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A few words from me recorded this morning in a cab about the Courier Mail editorial

Bob Kernohan is in a class of his own

I am travelling at present, currently in Melbourne.

I've been moderating your comments as speedily as I can  on the iPhone which ran out of batteries about mid arvo.

I was enjoying a pint at Young and Jackson's on Swanston Street this arvo when, with no fanfare, up pops the dead-set comment of the year from Bob Kernohan.

This small piece of writing which I've already posted on the stream to do with the Courier Mail Editorial thread says it all.   What man, what a mighty fine man.   Read it as it was intended, as a comment from a man of integrity directed to the nameless, faceless barrackers known collectively as "staff writers" who produced the newspaper's editorial.

Your paper reports"Unfounded allegations" directed toward Gillard Regarding the AWU fraud.I take offence to this broad brush innacurate statement. I have made public comments, sworn four statutory declarations over the past 17 years regarding Gillards involvment in stealing, with her then lover Wilson, who was a married man with kids , in my opinion well over a million dollars of AWU members money along with around $600,000 of WA taxpayers funds, there were illegal property transactions that also defrauded AWU members with the full compliance of Gillard aiding and abetting Wilson. I am not a person who swears that legal statuory declerations that I have prepared and duly had witnessed in accordance with the law in the state of Victoria are not the truth and nothing but the whole truth. Gillard has not made one, not one statement to police relating to this fraud. I am acutely aware of the punishment that the courts could hand me if I attempted to tell lies. In addition I have told Michael Smith on recorded video about what happened in the scandelous fraud that occured within the AWU in the early to mid 1990s, who covered the fraud up,to name but a few, Shorten, Roxon, Conroy etc. (the interviews should be available on Michaels blog site. It is not good enough for a msm publication to once again wipe this story and declare it to be nothing more than unfounded allegations. In the last 17 years Gillard has ONLY once responded to my factual comments regarding her active role in defrauding AWU members. That was in the last sitting week of parliament for 2012. I repeat what I have previously said to Gillard on a number of occasions now...Ms Gillard, if you feel agrieved, injured, hurt or maybe even defamed by my comments you have the same democratic rights as any other Australian, you have the right to seek relief through our courts. Oh before I go, I would dearly love for you to repeat your comments that my statutory declaration dated August 2010 was drafted by another person. If you accomodate my request it will give me great delight to see you in court for defaming my character. Bob Kernohan

Posted by: bob kernohan | Sunday, 30 December 2012 at 01:22 PM


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Glenn McNeil

G'Day Michael and Bob,

Bob, that is one of the best pieces I have read from you...and Michael, you are right...Bob's a fellow I would love to shake the hand of. I see the Bogan Queen and Old Silver did a duo act at the Woodford " Love In " today. I caught the last of it on the news.It was a pathetic attempt at scraping up a few more votes...more promises of things we cannot afford, and the one heckler I did see was howled down.Well, Mike and Bob, the countdown starts in just over 24 hours...when will she call it. It cannot come soon enough.

More power to both of you in 2013 !
Glenn McNeil


Has Bob forwarded an email of this comment to the editor of the CM?


Breaking News: Tony to appear at the Big Day Out with John Howard, Richo and Latham will duet at Homebake and Bob Kernohan will lead the Moomba Parade. Gillard has been signed by Max Markson on the back of the Woodford folk festival love-in and will start her new comedy routine at Rooty Hill RSL in Feb 2013.

jones alan

Good on you, Bob. All the best from Alan


Good on you, Bob! Along with hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Aussies, I hope to see the manure hit the oscillating blades in the coming months and for justice to be meted out to those who deserve it. I also hope to see the faces of those who have consistently defended the gorgon and others, to have uncooked omelettes spread all over them!


Good on you Bob,
Just shows how guilty Gillard is, because if she wasn't she would have you in court quicker than one could blink.
Same as Pickering who has also called her a thief and criminal.
She knows full well that if she launches defamation actions the truth of her guilt will come out in court.
She is as guilty as sin and hopefully one day the truth will come out.
Keep at it, you will win out in the end.

serenity 747

Brilliantly stated Bob Kernohan you are becoming a real thorn in Miss Gillard's side to witch can only be removed with a dose of court action, but I hear that she is worried that it is a very risky operation as the truth thorn will bury its self deeper every time one of her advisers mention it. So it sits there in her side festering until it explodes then all the answers will come, along with plenty of slime.
Bob hope you and your Family are having a wonderful festive season and that the new year brings justice to the scoundrels.


