Tom Switzer, bang on the money - from The Australian
This comment from noteworthy comment-maker Michael prompted some post-prandial reflection from me last night

I thought Col's comment was worth a bit of space here for your reactions

Col said:

If the LNP dont make concrete announcements soon about when they next win Government, that they will;

A)initiate Judicial Inquiries into AWU Scandal,

B)Change the status of a Union to that of a Company and subject to the same laws and taxes as companies and

C) repeal the proposed changes to the law regarding "Offending people", I think I'll just give up and join Labor and a frigging Union. At least this lot have the balls to actually do something, not just delicately dance around the issues all day sipping Moet.

Each day that passes, the Libs look like a bunch of prissy kids on schools holidays. Sorry! Can't do anything now, I'm on holidays! I'm entitled you know"

Well Tony, we don't care. Get your finger out and get a move on. If you were in private enterprise, you would have been sacked by now. Mate!!

As much as I hate her ethics and her policies, you have to begrudgingly respect Gillard for not flinching at Abbotts and etal's attacks. Tony limply implied she's a crook, and Gillard faced him down and barks back, so what...get stuffed. And what does Tony do, retreats into his safety zone and consults his copy of "Political Strategy for Dummies".

As far as I can see, Abbott and the Libs are starting to look like a bunch of Private School "mummy's boys", and far too delicate for this hardened "Labor Mob". The LNP come across as "all yap...yap...and no go...go...".

It pains me to say it, but I am seriously concerned that in backing Abbott, we have backed the wrong horse. I say to Tony, if you want to win the next election,"wake up mate, be daring and follow through full bore". Like Gillard you have nothing to lose. After all, one of you will be surplus to requirements after the next election.

Do you want to be remembered as "the little Tony that tried but wasn't sure he could", or the Rhodes Scholar that was taken down and disgraced by a "school of hard knocks" scholar. I want to know if your swagger is a reflection of your strength or is it just the swagger of a "big mouth gutless bullyboy". Who are you Tony!!

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Col don't be a pussy and fetishe Any political party, take direct unaligned action and join the campaign to put Bob Kernohan's allegations up front and centre with a full page ad in the Australian regarding Gillards criminal connections to the AWU and possibly also the missing widows and Orphans funds from Boulder.

Get with us by pledging a small amount for Bob to take it up to the crooks.

Stop expecting other people to do the heavy lifting. Its your democracy, fight for it, man! It's not like I'm expecting you to go to, say, Afghanistan!

DAve Simpson

Very interesting statement.
One I happen to agree with.

The same can be said re: the Lib's position on this AGW farce. Don't reply on the topic by just saying we are going save millions of dollars by scrapping the various Global Warming committees etc. but we ARE going to Plant Trees.

Call it for what it is - an absolute Con.

Joe in FNQ

Is Col really Andrew Bolt giving us another example of the AbbottAbbottAbbott joke...??

Col, how can you "begrudgingly respect Gillard" for telling Lies..?? "not flinching", you are joking again right?

Who are you Col? Really?


Col, what was the response you had to your correspondence to the Liberal National Party members ?
try taking some affirmative action ,
PS you will not get a response if you put the same questions to the Green Gillard Goose Party


I have to agree with you Col. TA needs to show strength and leadership. He has not done that so far and on a one to one debate, JG leaves him at the post. Think back to the clip of Peter C who can think on his feet. Also being able to demonstrate 'on call knowledge' about a variety of current issues is a must along with confidence and TA has not demonstrated he can do that. Better to make a mistake now and again and move on than not say anything.
I would feel more confident with Peter Costello if he made a comeback or Joe Hockey if he put his hat in the ring as leader. Sorry Malcolm, while you would have the ability, you seem to have you own agenda and it is a worry. Julie Bishop could well be a possibility - though all depends on TA standing up sooner rather than later.


Sorry, but Col is speaking a lot of twaddle.

From the outset of this scandal the LNP had taken the attitude of giving the benefit of doubt... but that has now changed.

There is no need for the LNP to announce any policies until the election is called.

Col is crying wolf. He is pretending to be a dissatisfied supporter of the LNP but the truth is something quite different. All he is doing is taking a swing at Tony Abbott based upon non-facts.

The gutless bully boy comment is the one that shows that Col is nothing more than a typical troll paid to go on blogs and make anti-Abbott statements.

