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How Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt hid his PhD thesis

  • by: Samantha Maiden
  • From:         Sunday Herald Sun
  • September 23, 201212:00AM
Adam Bandt

Adam Bandt requested a three-year suppression order on his PhD thesis on Karl Marx. Source: Herald Sun

GREENS deputy leader Adam Bandt kept prying eyes from his PhD thesis exploring the theories of Karl Marx by slapping a three-year suppression order on the tome.

The former teenage Marxist, who confesses he once described the Greens as "bourgeois", has revealed the stunning conclusion to his 300-page epic is that Marxism did not offer "a proper explanation for what was happening in 21st century society".

He completed the thesis four years ago in 2008, but requested university officials impose a three-year ban on anyone reading it.

Now that the Bandt ban has expired, the Sunday Herald Sun was able to obtain a copy of his thesis from Monash University.

Titled Work to Rule: Rethinking Marx, Pashukanis and Law, it includes chapters on The Fuhrer of the Factory: exploring labour law in the Third Reich and examining theories of "the divine violence of the general strike".

But Mr Bandt denied he asked for his doctorate to be kept under lock and key to prevent political enemies making an issue of his Marxism doctorate at the 2010 election.

"I had hoped to publish my thesis as a book, and still do so on advice I ticked the box on the form that allows the work to remain confidential while discussions about publishing take place," Mr Bandt said.

"My thesis looked at the connection between globalisation and the trend of governments to take away peoples' rights by suspending the rule of law.

"I reviewed authors who write about the connection between the economy and the law from across the political spectrum, including Marx, Hegel and their followers, only to conclude none of them had a proper explanation for what was happening in 21st century society.

"In short, I argued that governments increasingly don't accept that people have inalienable rights, like the right to equality before the law, the right to a minimum income or the right to seek asylum."

Andrew Milner, Mr Bandt's supervisor, declined to discuss the thesis or the academic suppression order.

"As I'm sure you're aware, the relationship between graduate student and supervisor is governed by rules of strict confidentially," he said.

"So there is little I can tell you, except that the thesis was very well researched, very well written and very intelligently argued."

Two years ago it was revealed Mr Bandt once believed the Greens could prove a useful vehicle to pursue socialism.

On March 4, 1995, at Murdoch University, Mr Bandt wrote "the parliamentary road to socialism is non-existent" and described the Greens as a "bourgeois" party in a two-page memo.

"Communists can't fetishise alternative political parties, but should always make some kind of materially based assessment about the effectiveness of any given strategy come election time," he wrote.


This thesis is an attempt to rethink Marxist legal theory

The divine violence of the revolutionary general strike is capable of suspending the ban

It is beyond the scope of this thesis to fully engage with the contribution of psychoanalytic theory to law

The state’s role is no longer to entitle the subject but to create the space for neoliberal subjects to organise their  own desires