Dear Bob, living up in FNQ we are an hour behind as you know. So having earlier read the Courier Mail's piece here earlier this afternoon and the many comments, I saw yours, but just thought it was a comment, here, not an actual letter to the CM. But you have done so, good on you. I have just listened to Michael somewhere in Melbourne thinking out loud about this piece of work by unamed staff writers. And have replied to him. What I think is they should be taken to task. You can read what I have said to him. I cant think of the name of the song, its sung by John Farnham (not that I'm a great fan of his) but the words of the song I like come to mind '..we're not going to sit in silence, we're not going to live in fear;' do you know it? Its actually got a catchy tune and I remember him telling the story of how they came to produce it. Anyway Bob, you are coming into your own. You have great people looking after you like Michael, and Harry and of course you know we are all out here wanting and supporting you. Here's to the New Year mate.


@Delfino this is what I think you refer to, very apt for this site and the many astute bloggers who have contributed so much.

With Roxon's moves to restrict our freedom of speech, its time to FIGHT HARD.

Seasons Greetings to All!

Liz of Vic.

Bob, Thank you for writing this on Michael's Blog and Michael, thank you for posting it for us.
It is not often someone climbs into the pen to defend the case against the regular untruths and incorrect statements i.e. the regular rubblish being printed in the msm.
Congratulations on your courage to both of you, it is great to read this piece!!!!!!

A Tangled Webb

What a powerful comment. All power to you. Slow and steady wins the race, Bob.
Sending wishes that 2013 is your year.

A Tangled Webb

What a powerful comment. All power to you. Slow and steady wins the race, Bob.
Sending wishes that 2013 is your year.


Bob well done.

Please God let her sue I promise I will come and sit in court with you, and repeat all the assertions ( for they are not allegations, they are truths) to anyone who cares to listen, and in my defence I' ll be calling not only but her but that coward Shorten as well. Just for starters.

Come on you crooks in government...HIT US WITH A WRIT...PLEASE!!!

Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

Didn't they trundle out the aging satyr - so called after Hawke became Prime Minister, and was broadcast cavorting with barebreasted girls in Papua New Guinea (no disrespect to the girls involved, but it was not a good look for Hawkie) - in the buildup to the Queensland election? What a public relations coup that was.

bob kernohan

Thank you so much for your kind words and more importantly a big thanks for your ongoing support my friends. Michael I would be happy for you to send my comment to the CM.I have had a great christmas break to date, much better than a "holiday". I intend to have a quiet new years eve. To everyone, thank you,I will be taking my family, that is my daughter Derri, her husband Adam and my grandson Ryder out for a speacial meal over New Years. My phone has just rang and it was Michael and Katarena, just rang me to to say hi. Sounds like they are enjoying their short stay in Melbourne. They are being picked up at their hotel at 4am in the morning to go on a hot air baloon ride over Melbourne,I told Michael to turn his phone off and only answer personal urgent calls, lets see over the next 48 hours if he has taken my advice. Have a happy New Year to EVERYONE, talk soon, Bob Kernohan


It is said that history never repeats but it does rhyme.

In April 1653, Cromwell spoke to the Rump Parliament. His words ring fearfully true today.

"It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there (the mace), and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!"


All power to you Bob.

I reckon it is worth getting some legal advice here Bob. I believe you have many Lawyer friends sympathetic to your plight that would help free of any cost to you. You have, of course, been defamed.

I believe there are journalists that would help get your story into the main stream. Piers Akerman springs to mind.


Well Bob. Having said what you have about the gillard and her shady past so eloquently and encouraged her to sue , we can only assume that she is guilty for it beggars belief that a Prime Minister would allow such statements too be made if she were innocent. She would have you in court in a heartbeat. We are all with you Bob and pray for justice and your own release from the suffering endured over this rotten matter. And I think something should also be done about the lies newspapers print. Surely something can be done to force a retraction at least due to the facts of an ongoing police investigation

Kevin Freer

Good onya Bob,
This lying bitch has gotta go and it is only perseverance by people of integrity like you who shall bring that about.
Thanks for your efforts to date.


