She credited Blewitt back then (literally) but now tries to discredit when it suits.


Kevin Johnson

After seeing her on TV , and the comments by the Project etc, it would appear that the momnetum is gone.
They have won.
Sad.The press is against you.


Well done Ralph on your "ABC 7.30" effort tonight. At least you give a yes or no answer without beating around the bush and all over the place. Not once did you have to refer to "your previous answer on the public record", or having answered the question previously" or other BS obfuscation.

For an "imbecile" you came across with more sincerity, integrity, hopnesty and clarity than some people who have law degrees and who occupy senior positions in Government!


Hi Michael,
I just had a look at Vexnews. This is what you and Ralph Blewitt are up against: http://www.vexnews.com/2012/11/shower-scene-psycho-exposed-dirty-old-perv-ralph-blewitt-cannot-wash-away-his-filthy-past/.
It's going to get very dirty.
BTW...I thought RB did pretty well on 7.30. Did you see Leigh Sales' face at the end when she realised she wasn't going to make him look like a liar.


Ralph gave precise answers to all questions asked on the 7.30 Report. All short & to the point. Unlike the PM when asked precise questions re this AWU fraud!


I heard on ABC radio how our PM is behaving in Parliament and QT. She is not far of for being confused with a fishwife. (http://dictionary.reverso.net:
If you say that someone is behaving like a fishwife, you mean that they are shouting a great deal and behaving in a very unpleasant and bad-tempered way.)
This is how far she has dragged the Parliament down and that is how she will drag the country down. This bad tempered foul mouthed fishwife is a disgrace. It is not the Opposition that is embarrassing it is her. It looks to me that she is dragging this saga on so she can mock the Opposition making them look like lunatics.
How is it that nobody from the Labor party calls on her to change that street girl behavior. I get emails from overseas friends making all kinds of remarks. None of them is good.
Ralph Blewitt looks like a choirboy in comparison.


Posted by: SilentNoMore | Monday, 26 November 2012 at 06:37 PM

"I have seen in a few articles the insinuation that Ralph is being paid off by some mysterious party to pursue these matters."

Funny, I haven't read any. Links please, otherwise you could be mistaken for a troll. Wouldn't want that now would we, especially with your well wishes and all ;)

Jack Moss

Michael, good interview Ben Foredam. Your jaw s on th floor with Juliar because she us a classic Sociopath undiagnosed obviously . Look it up...


Keep up the pressure. Julia Gillard is looking very suspect with the evasive answering, only the guilty won't answer the questions. At least Ralph Blewitt has realised that the gig is up


Hey what's going on,I just seen Ralph on 7 .30 report,I was out so could not hear what he said.Hope all is well with Ralph,I was just a bit shocked cause I hadnt heard he was giving interview.I thought he had gone back to Asia.Keep it up Michael


Good to see Ralph Blewit on TV with that misogynist nutjob Leah Sale tonight

Spin Baby, Spin

How terrible... Ralph used Prostitutes! OMG! OMG! Seriously? If using prostitutes is that bad, why doesn't the PM require Craig Thomson to resign immediately? And how many other union officials need to resign immediately?

So if the PM is that much of a prude, let's discuss the circumstances of her affair with Wilson shall we? Wasn't he married with kids at the time?

Ralph, you did beautifully in the 7.30 pm report... Up front and honest - there was no slime from the 7.30 pm Report as far as I could see, just a chance to let people make up their own minds on whose word to take - yours (which the documents also back - don't forget the Power of Attorney did not surface until after the week you say it was signed) or the PM's.

Perhaps the PM would care to explain tomorrow why as the lawyer with Wilson personally present at the auction she did not have a copy of the Power of Attorney with her - she would have known it was required for the auction and she says she witnessed it properly. Why didn't she have it with her? Where did she put it during the period from 4 February to the week after the auction? Was it in her room? Where was it exactly? The documents back Blewitt's story, not Gillard's. Gillard's word does not back the documentary evidence of what occurred.