Harry Won A Bagel

I have to say I agree with Col, while I admire Mr Abbott he is struggling to lay a glove on the PM. And frankly she should have been out of parliament a long time ago. I think the reason is timidity. He should start acting like the action man Tony he really is and stop trying to impress Malcolm Turnbull's constituency. No one cares what they think. Apart from repealing the Carbon Tax, I am struggling to think of anything else major he plans to change. And I want someone to change things.


Whatever, Dave, stop being interested in esoterics and pledge some dough for an Australian ad for a guy like Bob Kernohan who has had had the guts to stick to his guns about the AWU fraud even though he was bashed unconscious and still daring Gillard to sue him. Help the campaign! Then we'll see if she sues and if she does she can sue me too, because she knows where to find me, at michaelsmithnews, or barring that, sitting next to Bob in court.

Do it man, act, without an old lady like me having to urge you!

RJ of Melbourne

DISAGREE! Why give Labor anything ahead of an election? I would be amazed if Abbott and his team don't have a strategy ready to go as soon as an election is called - but until then, keep it all under wraps Tony. We know how the Liars party like to steal anything, and also will attack anything they see as a win. Also, at the present time the media is in Gillard's pocket and will trash Abbott before he has a chance to explain his policies. Once an election is called Gillard will have to convince people she is not the greatest con artist the country has ever seen; she will have the legacy of ripping off widows and orphans in W.A. with her boyfriend as well as the AWU scandal with the same boyfriend to deal with. I suspect the Coalition will run an ad campaign the likes we have not seen before - that will trash Gillard and every decision and lie she has told for all to see. I suspect they will bring out some 'big guns' of the past to wipe the smile off the dial of Hawke and Gillard and whoever they dig up to try to get votes. I would suggest Peter Costello - he knows how to rip into the Liars Party and can finish off smirking Wayne's crap once and for all. If the Coalition do NOT run an advertising campaign that will destroy Gillard then they are not worthy of leading the country. I know that is not the kind of campaign most Aussies like - but Gillard and the McTurd have lowered the bar so much that is how the election will need to be fought. If anyone doubts that, have a look at how Obama won the U.S. election. Sadly, dirty tactics DO work - especially when you are sociopathic, narcissistic and power is everything to you. Remember, Gillard has no morals, integrity or scruples, you can be ANYTHING will go!

Gillian Peterson

I'll be happy to contribute.

John Greybeard

Up to
"A)initiate Judicial Inquiries into AWU Scandal,

B)Change the status of a Union to that of a Company and subject to the same laws and taxes as companies"

I agree with you as would the majority of voters but the rest sounds more like a leftist dare than a reasonable assessment.

No matter what Abbott does between now and the calling of the election he faces a hostile press and most of his points will be wasted. However, when a election is called and the Prime Minister is in caretaker mode, the Press is forced to give equal time and will be loathe to keep the biased comments going or they will have no job after the election.

Much as I want Abbott to institute those actions he would be foolish to do it to your timetable. The swagger is boxing training and boxers know more about timing than you or I.

Happy New Election Year.


Yes Abbott pull your finger out. I fear Gillard has castrated you with all this woman hating talk.


This blog is effective (will come to that later) and nothing needs to change on here. Your Craig Emerson article of yesterday reveals a lot.

Firstly though, here are the opposing 'visions' of Gillard and Abbott....

No sign of 'inquiry into unions' in Abbott's 'vision' despite Building & Construction Commission proposal. More attempt at 'positive' themes and the central one of smaller govt ie. lower taxes, lower spending (which is very important).
However what Col outlines is something LNP would feel perfectly palatable during an election campaign.
It's just, give the power of Fairfax in particular, there's care (possibly to OCD proportions) that what is proposed is not twisted to sound like draconian policy.
Unfortunately, 'media management' has become a necessity in 'PC politics' of today when editors impart some of the 'tricks' that Emmo himself has alluded to (his article posted here y'day), which runs in opposition to what the journo themselves have intended. As he indicated, it only takes one heading or picture of a pollie, to whitewash an article from its original intention.
Hence 'media management' becomes a necessity.
One thing about Emmo is he's a thinker. Don't agree with aspects of his politics, esp. when sticking up for Gillard, Thomson and Slipper & he's done that too effectively. But in his article about journalistic reporting posted here y'day, if you took out the politics, he shares exactly the same frustration as we all do.

