Bruce Wilson's various bank accounts - mid-1995
Bruce gets his affairs in order before moving to the new role

Wilson's last days as boss of the Victorian Branch - and Wayne Hem's role

If you're new to this you should read the previous two posts to get a sense of what was going on in the AWU Victorian Branch during the first half of 1995.

Wilson knew that his influence over the operations of the AWU in Victoria was at an end.   Any chance he had to put his mark on (or take his bit out) of the relationships between industrial companies and the AWU in Victoria would soon be gone.

I don't know why money turned up in large amounts during those last weeks.   I know that industrial companies have commented that some of their payments were "to buy industrial peace" but I wasn't at the meetings and I don't know what was said.

But these bank deposit slips show that more than almost $150K was sent to the AWU or to Wilson or to an AWU Association in the last few weeks of his reign as Victorian chief.   Those cheques were deposited into a slush fund that Wilson operated, the AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account.   Wilson directed Wayne Hem, an AWU employee to deposit the money and as you will have seen in Hedley Thomas's story in The Australian today Mr Hem also put $5,000 into Julia Gillard's account soon after these deposits.

So for the record, here are the deposit slips showing money from industrial companies going into the AWU Members Welfare Association NO 1 account.