I simply agree with all the sentiments.


@ delfino | Sunday, 30 December 2012 at 08:47 PM

The Farnham song you were thinking of is The Voice ...

This link is to the song, along with the lyrics so we can all have a good old singalong,

I think this should be the anthem of MSNews, the theme song for Mike, Bob and Ralph and for all the rest of us who at times need to remind ourselves why we come here every day.

Just imagine, if Bob had decided to "live in silence, live in fear" we wouldn't be having these conversations.

Bob - the burden you've carried alone for so long is now shared by so many, and it must be very liberating for you to feel vindicated .... at last.

Thank you.

Sharon Uren

Good onya Bob. That should put the wind firmly up her butt! She's a coward though so she won't do a thing except screech "I did nothing wrong". If she did sue you, there would be no standing room in the court because we would ALL turn up. Oh I think 2013 is going to be the best year yet. One way or another we will surely be rid of her with the election and then the New Prime Minister Tony Abbott can drag her screeching to face the music. Happy New Year Bob and family. Happy New Year Michael and family. Happy New Year to all the members here.


Great stuff Bob!!! You'll be laughing soon. Your efforts and integrity is appreciated by thinking Australians! Happy New Year! THANKS!!

Irene Hough

Ms Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister we're stuck with until the truth about her part in the AWU WRA fraudulent activities is allowed to be told, has a weakness for other married women's husbands, including Bruce Wilson, AWU, Michael O'Connor, CFMEU and brother of Brendan O'Connor MP, Dr Craig Emerson MP and Tim Mathieson, Hairdresser and Prime Minister's well paid current partner and soon to be beneficiary of a generous lifetime pension courtesy of the Labor Government for his public service. They're the ones she has publicly spoken about on ABC National Television and magazine stories. Goodness knows why any of them including Tim didn't see they were being used as she made her way to the top. Now it's Bob Hawke's turn in Queensland to dance to her tune to boost her electoral chances next year, you know solidarity forever. Hope Blanche and Tim were there as well to witness as she played her flirty games. Still they both know how the system works. Why Blanche even wrote Bob's autobiography, including how she won him over from Hazel, his loyal first wife and mother of his children. Even sold telemovie boasting of their affair. How degrading is that to the former First Lady of Australia who carried out her duties with such dignity and service to the community.

Anyway the Courier Mail is pretty lame not willing to post the author of their story. Hope someone sues them for heaps. Of course Bill Ludwig Snr will pay all their court costs. Wonder what Dr Emerson got as a reward for his part in the smear campaign?

Well done Bob Kernohan. Your response is totally honest and from the heart. Hope it can get a run in all newspapers, Sky News and maybe a YouTube video.

Stay safe Michael, Bob, Ralph and Harry. Wishing you a wonderful New Year.


Bravo Bob, keep up the good work.

Andy B.

I would like to see a few of the front bench liberals with the balls to make accusations against juliar hold a press conference,it would have much more of an impact
and she wouldn't be able to just ignore them.

Beam Me UP

Ms Roxon might consider the ironic possibility that one of the first people to sue under her proposed "good behaviour and don't you dare offend me" legislation could easily be Mr Kernohan sticking it to the good ol' Courier Mail. Delicious!!


Hi Bob,
I have just looked out of my window as the balloons in Melbourne fly over my apartment regularly. There is low cloud over the city this morning that may have held up the flights. I'll give a wave to Michael and Katerina.
Re Suing, Gillard has said it was not worth suing the nutjobs and misogynists as they haven't got any money. Now I would have thought removing the stain of the slander from one's name was worth more than gold. She could always hock the poils worth half a mill I believe, to pay her costs.
Perhaps as is said a woman has only 2 things to lose her virginity and her good name as she has long lost both, like Mae West, misses neither.



you have every right to be angry at those faceless individuals.

What they wrote is simply garbage and not worth the paper it is printed on.

Keep going Bob, because you have a lot of supporters all over Australia.