Now, if we feel we're getting bum rap from the media, WHY then is it Emmo saying for exampe:
1)'Gillard's misogyny speech' hardly got a mention. I mean, we felt it got TOO MUCH praise.

2)Emmo said Ashby ruling got no mention.
We felt that's ALL we heard about etc.

What we should do is not fight the editor tricks and political motivations of journalists and certain newspapers organisations. It's blatently obvious both left & right of politics will receive reporting in one or both those circles & that will never change.
Best thing to do (& indebted to you for this Michael) is for you to simply keep on doing what you have been doing on this blog.
I mean, if a clever strategic and political thinker like Emmo is frustrated at similar reporting as to what appears on here to spend much time trying to counter it, then he feels that issues raised on this blog are biting.
So basically, simply carry on & let it flow naturally.


OK Mike I feel a groudswell starting of righteous folk!

Bob and the WIDOWS AND ORPHANS will be avenged!

Put up a sidebar with a separate account number and a donate button, I'm the first in.
Get some of our lawyers onto the case for the wording, we need to be ready before either Gillard gets knifed which is a distinct possibilty given previous performances, or in case she calls an early election which is surely on the cards.

Australia speaks!


@ Col

Col has a serious point. If Gillard gets back we are heading for a one party state. Indeed, with the ALP-Green-Independent coalition and the numbers in the Senate we are just about there now.

If that happens political activists who care about corruption will need to join a left leaning union, take it over, drive out any crooks and strengthen the hand of the left by turning it into a centre- right faction to take on the far right wing AWU oligarchs.

Bit like Russia and China?

If Tony Abbott got across his brief as Leader, did his homework, mastered economics and spoke from authority and not guessing he would be far more effective.

Just think how he could have defused the Slipper mess being turned back onto the Opposition if he had read Rares' judgement and gone to town on the likely appeal points and highlighted that Slipper is still a "work in progress"?

I fear that most of the Coalition will only realise the importance of the AWU corruption issue when it is too late.

It beggars belief that NO questions have been asked of Roxon or Shorten in Parliament about the AWU-WRA and their respective roles.

At this point in time Abbott is the best chance we have but that will not last.

John from Newcastle.

The reality is that all of the MSM that is consumed by the average Australian are eagerly waiting for Tony and the Libs to go aggressive so that can demonise them as thugs and bullies.
If the Australian people were smarter it would not be a problem, however, more people than not fell for the anti Workchoices ads that the Unions ran so you have to wonder just how stupid Australians are and they did vote for Gillard last election.


I think it was Vicky who so politely pointed out to me that for Abbott to publicly declare that he was going to go after the unions if he was elected would be stupid.
The last thing that Abbott wants is a full on shit fight with the unions from now till the election.
The government I suspect already know what Abbott is going to do if he wins the. next election. Or at least try.
Hence the personal attacks in the hope that the coalition will dump him if they can make him seem like a liability to them.
They would feel far safer after losing the next election if closet laborite, Turnbul was prime minister or the big cuddly Joe.
Simon Benson sums it up pretty well in one of his recent blog posts in the here.


Re Col:

You're saying what a lot may be thinking and you're off the mark mate.
TA has more than laid a glove on duckbum: he's hurt her badly and is winning the mind games.
Keep your powder dry folks, the real showdown is looming.

m m m

what I don't understand is WHY the Liberal team and his Abbott's advisers do not manage to get photo coverage and articles in the papers. Surely if they write (like bloody emerson does every week) some of it has to go in. what actually are the team behind Abbott, advisers etc doing? Remember the horrible signs fiasco when poor old Tony was just there standing talking and people held up those horrible signs. Then Abbott gets all the blame . DOes he need to sack a few people and get a better team. He deserves a far better team as far as I can see..


Hey people, guys, you have forgotten what this site is about. It is about a massive fraud against workers and taxpayers aided and abetted by a sitting PM and half of her front bench. It is about people who wouldn't shut up about the truth being sacked, or worse bashed, but still having the gumption to stand up to wrong. Let Tony Abbott fight his own battles, lets fight for justice for the wronged on this issue. Because it has nothing to do with partisan politics, they can all expect the same thing from me, it is about truth and justice, the cornerstones of our our society.

Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard you are on your own. I'm sticking up for Bob and some un-named widows and orphans.

