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Analysis on the Power of Attorney from Dr John Lourens, FCPA

It's hard to disagree with this analysis.

On Blewitt's evidence (uncontradicted by Gillard who will not say that she was present when it was signed) the Power of Attorney was a false document.

The false document was then used to acquire a $150,000 loan, supported by an insurance policy on the house that provided for a cash payout rather than a rebuild.

Dr Lourens provided the following comment as a blog comment on another thread.   I thought it was worthy of a separate post.

JohnL said:                           
                                Michael - I say again, the POA was used ILLEGALLY to procure a $150,000 mortgage.  The POA Ralph Blewitt donated to Wilson gave Wilson authority for one thing, and one thing only - the purchase of real estate in Victoria.  The POA did NOT give Wilson the authority to mortgage the property purchased. The ONLY one who can mortgage property is the owner of that property, in this case Ralph Blewitt.  For Wilson to mortgage the property on Blewitt's behalf would require a SECOND Power of Attorney document that authorises such action.  There was no second POA. And just to make things even clearer, contrary to popular belief, the purchase of property and the subsequent financing of that property are two separate things.  Certainly they are related, but they are SEPARATE.  The Slater & Gordon mortgage was ILLEGAL, and all partners of Slater & Gordon at the time were, AND STILL ARE, jointly and severally liable for this illegality.  This includes Gillard, Peter Gordon and Nick Styant-Browne.  Furthermore, the illegality would extend beyond the purchase of the Kerr Street property - it would also extend to the property's resale in January 1996. Why is the issue I have raised here not front and centre? And, in my view, it gets worse.  The POA that Blewitt did donate to Blewitt was false at worst and defective at best.  The witnessing of Blewitt's signature is only one issue.  The other issue is intent to deceive and mislead.  Both are criminal acts. I will now go and join Hillbilly33 in the wildenerness.  Like prophets of the Old Testament, we shout but no-one listens.  Tonight Hillbilly and I will dine on locusts and honey
Blewitt power of attorney