Are you being served Mr McTernan, indeed.
Stephen Conroy told me that the NBN's major benefit, the biggie, the Grand Prize, Division One - was telemedicine

Grinding America Down

I can't embed the movie "Grinding America Down" on my website here in Australia.   But for a short time, as Isabell points out, you can see it on the Vimeo website.  

Thanks for the tip Isabell.


Isabell said:                           
                                I have had this movie for about a week now. After watching it I wanted to share it immediately but I felt that more people would get a chance to watch it after the busy Christmas period.  It's called "Grinding America Down" and its available for a short time in the full movie length free on the link below. It is available online to purchase thru the website and I have asked if there is a Region 4 version and am awaiting their reply. As the title suggests, its about America, but it is also about Australia. The similarities are frightening. What's happened/happening in the USA is just as relevant to Australia. The same forces that are "grinding America down" are at work right here in Australia. We cannot rely on journalism from the ABC or the MSM. These outlets are dishonest. Stalin referred to them as 'Useful idiots'. Those reports on the ABC and the MSM are not a REFLECTION OF REALITY. Introduce your family and friends to blogs like Michaels, Piers, Bolta, Miranda etc. They report honest and accurate news.  In the next few days there will be critical decisions for the USA which Australia will be drawn into. We were lucky the last time because we had adults from the previous LNP that had the sense to "set aside some padding for a rainy day".  This time however, Australia is in a precarious situation. There is no padding because the children in charge of our economy have wasted it on trinkets to buy the favors of those that feel being on welfare is an entitlement. I, like most hardworking Australians want to help the helpless and vunerable, those that have paid taxes all their working lives and now deserve a pension, but we resent funding the lazy.  Please pass this movie after you watch it onto as many family and friends as you can. They need to see just what we are up against in 2013, the election year. If the Labor party get back in next year, the Australia we know and love today, will cease to exist. What a frightening thought for our grandchildren.                           
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