Get your heads back in the space the rest of you if you are willing to throw in the towel!


lol. Thanks for the laugh. I agree with John Greybeard. Col sounds like a lefty trying to do a bit of shit stirring. Gillard telling the Australian people so what when she is called a crook didn't wash for me. So what? It's a big issue for me and mine if our PM is up to her eyeballs in theft and fraud. It appears the only things keeping Gillard out of the clink are legal semantics and 'friends'(f*ck buddies?) in high places. I'll vote for the drovers dog before I vote for the ALP and Gillard this side of hell. But hey. Full marks for trying Col.


These are profoundly true comments and really illustrate that we not only have Labor to worry about but lazy Liberal too. A lot of people are justifiably starting to think that Liberal have very little guts and determination which are absolutely essential. The Liberal message thus far is as weak as piss. Tony Abbott needs to put back on his boxing gloves and hit Labor with some hard connecting hits on the jaw. Liberal have a ton of ammo and are firing dudd blanks. Slow and easily intimidated Tony Abbott needs to recall his tame team now and begin the good fight of their lives. Liberal need some goers, Barnaby Joyces to get their message across to the electorate, otherwise they will for sure lose. Bottom Line-Its a pity Juliarrr Gillard isn't a Liberal!!!


Any policies released now will be either picked up or picked to peices ask John Hewson. You have to win Government to do anything so that is the focus and I can't see how providing ammunition to the ALP would help. It's the score at the final siren that counts. The main media is pro ALP and the rest is pro policy not pro LNP so that is extra hard in opposition. It's sites like this that will do best on specific issues like AWU.

Country Kate

I suggest Col does what I do on a regular basis which is to visit both the Liberal and Tony Abbott's own personal websites. Ever since he became Liberal leader three years ago, I've read every transcript, interview, press release, speech of his posted on one or both sites. You name it, I've read it. And he has, more than once, stated his specific intention to make the unions as accountable as any company, and has been advocating a judicial inquiry into the AWU scandal. He has also had something to say about free speech.

If he and others like him did that, they would be able to see (a) that Tony Abbott is doing what they want, and (b) how systematically the media covers all that up. Though it grieves me to say this, it seems the media has succeeded in snowing our friend Col. The fact that it doesn't publicise every thing he says, unless it's something that puts him in a bad light doesn't mean he hasn't said anything at all. The same goes for that myth about coalition policies. It doesn't take much work on the Liberal website to find quite a bit on their policies. I'm quite relaxed about waiting for more fleshing out when they get closer to the election. Labor has shown in the past its willingness to pinch policies when it suits them.

We have to realise that the media doesn't just cover up over the AWU affair, but anything that would cause difficulties for Labor and a dominant Tony Abbott is the last thing Labor and its media cheer squad needs. I don't think they want a repeat of the debacle that was Queensland this year and selective reporting about Abbott is the only card left in the pack to at least trim back his possible majority.

I wasn't one of Tony Abbott's greatest fans until he became Opposition Leader, but I've changed my view since he has and consistent reading of just about every word he says helps immensely.

By the way, Michael, the timeline is under way, but difficulties with my widescreen monitor slowed things down a bit. Now you've slowed down with that specific topic for now, I've got a great chance to catch up.

And last, but not least a very happy new year to you, your princess, your loved ones, and everyone who patronises this blog.


and @ Harry won a bagel

Stop expecting Tony Abbott to do your work for you. You are here on this site, you have read the documents, exercise your own democratic rights and pledge some money for Bob to put his allegations up for everyone to see and respond to, instead of sounding so defeatist. You don't have to put your name up. You don't have to go to court, because there will be no case.

And if the fools try to bring it on, God willing! they can take me on too, because old and female I may be but I am going to pledge that I will be shoulder to shoulder with Bob in court. Because I will not stand by and watch a man who has already been bashed for defending the truth subsequently trashed.



1/ Has Bob been asked?

2/ A lawyer needs to ok it.

3/ Where do we send the money (c/o Michael)?


I agree with RJ of Melbourne at 5.01pm. Rudd was little mr. Me Too all through the 2007 campaign and NB he didn't deliver. Gillard is a brazen - you know what!! She would steal anything - we already know. You know you're winning in politics when the opponent steals your ideas soI urge TA to keep quiet for now. We need, desperately need, a government that is working for the people. Gillard does not know how to do that so don't tell her now. Please.

Dee Clarke

Happy New Year everyone!

Fact: there is less than 365 days until the next federal election. Yay!!!!

