Bob Kernohan is in a class of his own
This article was written by the human contact lens treatment plant The Honourable Dr Craig Emerson MP


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serenity 747

Write to them Michael and ask for the contributors names that contributed to the said article that went to print instead of them hiding hiding behind a editorial piece, then that will give everybody a better understanding of how they formed their bias slant on things


Suggest to the Courier Mail that the paper support a Royal Commission into the scandal.

Point out, that is the only way to establish if the allegations are 'unfounded' or not.


This is a great example of what we are battling against. People read this crap and actually believe it, then vote accordingly. They should be made to print a retraction, but how does one exert the pressure required to make that happen?

Belle of Tweed

Sue them!


We should do as I've suggested almost from day one in my many posts.

"I did nothing wrong", is Gillard's most oft-repeated but most easily disproved lying excuse, used to insult the intelligence of most Australians.
Nail that lie first and document all the breaches and unlawful acts which followed, publicise them by any and every means possible and her credibility will be zero with all but her most rusted-on sycophantic supporters.

In entering the long-term illicit, adulterous relationship with AWU employee Bruce Wilson and deliberately keeping it secret from her principal Victoria Branch AWU client and her employers, she wilfully and recklessly contravened the Legal Profession Practice Act 1958 under which her Practising Certificate was granted.

Every unlawful action she took from that time on, just repeated those contraventions and breached many other obligations and Rules which, by definition under the Act constituted professional misconduct for which she would undoubtedly have been struck off the Solicitor's Roll, had she been properly reported by the partners of S & G.

There is enough evidence on this site to compile a considerable list to fulfill Gillard's request to "make an allegation - tell me what I did wrong".

Until that is done and the ABC, MSM and other wilfully "blind" apologists are shamed into facing the facts and finally insisting on answers from Gillard, Roxon, Shorten and others to legitimate questions, we'll continue to get the run-around!

Happy New Year to all. H/B


I agree serenity747 ...we need names!!! "free speech" editorials seem to promote a bias and also leave the reader who will believe what is written
remember McTernans law...keep feeding BS and eventually it will stick especially in marginal areas

Lets face it the more we bring this to everyone's attention the more impetus it will gather
Ignore publicly but go like hell to find out who is responsible


Yes, yes an again yes, Michael. You should write or talk to the mates, but write I suppose. Whatever you think would be best. I could only read up to and including that paragraph where they dismissed the whole AWU affair as 'unfounded'. I was thinking only 20 minutes ago having a quiet swim, someone should take them to task over this. This is irresponsible. Fact, after a tape recorded interview with her fellow partners with S&G she left under a cloud. Never bothering to renew her practising certificate. Tape recorded interviews dont happen every day, if at all, to my knowledge of law firms. Police do recorded interviews when they want to keep it as evidence. So what did these guys want a recorded interview for, if not to protect themselves from something very serious. The ABC interview with one of the lawyers Nick Styant-Brown, did they not see that? Was he not credible enough for them. They obviously havent read anything of Bob Kernohan. An innocent man who has obviously been scarred by all of this, in his endeavours to do the right thing by his members. Fact, a couple of workmen coming to the Victorian office looking for Bruce Wilson for money owed for renovations on two residences. Ralph Blewitt coming back to Australian, being interviewed by the Victorian Police, they obviously didnt give him short shrift. That weak interview with Bruce Wilson himself. And finally Julie Bishop asking legitimate questions, herself having been a reputable lawyer. To dismiss this as 'unfounded' should not be let go Michael. Silence in this case is not golden. It needs to be taken to task. Thank you Michael.


I could not put it better than Hillbilly33 post at 8:21pm


The games played by News Limited and Queensland State Government to try to shut down this page

In 1999, The Courier-Mail and the Queensland State Government were both parties to Scott Balson's political arrest. The arrest was a direct result of a written request by Labor Attorney General Matt Foley despite no evidence being held that Balson had done anything wrong. The allegation was that he had named Labor MP Bill D'Arcy as a man facing child sex charges. This happened at a time D'Arcy was put into the Speaker's Chair by Beattie in a hung Parliament. The action by the government to have Balson arrested was a clear response to this page that he has maintained since 1996. Balson was found not guilty after three trials and he went on to sue The Courier Mail and State Government in the Supreme Court for a malicious prosecution. Soon after Balson's arrest D'Arcy was charged and convicted of several acts of paedophilia and was given a 13 year jail sentence. Balson remains the only person to ever be arrested under this 30 year old obscure act.