Liz of Vic

I have watched Ms Gillard's Press-conference, I have watched parliament, I have watched the 7.30 Report and I am on the side of Ralph Blewitt. And...
I am not the least bit ashamed to admit this, actually I am quite proud of myself that I am telling you this.
I am paranoid about lying, I do not lie, my kids do not lie, I do not condone little white lies, and here I am putting my faith in Ralph Blewitt.
Michael you know by now that I have put my trust in you and now in Ralph.
I know what Gillard has said about Ralph and in my opinion that was going over the top, as she did with everything else she said and did to-day.
I think she was in her own mind a performer, she was giving a performance and the vitriole, which came out of her mouth towards Ralph, not only him, but towards the opposition as well made me feel ill.
Gillard definately is not a lady, she is a fishwife.
Michael I think the way she behaved was vicious and'
cruel or worse, I have no words for it.
Thanks for putting up the transcript.
Give my best to Ralph, whatever he may have done in the past, he has made up for it with having the guts to go to the Police and making the statements he did, I admire it. He certainly did not deserve the description Gillard gave him, she was vile.

Mrs W

Thanks Ralph, you have done extremely well being interviewed on 7.30. This can't have been easy!


Ralph, I've just watched your interview with Leigh Sales on the ABC's 7:30 program. I'm absolutely 'gobsmacked' at your totally calm and matter-of-fact demeanor. You should have no concerns about your future, as you could easily set up a consultancy business in 'media training'. You didn't give Ms Sales any target area for her to attack you. I'd love to see the out-takes. Maybe Tony Abbott could be your first client. You didn't stutter. You didn't stammer. And Ms Sales didn't even become agitated or shrill. Maybe those moments are on 'the cutting-room floor'.


Julia has tried to demonstrate her superiority by getting personal - referring to Ralph as sexist, stooge, imbecile, crook, etc.... And Ralph readily admits to his sins.

So Julia, let's describe you as a two-time home wrecking husband snatcher, long-time intimate partner and associate of a fraudster, PM backstabber, carbon tax liar, who has more chance of being full-forward for the Doggies than telling the truth.

Now, ask me again who I believe.

Leo G

How did the 1993 POA give Bruce Wilson the authority subsequently to sell the Melbourne property?
If that PoA was again used, despite its specific limitation to authorise (only) purchases on behalf of Ralph Blewitt, did anyone involved in the later sale of the property contact Julia Gillard to verify its bona fides as an instrument for the sale?


Michael, was infuriating to hear this sleazy usurper of the office of Prime Minister smear Mr Blewitt, in order to have herself seem somehow trustworthy by comparison.

Is there any chance - particularly now that you have a wider readership - that you could re-run that piece on Emerson? This sleazy woman has had a hand in two broken marriages that we know of (though an ALP figure up here mentioned to me an unnamed third). If the public were told that she spent four years deceiving Wilson's wife and family while all of this crime went on, only to follow up with Emerson, they may take a different view. Who do we trust, Julia? Not you, not in a million years.

By the way, excellent performance on 7.30 tonight, Ralph. My wife and I were cheering you on. Hope you can stay on the right side from here on in, mate. If in doubt, pick up a bible - will never steer you wrong.


Michael. The State election for WA, where Carmen Lawrence lost, was held on 6 February 1993. Bruce Wilson most likely went there to work or vote for the Labor Party on the previous Thursday 4 February.

If anyone can find in a newspaper of that date a reference to, or a picture of, either Julia or Bruce it may be helpful. Julia just may have gone to WA to support her friend in Emilys List, Carmen Lawrence? As Bruce was a bigwig in the AWU there could be background information which gives a clue or two?

Cheryl W.

Ralph - you sound authentic - are any of us totally clean of bad decisions made in our past? AND you were also conned by a v "well-practiced" individual - (to be fair, probably also was our PM - only problem is, she will not answer questions now, "Yes or No", even though Michael has given her the choice to 'come clean')
I am an ordinary Australian (and a female) we just want the truth to be revealed. Good on you for trusting Michael and our legal system. God bless you - hang in there - WE, who elected our current government, ALL DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.......ps - loved the present caricature of you as displayed by Andrew Bolt!! As we grow older, none of us are "oil painting" material - be proud that you are prepared to tell the truth at this point, and please, keep it up.

now who's smearing?