Inside criticism hits offending ban
Jared Owens
From: The Australian December 31, 2012 12:00AM

"A KEY anti-discrimination body has criticised Labor's proposed overhaul of discrimination law, predicting legal "confusion" unless a controversial clause outlawing offensive behaviour is rewritten or abandoned"

"The independent Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland has told a Senate inquiry that even its own staff would struggle to understand language contained in the draft legislation, which aims to consolidate five discrimination acts into one"


Thank you Blackswan for providing the info and the link to the song. Could hear the tune in my head for ages, frustrating. Have played it a couple of times. Happy ballooning to Michael and family, very brave.


Mcben47, thank you also for the link. It is a great song. Happy New Year to you and to everybody here. It no doubt will be a tough year and we will probably get mad at a lot of things. Being able to express ourselves here and discuss things is a great help, knowing there are likeminded decent people out there.


There's a conspiracy happening in this country.

Barry O'Farrell's rather lack lustre government has been there for two years, having replaced a very lack lustre Labor government. Two years have flown by.

JuliaR's coming into an election year. The time has dragged on so slowly, never have three years seemed so slow - specially since Mr. Howard faced re-election every two weeks.

See my conspiracy theory? It's a bit like Abbot and Costello's comedy act:

Slicker Smith (Bud Abbott): You’re 40 years-old and you’re in love with this little girl that’s 10 years-old. You’re four times as old as that girl and you couldn’t marry her, could you?

Herbie Brown (Lou Costello): Not unless I come from the mountains.

Slicker Smith (Bud Abbott): All right- you’re 40 years-old, you’re four times as old as this girl, and you can’t marry her, so you wait five years. By that time the little girl’s 15 and you’re 45. You’re only three times as old as that little girl. So you wait 15 years and when the girl is 30, you’re at 60. You’re only twice as old as that little girl.

Herbie Brown (Lou Costello): She’s catching up.

Slicker Smith (Bud Abbott): Yes, yes. Now here’s the question. How long do you have to wait until you and that little girl are the same age?

Herbie Brown (Lou Costello): Now what kinda question is that? That’s ridiculous!

Slicker Smith (Bud Abbott): Ridiculous or not, answer the question.

Herbie Brown (Lou Costello): If I wait for that girl she’ll pass me up. She’ll wind up older than I am.

Slicker Smith (Bud Abbott): What are you talking about?

Herbie Brown (Lou Costello): She’ll have to wait for me!

Slicker Smith (Bud Abbott): Why should she wait for you?
Herbie Brown (Lou Costello): ...I was nice enough to wait for her!



Regarding defamation action, the Prime Minister may consider that her "targets" may have no money but the prime purpose of such action especially for her would be to get a retraction and an injunction against the perpetrators not to repeat the statements. Any failure to follow the injunction would result in contempt of court action and a gaol term as a consequence.

The PM is unwilling to do this because it will result in a public airing in court with witnesses required to give evidence under oath with all the consequences going with that. The fact that she has made no moves against any individual or organisation despite her protests that she has been defamed speaks volumes.

Account Deleted

Michael, if I had to name the one single post on your site which moved me the most, it would be the video of your interview with Bob. The sheer anguish in Bob's voice was so compelling, that I immediately fired off an email to my local MP.

This one particular video should be distributed as widely as possible (only with Bob's blessing of course).

And Shorten's miserable, gutless, lily-livered response should be distributed as an immediate follow-up. No PM post-nominal for you Shorten!

Menai Pete

Enjoying a pint at Y & J's or perving on the lovely Chloe?

sandy c

Here's to you Bob, I will drink to your health tonight and hope that this coming year brings you everything that your heart desires. You are a brave and true blue Australian, god bless you and your family. I earnestly hope 2013 is your year.


Bob, a hint: when you include in your allegations of stealing a reminder that Julia Gillard had an affair with a married man who had kids, it DETRACTS from your statement, it doesn't help. It is irrelevant to your allegation that Wilson was married and the number of kids is also irrelevant. It makes you look like you have some other agenda, a personal animus, and therefore many people don't take the rest very seriously.