DAve Simpson

The comment by our prime minister: 'I did nothing wrong', really leaves me aghast.

She obviously does not mean morally or ethically due to then and subsequent affairs with married fathers.

So she must mean: Legally.

But according to the opinions of some senior legal professionals I've read, she does have issues to face.

One would think this matter is so serious, no redactions should be permitted to the taped interview with parters at Slater & Gordon, as a vital matter of public interest.

Not to expose such matters seem to me to be assisting to conceal such, and that plainly wrong.

Robert Greer

Methinks it time that they who refuse to report fact are called to account.

A quote my parents often used when we were children; "There are none so blind as they who will not see and, none so deaf as they who will not hear"

Time to take legal action whilst we still have and, before we lose that ability.

wendy brown

What ever it takes to get them to detract that item
What happened to the four corners programe of
The scandal? That hasnt aired yet.
Happy new year ahead Bob and all the dedicated

John Greybeard

Let us report every journalist who misrepresents the AWU saga situation to the Press Council.

Start by an on-line petition demanding a retraction and correction by the Courier-Mail.


hillbilly33 at Sunday,30 December 2012 at 08:21 PM

"Until the ABC, MSM and other wilfully "blind" apologists (including the Courier Snail) are shamed into facing the facts and finally insisting on answers from Gillard, Roxon, Shorten and others to legitimate questions, we'll continue to get the run-around!"

The only way is above - keep pounding the liars.
Then get them again - until they listen.


I'm with Hillbilly. We have to take some action to get the word out there. This country is in trouble


Michael since the MSM are so intent on ignoring this issue what is to stop Bob Kernohan from taking out afull page ad in the Australian and putting his allegations clearly in print? That surely has to get everyones attention and force the issue. I for one am happy to contribute to the cost of just such an ad and I am sure there would be plenty of other people who would do likewise.

I just cannot stand the lying and stealing anymore, and I want some justice for the WIDOWS AND ORPHANS as well. Every man and woman in Australia need to know about this, before she takes anymore food out of the next generations mouths.

seeker of truth

If we believe that the Courier Mail has overstepped the mark with its editorial opinion piece (by unnamed journalists) because of its untruths and bias,then we can lodge an official complaint with the Australian Press Council. Here is the link as to procedures for complaint

Complaints can be lodged online by way of complaint form and here is the link

I think it's pretty gutless when the journos won't put their name to their handy work.


Again, check out Dennis Atkin's article from December 13......

Wouldn't worry too much about the 'devil's advocacy' on a News Ltd paper. Look at Fairfax. Mark Baker wrote articles chasing up the AWU scandal. It's all in the name of capturing the widest possible audience, whether truth is reported or not, plus what Dennis Atkin's link above shows is, there's fair bit of political pressure to 'comform' to a degree.
Just you keep doing what you are doing & the whitewashing attempts will fail.


The CM won't give a right of reply - they've been rather pro-ALP for a long time. Personally, I think this is just another cheap shot at the Newman government. The CM are worried that having Liberal at the helm at all levels of government might be bad for their business. Blowed if I know what that is these days, since puss won't go near his litter box if I use that rag to line it.



I agree with Hillbilly33, that there needs to be a compiled list of allegations with the facts to fulfill Gillard's request to "make an allegation - tell me what I did wrong".

There has been a lot of research and source documentation located and interviews done. But unfortunately most people drown in the sea of allegations, dimensions and documents and get confused. Gillard bats it all off with a handful of oft-repeated spin phrases.

