Here's some light relief to get you back in a WA Inc type of mood
A note from Ralph Blewitt at Christmas time

Address for Christmas correspondence

I wouldn't like to be cut off from my mates because of The AWU Scandal.   I just wrote that sentence thinking about Bob Kernohan and it didn't even cross my mind that I can sympathise with Bob on this front quite a bit!

But back to the point.   It's Christmas time and Bob's just told me his local Post Office will be happy to fill a couple of calico sacks with Christmas Cards for Bob.   Why not sling in a high denomination Scratchy - the Union Slush Fund one is a beauty, with the no-file/no-fee bonus redaction panel.

Bob Kernohan

c/- Newstead Post Office

Newstead   Victoria   3462


And here's another bloke who probably won't be getting a card from the "AWU veterans of incorporated slush funds, class of 1992".

Ralph and Ruby Blewitt

No 67 Taman Desa Bukit Tinggi
Kepala Batas
06000 Kedah

Both Bob and Ralph have done very important things this year - let's say thanks.