Brian Richard Allen

.... when a reminder that Julia Gillard had (serial sexual relationships) with married persons with or without) kids, is a part of your observations relating to her serial stealing and is a part of your statement, it doesn't help. It is irrelevant to your allegation that Wilson (and some of the others were) married and the number of (their children) is also irrelevant ....

In a police report and/or legal/court scenario, perhaps.

But out here in the Real World's Court of Common Sense and of Public Opinion, I beg to differ, Sir.

Ms Gillard's "character" speaks to her fitness for participation, at all, in our society and particularly to her fitness and/or, in her case, to her absolute unfitness to remain free from criminal prosecution. Let alone to continue to be the besquatter and bemanurer of any public office -- and/or to be the abuser of the perquisites usually reserved for Australia's "prime minister."

Brian Richard Allen

My favorite American, Doctor Thomas Sowell recently observed that "if someone wrote a novel about a man who was raised from childhood to resent the successful and despise the basic values of America -- and who then went on to become President of the United States -- that novel would be considered too unbelievable, even for a work of fiction. Yet that is what has happened in real life."

If someone wrote a novel about a person who was raised from childhood to resent the successful and despise the basic values of Australia and who lied and cheated and stole and Denied and Projected -- and who then went on to lie and cheat and steal and bribe and Deny and to Project his way into the prime minister's office and to then besquat his house?

THAT novel would be considered WAY too unbelievable, even for a work of fiction.

Yet that is what has happened in real life.

The while ignored by the Left's Propaganda Ministry: AKA the "mainstream media."

bob kernohan

To Michael No2 Re your comment at 2.01pm 31st December 2012, I am pleased that your spelling and grammar have improved. I know that I cant talk so I only make an observation and not a criticism. Michael 2 I referred to Wilson being married with kids because I believe it is relevant to a persons moral decency, male or female. I stand by my comments and I disagree with your views on this particular issue. In fact do I deduce from your comment that you agree with the substance of my comments, other than Wilson having a wife and young kids when Gillard entered into a sexual relationship with him. Bob Kernohan

rod (Vung Tau Ferry pogo)

Relevant Hansard extract for Bob Kernohan's grievance against Ms Gillard-------
Tuesday, 27 November 2012
Page: 13452
Prime Minister
Ms JULIE BISHOP (Curtin—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (14:17): My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer the Prime Minister to her previous answer and to this cheque drawn by Bruce Wilson in 1995 from the AWU Members Welfare Association for $15,000—

The SPEAKER: The Deputy Leader of the Opposition will desist.

Ms JULIE BISHOP: with handwritten instructions for payment of $10,000 to K Spyridis, a Melbourne builder. Can the Prime Minister guarantee that this payment was not for her home renovations?

Ms GILLARD (Lalor—Prime Minister) (14:17): I have dealt with these matters publicly.

Opposition members: No!

Ms GILLARD: Before the dirt team starts catcalling, let us be very clear here. I have dealt with these allegations publicly and I can guarantee that what the Deputy Leader of the Opposition refers to was not to my benefit and did not pay for renovations at my home. This is smear, pure and simple. What the Deputy Leader of the Opposition said in her question before—the allegation there about clothing—was smear, pure and simple.

Opposition members: Not clothing!

Ms GILLARD: Well, the allegation about whatever the—

Ms Julie Bishop interjecting—

The SPEAKER: Order! The Deputy Leader of the Opposition has asked her question.

Ms GILLARD: There is no amount of screaming that makes this falsehood true. I have answered this clearly and publicly on the public record now since 1995. I paid for the renovations at my home. This is smear, pure and simple.

Let us see how the opposition has put this smear, pure and simple, together. First, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition has spent time with a man who has said he believes he is guilty of fraud and is looking for immunity from that fraud as well as a series of other assertions about his conduct that he himself has made that would make you wonder why the Deputy Leader of the Opposition would spend time with such a person.

Then the Deputy Leader of the Opposition today has referred to an affidavit from Bob Kernohan. It is a matter of longstanding public record that this affidavit was drawn up by John Pasquarelli of One Nation. So there we have the Deputy Leader of the Opposition meeting with a man who, on his own admission, is guilty of fraud, and there is the Deputy Leader of the Opposition coming into this parliament and relying on the work of One Nation for smear, pure and simple...................

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