While this site has been great on progresively revealing and investigating events and people, we now need to work towards helping our fellow Australian become better acquainted and understanding of the facts and events by distilling it all into documents and materials that are more easily assimilated by people who, for whatever reason, are not able to progressively digest the unfolding nuances.

It is high time that a "Media Kit" is prepared containing summary fact sheets, dossiers, photos, time lines and simple clear graphics explaining relationships, links, timelines and dependencies.

You have many skilled people on this site who I am sure would be willing to help. You only need to ask, select the elves, and workshop/prioritise the production and editing of the documents for the "Media Kit".

If started soon it could be a nice "welcome back" for the March session of Paliament for all members of Parliament and media organisations. As a section on your website it could help new visitors get up to speed, and help to promote the cause and increase the pressure.


Michael, this is a wonderful example as to why God has placed u here.You need to hold the unaccountable accountable. Please remember that thru all your endeavours no mater how tough it gets, we are all here behind you every step of the way.

God Bless


I believe a formal complaint should be made .
The basis I have for this opinion , is that there is an ongoing Police investigation in progress , for a Newspaper to attempt to influence how people question the right to due process, , to lead them to believe that the complaint is either frivolous , baseless or untruthful before the full legal process has been completed , before the Facts have been tried in a Court of Law, is , in my opinion , a blatant attempt to prevent information being examined, it vilifies the citizens of this country who have a right to question , and it attempts to prevent others lodging , what they believe to be a legitimate complaint .

This goes to the heart of the Rule of Law and for anyone one newspaper to portray its incomplete opinion as correct ; or a journalist to act as Judge , Jury and Executioner... is a very dangerous road to hoe


I have posted to the article you have up, not sure whether it got there or not?

"Bob Kernohan is in a class of his own."

Bob your are just starting to hit your straps. Good on you mate and keep up with the resolve you have had for the last 17 years or so. Today you are not on your own any more, as there now many people that have been made aware of your plight via Michael and Larry.
I know, from reading both sites there so many people throughout our nation, are standing with you and I believe at the end of the day justice will prevail.

I read you're post earlier today and thought what conviction. Many of the points you covered, I have been thinking to put up as a post, and posing as questions. (beaten by the gong!!)

The Courier Mail put into the public domain today a piece by "staff writers" and you have answered the article so eloquently and nailed it.

As far as I am concerned, if my name is seen standing along side of you, now and or in the future so be it, look forward to it. No politician of whatever persuasion will ever intimidate me where I will submit to their way or demands. We vote them in and we vote them out.

Bob we wish you and you’re family a very happy, safe and prosperous new year.
Please give Ryder a big hug from us and support him to have the same conviction
as you have. The little man has some big boots to fill, but with your help and family
he will be a very grounded man in time to come.

Michael. We wish you and you’re family the same. Their tolerance must be huge,
a big hug to your Princess, Caroline and Hugh and thankyou for your efforts and what you have achieved over the last five or so months for the people of our nation.

To all that have put up posts and the people that are here and read and are like minded
we wish you the same, a happy, safe and prosperous new year.

We look forward to reading, listening and learning from all in the new year.
Tomorrow we will be off the grid. Getting ready for a small new years eve party
with friends. ( Most of us should probably be in bed by 22.00 hours) , clearly that is
not going to happen, so we will all suffer to some degree on New Years Day.


Regards Fran and Neville.


It seems strange to me that the CM have now hidden this article. It has not been taken down, but it is particularly difficult to find. I discovered I had to do an EXACT title search to even get the article to come up in a search. Even the main words in the title were not enough to find it - it had to be exact.
So, that tells me that someone from the CM has realised there is an issue. Surely that's a good thing.

Setting up a youtube video may be worthwhile. Social media is perhaps the answer, but the issue is first to get the attention of those who use social media. So far they seem to be blissfully or wilfully ignorant of the affair.

It seems we have several options to deal directly with the specific newspaper. Perhaps for every time we find erroneous or biased reporting, we should all send letters to the editor of the newspaper involved - in this case, the Courier Mail. Or alternatively, write to them regarding their professional conduct? The CM's policy states that "serious factual errors should be corrected at the first opportunity, subject to legal advice where appropriate, and corrections should be given due prominence" It seems this is the case because of the statement "ultimately unfounded allegations levelled against a serving prime minister". I also see the reporting that the campaign against JG has been vicious as erroneous too.

