Ralph Blewitt and Bob Kernohan speak for the first time since The AWU Scandal was discovered
Nick Styant Browne on the ABC's 7.30 program

The Prime Minister tells lies, she always has, she did to her partners

Julia Gillard was asked in her formal interview by Peter Gordon whether or not she knew anything about the Slater and Gordon firm providing a mortgage to finance the purchase of 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy.

The PM is a bit of a galah beside being a big liar.  She says she didn't know about the mortgage.

She thought that the only thing that The Age or the 7.30 show on the ABC had on her was the note from the Commonwealth Bank about the insurance on the property.   But that's not all.   She also made other "random" enquiries about a mortgage she knew nothing about, and those random enquiries found their way into the Ralph Edwin Blewitt mortgage file.

Here's what she said to Peter Gordon on 11 September 1995.

Peter Gordon: “Were you aware at any time that the balance of the funds to make up the capital was to be provided by contributory mortgage of which Jonathan Rothfield (a Slater & Gordon partner) was trustee?”

Julia Gillard: “I don’t, I don’t think I knew that at the time, where the source of funds was. It’s subsequently been raised with me that that was done through the Slater & Gordon mortgage register but I didn’t have any recollection of that.”  

The Age and the ABC's 7.30 program relied on the letter from the Commonwealth Bank to show that Gillard knew all about the mortgage.

And so her improbable response to that letter from the Comm Bank, addressed to her.   One again she tries to drop the patsy Ralph Blewitt in the cack.

But wait Julia, there's more!

Here's what really happened.

The dodgy Power of Attorney was improperly used in an application to the Slater and Gordon mortgage provider to procure a $150,000 mortgage in Ralph Edwin Blewitt's name.   He would be liable for the debt.

But he knew nothing.   Here is the letter of offer about the mortgage.   Keen observers will note to whom it is addressed.

Mortgage approval letter 1

 It goes on for a few pages, I've reproduced the first page above.   The next page includes this paragraph.

Wilson re interest

At some point, Julia spoke with someone who cared about whether or not he would be charged the higher rate of interest.   But keep in mind that Julia Gillard knew nothing about the mortgage.   Just out of the blue, Julia asked her PA to make enquiries, and Julia's PA's note found its way into the mortgage file.

Gillard higher interest

And Olive Brosnahan wrote this note to Gillard about the mortgage that Gillard didn't know about.

Penalty interest slater and gordon 2

 And it wasn't enough for Julia to just get that information about the mortgage she knew nothing about verbally.   Or even hand-written.   It was typed out.   Nicely.   In a way that you could take home and show to your lover who was enquiring about the mortgage he was acquiring.   But Julia knew nothing about that.    Just ask her.

Penalty interest slater and gordon 1

I am running a very unsophisticated blog on a laptop and an iPhone.   Just imagine what information about the trustworthiness of Julia Eileen Gillard has been uncovered by the security agencies from countries that Australia deals with.

Please resign.