The fact that Gillard through the entire contents of her electorate's sewage farm over Ralph and smeared him as some sort of freak shows just how desperate that woman is. She has so been up to no good and she is going down under the big ND as the national disgrace. She has been caught out and every know it. It's up there with Craig Thomson in terms of cringe factor. Ralph has got more integrity in his small toenail than all of Julia Gillard and the others she protects.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

stu nt

PM, please don't make us choose...http://youtu.be/NSqDExOvUdM


Masterful performance.
Leigh tried hard, but failed.
Loved the response to her jibe about the Facebook "likes".
I've decided


So Julia jumps up and down saying people are smearing her & how terrible that anyone would do so, and in the same breath says in fact that no one has any put forward any real allegations! So smeared you about what?

Then she has the audacity to smear Blewitt based on his own admissions. Too right he has the feeling of honesty. Not many people would incriminate themselves for a principle.

I know who I would believe and it is not the the person currently in the Lodge

Worst PM ever

He stated tonight that all his out of pocket expenses are being paid for by Harry Nowicki. He is recieving nothing more than that.


Well done Ralph - you came across as entirely truthful - keep at it, we all support you.

Rob Simpson of Brisbane

Ralph looked comfortable on the 7.30 Report tonight. He looks to me like a person who just wants to speak plainly. Does the 'persons of interest' group with whom police would like to speak include Ms Gillard? I've no idea where all this is heading - but surely it can't dry up now that police are looking to speak with particular individuals named by Ralph Blewitt. It's going to be long week for Gillard.


Leigh Sales even tried the line that someone was bankrolling Harry Nowicki to bankroll Ralph. Desperation is creeping in now.


So it is not okay for Ralph to associate with call girls in Bali but it is okay for someone to sleep with another woman's husband!


Smear from a person who was having a affair with a married man with children, and was probably the reason the marriage broke up

michelle 2

Mr Wilson met Ms Gillard when she was a lawyer with Slater & Gordon in Melbourne and forged a close personal relationship that lasted several years.
I thought they got together in 1991 in her interview with S&G and they split up when she found out he was a fraudster and conman..
What year was it again that Bruce went to Melbourne??


It was unnecessary for JEG to stoop to smearing Ralph Blewitt ( and probably not wise in view of what is known about her personal life) it is irrelevant to the serious questions of fraud which have been raised, and her possible involvement. As PM she should have left this well alone and simply addressed the issues. She is not helping her case by behaving in such an undignified way.


Just watching Ralph on ABC interview. He should be very proud, as should we all of his courage and honesty.

Tony River

Speaking of bankrolling - I wonder if anyone bankrolled Wilson to say over the weekend that his old girlfriend didn't know anything ? Very strange that at the same time Labor where rehersing their one line defence of the Prime Minister Wilson comes out of the woodwork to defend her as well


I notice you only post comments on here that are in agreement with you, for once be honest and put a comment that doesn't agree with your point of view like my previous comment on your blog that you failed to publish. The truth of the matter is that Ralph Blewitt admitted on 7:30 (abc) tonight that all his expenses including lawyer, flights, accommodation, food, every out of pocket expense for his current trip to Australia has been paid for by your mate Harry Nowicki for the purpose of assisting him in writing his book. An arrangement was made with police, through nogatiations by his paid for lawyers, which is as close to immunity as you can get, for him to come to Australia and make a statement to police. He was well rehearst by yourself, Harry Nowicki and his lawyers in answering police and media questions. It wouldn't surprise me if he is being paid for his numerous interviews for the book also. This man was and still is a crook and you insult the unionist whose money he helped steal WILLINGLY by pampering to his every whim whith your constant praise for this piece of scum. You say there was nothing for him to gain by coming forward, i beg to differ. he has had a luxury fully paid for holiday and has been treated like a pop star, you have fed his ego and no doubt helped him line his pockets also. It was laughable to hear this con man declare that he was disclosing his information because he believed in the press, I almost choked on my meal when i heard him say that. Your witch hunt is now starting to show your desperation, all because you were sacked. And like you i can also send a copy of my post to every newspaper, blog, television show etc exposing your failure to answer the hard questions by failing to post on your blog any comment that doesn't praise you. here's your chance to man up. POST MY COMMENT


Ralph good job.