It also says "Editorial employees and contributors should be open-minded, be fair and respect the truth."
and it includes these following points:
"1. Accuracy

1.1 Facts must be reported impartially, accurately and with integrity.

1.2 Publications should take reasonable steps to ensure reports are accurate, fair and balanced.

1.3 Clear distinction must be made between fact, conjecture, comment and opinion.

1.4 Try always to tell all sides of the story in any kind of dispute. Every effort must be made to contact all relevant parties.

1.5 Do not knowingly withhold or suppress essential facts.

1.6 Journalists should not rely on only one source. Be careful not to recycle an error from one reference source to another.

2. Mistakes

2.1 Serious factual errors should be corrected at the first opportunity, subject to legal advice where appropriate, and corrections should be given due prominence. Individuals or organisations that have been criticised in News group publications should be given a fair opportunity to respond.

2.2 News Limited supports self regulation in the newspaper industry and participates in the activities of the Australian Press Council. Editors must publish prominently and promptly all Council adjudications on complaints by the public in respect of their newspapers."

Alternatively, they could be reported to the press council, as stated on this page
If enough people followed through, if/when an action has been decided, perhaps they will be forced to address it.

"This publication is bound by the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council.

If you believe the standards may have been breached, you may approach The Courier-Mail itself or contact the council by email at [email protected] or by phone (02) 9261 1930

For further information see

The Courier-Mail is committed to accurate, fair and fearless publication of news and commentary. But we acknowledge and aim to correct errors promptly when they occur. If you are aware of an error on this website, please contact the editor at: [email protected] or call the editor's office on (07) 3666 6133."

It may be effective to have a template posted on this site, for people to copy so that all the main points are addressed each time? It would no doubt be obvious what is happening if they are inundated with complaints all of a sudden, so it may be worthwhile making it really obvious and we could all use a form letter to drive home the point?

As others have stated, it seems that MSM is largely responsible for the lack of action. If it was Tony Abbott who had been acused of the same things as JG has, the MSM would be out for his blood. I see no reason why JG is being treated differently, and for that, I believe there needs to be an enquiry so we never have to face such a situation again. As far as I can see, journalists are not doing the job they are paid to do, and I'm particularly outraged when it comes to journalists who are taxpayer funded.

Belle of Tweed

Michael, I think John Greybeard's idea of the
Press Council is a good one as well as the petition
to the Courier Mail. We have to do
something to stop the lies CM simply cannot
be allowed to get away with this!

Victor W.

Swan urges US not to squib on debt

T%his is a joke, right?

An Aussie Plebeian

You used to host the 4BC Drive Program, Smithy. I'd get in contact with the current host (Gary Hardgraves I believe) and see if you can set up a interview with him to discuss your and our concerns about the reporting by the Communist Mail.

I'd also arrange a full page advertisement for the CM pointing out the errors of their editorial and where they have mislead the public. Get this ad legalled to the nth-degree so it cannot come back to bite you. I'd title the ad 'I DID NOTHING WRONG' and then go on to explain exactly just what Gillard did wrong. I'd also send a press release of this ad to every news outlet around the country, and especially to Queensland where the offending editorial would have been most read. Get the regional newspapers and radio stations to run it.


@ John Greybeard | Sunday, 30 December 2012 at 09:43 PM

What a great idea from John Greybeard. Let's initiate an on-line petition to put forward a combined voice to the Press Council and any other organisation supporters wish to influence.

I notice that GET UP use online petitions to support causes. Link :

Hey Mike can you do the same on this site.


If we have to buy full page ads in various newspapers to get the unbiased truth about union organised crime and the PM's role in same then we should do it. How much would it cost and how do we subscribe? We must encourage people to vote for Australia at the next election.


David Fagen, Editor in Chief of the Courier Mail from 2002 and his wife Madonna King ABC presenter 2006-2011 had, what has been described as, a “media bloc” in the city.