Their is no scandal if you admit the truth. This is what the PM doesn't realise. many more learned people than I observe your integrity in coming out like you have. Thank you for sharing about your reimbursements as I had quietly wondered about that. The reason I have no issue with that arrangement is you came and gave your statement to police in full knowledge that you could be prosecuted over your statements. You are not profiting, not making vexatious remarks and in the same vein as nick stand brown it seems that you hold no animus towards the PM, but wish for due process to be carried out. Something that gives me the irks about this government, If i was on a jury I would find it incredibly hard on the weight of evidence against the PM and her non-answers to say she is innocent.

I really appreciated Janet on q&a nicely putting the allegations in terms that most people should understand and are too lazy too seek out alternate opinions to test their own views. Penny wong was really uncomfortable, so was tony jones, (even though i think he was fantasizing about the implications and the happy ending).

My Observation with Leigh Sales, came away actually questioning her own view and opinion on the events. Like the response to the no comments by you ralph, she tried to drill you on that. But it was really good how you kept to the facts of the matter and wouldn't be drawn into elaborating for reasons already given. (legitimate police investigation reasons etc)

I do hope people comes forward that can confirm your location on the 4th of Feb and seperately can also confirm the whereabouts of JEG on the same day. But reading between the lines of michaels blog some how I think you already have your location able to be proven.

The thing is that I think leigh is use too, is that politicians often like talking. People in the real world, like ralph and michael etc, generally like to say their peace and that is it. It was like the story of the emperors new robe, leigh sales i think started to see the king or queen in this case, at this stage looking fairly naked. But still going but the tailor really said this is wonderful new fabric. (I wonder who could draw a cartoon on that ;)

So too the PM I salute you ;)I would love to go to question time tomorrow with a group of a bout 50. All Stand up without the utterance of a word when she speaks and salute her, in a quiet protest.









At onepoint in the ABC interview our erstwhile sleuth Leigh Sales looks to the ceiling in frustration and flutters her eyelids .... argh, I can't get him.

Account Deleted

Give Gillard enough rope and she will hang herself. Pot calling kettle black. The more shrill she becomes, the more she demonstrates how vile a person she is.

Ralph, you were superb on the 7.30 Report last night. Dignified, measured, a man answering the questions. I believe you. I don't believe Gillard.

Gillard, it's your turn to go to the authorities and make a sworn statement.

In any case,it's time for you to resign. You have no legitimacy as PM, not that you ever did.

Beam Me UP

Liz of Vic at 0855 - I think you're being a little unkind to fishwives, aren't you? And mightn't that be a sexist sort of comment, or misogynistic or something? Tut, tut!

As a woman I'm just so bl**dy over all this hiding behind gender cr*p we keep getting dealt. It's insulting to real women. If the PM thinks she is winning votes or support this way she's even more out of touch than I thought. I dislike raising the issue of her parents and have no interest in or desire to cause her poor mother distress, but the question has to be asked in order to understand Ms Gillard: If visiting prostitutes is so vile, and if she thinks/thought/believes that all married women are prostitutes, one has to ask what she really thinks/thought/believes of her parents. This particular married woman - your correspondent here - does not consider herself a prostitute, but rather a loving, caring, supportive equal partner in a marriage entered into on that very basis of equality, mutual respect, trust, support and affection as well as a healthy physical relationship. THAT'S what marriage is about, and I suspect it may be how her own parents saw it too, yet that despicable implied insult hovers.......

I have been quietly impressed by Ralph Blewitt's determination to come forward despite the legal risk to himself and his liberty and to speak so plainly and openly. At this point it's a no-brainer as to who has the credibility. His past may hold some unsavoury, unpleasant or even criminal actions, but anyone can make the decision to put old wrongs to right and clear their conscience. Good on him for coming forward. It may be late in the day, but nevertheless he is here now, doing what he knows is right. His unease at seeing the highest political office in the country treated the way it has been is a reflection of what so many of us feel. He is in a position to shine some light on some dark and smelly issues that it seems pervade our current Labor government, and I thank him sincerely for having the courage to do so. If only some more consciences can be pricked to do the same........

Ross T

Gillard and the Labor Party are relying on the apathy of the Australian people and I we look at the polls sadly they could be winning. With the " treasurer" ripping money of the people to prop up his so called surplus the corruption in the unions and the lies told by Gillard plus her association with the crooks in the AWU the voters are not concerned. A sad chapter in Australia's history.

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