Allan Cox

Jeverett | Monday, 31 December 2012 at 07:38 AM

I'm with you on this as I'm sure many others will be too.

Maybe Michael could set up a separate account to which we could all contribute according to our means.

Steve Blacketer

Hi Michael,
If possible, could you change the file format that you upload this audio in. I'm reading this on my new iPad Mini and no audio file link appears, just a blank white space under your headline. I don't want to sound like an Apple Fanboy here, but I think you should try to cater for this very large market segment. I have the same issue on my old iPad 1 and on my iPhone 4. I promise I'll buy an Android phone next time. In the mean time, I'd really like to be able to listen to your views in a readable audio format.
Steve Blacketer.


Come on Michael, The Courier Mail have always been a left wing joke of a rag. Can't say I know anyone who buys it....

They are not a 'credible' news source.

Belle of Tweed

Michael- here's another suggestion:
Why not send a letter and petition about the
article in the Courier Mail to the CEO of
News Limited, Kim Williams AO? After all the
buck stops with him.
If he does nothing, why not write and send a petition to Murdoch himself? His door to the
thinking Australian should always be open huh?
It would help him to boost his sales!

Bundy Kev

Michael, I agree with "an Aussie Plebian"@5.43 for a plan of action to counteract the blatant pro labor bias in the Courier Mail.
When I read that editorial on Friday 28 I immediately emailled to you & cc to Julie Bishop the wording of that paragraph that was so blatantly incorrect. I followed this up with a comment under another heading.
I was pleased to see the entire editorial printed on your blog, emphasising the offensive paragraph.
Ms Bishop has since responded personally to this cc & a follow up email making her aware of the entire editorial.
As the courier Mail enjoys [ for the want of a better word] Qld wide circulation full page ads are a must to get a message over. To get your letter printed could be nigh impossible in this blatantly pro labor rag.


Some years ago I had a bad experience with the SMH and a story full of misinformation. I complained. They didn't even respond to the complaint.


I think we all know the preaching from certain outlets cater to the navel gazers who relish the fluff in their bellies and probably save it in bags to contemplate when not contemplating its manufacture in their belly buttons.

Most of them are collapsing under the weight of the grey/purple fluff that is being created as they spend their days in delusionment. And you can hardly give the company shares away.

So Reinhart and Singleton come along and scoop up a few little bargains which we all know will eventually swing them back into profit should they get enough little bargains together to rally such changes.

Seems in this country being the majority is a sin.


Micheal, may I insert this quote (found on Quandrant online dated 29/12/2012)

"The True end of satire is the amendment of vices by correction & he, who writes honestly is no more enemy to the offender, than the physician to the patient, when he prescribes harsh remedies to an inveterate disease." - John Dryden

The writings of yourself, Bob Kernohan, Ralph Blewitt and many others need wider and prominent exposure.

Scotty of Wulagi

Get them to print Bobs letter he has given his permission actually call them out on it dare them to allow Bob to have a right of reply, no editing just as Bob wrote it.




This publication is bound by the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council.

If you believe the standards may have been breached, you may approach The Courier-Mail itself or contact the council by email at [email protected] or by phone (02) 9261 1930

For further information see

The Courier-Mail is committed to accurate, fair and fearless publication of news and commentary. But we acknowledge and aim to correct errors promptly when they occur. If you are aware of an error on this website, please contact the editor at: [email protected] or call the editor's office on (07) 3666 6133.


Michael I totally support hillbilly33’s and others suggestion that we take this head on now. We need to force a retraction from Qld’s Pravda and if we don’t get it, one way or another impugn them in a National advertisement campaign as per hb33’s suggestion and by tying them to biased support for Gillard activities, past and present, despite the published facts in the advertisement. We also need to get our act together and create a “SLUSH FUND” for the campaign.
Time to get cracking!
Happy and safe new year every one of you.

Large format poster printing

past and present, despite the published facts in the advertisement. We also need to get our act together and create a “SLUSH FUND” for the campaign. Large format poster printing

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