Labor, via Rudd, Gillard and union hacks have had 5 years in office. 2013 will be the year Australia regains its pride, integrity and personality.

Tony Abbott and the conserative side of politics know their game-plan. I have full confidence in their ability to give Australia back to the people.

I like the swagger - it suggests confidence.
I like the quiet manner - it suggests confidence maturity and competence.
I like the conservative team - it suggests integrity and respect for all Australians.

I love the idea of an Abbott led government.

Roll on election day!

Account Deleted
The Gambler - Good words - we don't need another Godwin Gretch, Utegate etc. so they need to get it right!

Happy New Year to Michael, family and bloggers!!


I see the women are pledging, Nancy and Gillian, go you good things!


I too am very frustrated with Labors ability to "call the shots" with our MSM
I just hope Brian Loughnane will use a very active positive campaign I personally think he is too "old school"
Patience is a virtue !!! we on this blog have had our ups and downs following Michael...but just think Bob Kernahan has waited 17 years

Dee Dee

Frankly I would not like to see Mr Abbott stoop to Julia's level. For him to be the future PM I think that he should retain some dignity.

Let others around him do some of the dirty work like he did with Julie Bishop, because we know the minute he opens his mouth to be critical of Labor and their failing, the PM will be down his throat with another misoginy speech.

I suppose he could always reply and say that he will not be lectured by an Adulterer, but is that the look we want for our future PM.

He is wise not to put out his policies too far beforehand and Labor will copy them. Just look at the China paper from the Labor party. Tony spook about relations with China in his budget reply speech.

Have faith that the Australian people can see the PM and her party for what they truly are, if they are so stupid then to vote her in than that is what we deserve.

I truly hope that that isn't the case, so I do my bit by spreading the word whenever, and where ever I can. Labor is nothing more than a communist party, the more people who realise this the better.

So far everyone I have spoken to think along the same line, so maybe there isn't as many dumb people around as one may think.


Mel | Monday, 31 December 2012 at 05:00 PM

Mel, I admire & support your passion. IMHO, PR not advertising is what we need. An ad will just go pffftt and be gone with hardly a squawk, even a full page ad. We need to get a guerrilla marketing campaign the likes of that used against Allan Jones, you just can't pay for that kind of publicity! Mind you they were wrong with their premise, but their marketing strategy was sound.
is a classic example of Guerrilla Marketing, low cost, high penetration, viral. With a market segment an inch thick and a mile deep, a very, very effective campaign indeed. It's interactive as well which means more loyalty & possibility for each individual story to go viral. If we look to help Michael get his work out in the public, I believe this may actually be much more effective than a one off advertisement. How does he get to a wider audience? Would a Company with deep pockets be willing to set aside a time allocation of one of their PR staff to support Michael?

A guerrilla marketing campaign to educate the public that Gillard is the antithesis of the yummy mummy. She is not one of them (us). She takes other women's husbands. She even takes men's w....s if it suits her purpose. Now, I believe this is the way to get publicity. It stinks; it's probably beneath those of us with high moral standards. But this is the only way people will take a closer look at Ms Gillard before they vote next year. It has to get out there about her true socialist intention and her morals and that she will do anything to stay in power (anything).

If a PR person comes on board they may be able to get Bob journalistic attention, which is free and can be hugely effective if managed properly. But we need to support Bob and make sure he is looked after, I reckon he is sounding stronger by the day...... But Bob, don’t be forced to take steps you are not ready for. If you are up to this Bob, please consider.

Tony Abbott is hamstrung, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. The Lib's can't do this without public support. The Fabian's have created a cult following for the ALP. We the public are the only ones that can challenge that cult following.

Col, you can't possibly tell me that you would vote for Gillard to spite Abbott. That just lacks credibility. I totally get your frustration, but Abbott is not the messiah, he cannot walk on water, he needs help from the public. Do you truly want to get rid of these ALP terrorists or not?

Not on the Left

In some ways I agree with a fair bit of what Col says, but I still think that the Opposition need to take a careful, measured approach.

Abbott and the Libs need to be a little more patient, and hold most of their cards close to their chests. They have a - by and large - very hostile media opposed to them, who will spin, twist, and propangandize on behalf of the government against any policies they propose, or anything Lib MPs or their supporters (for instance, Alan Jones) say.

Labor are doing a very good job themselves of supplying the rope for their own hanging, with all their failed, extremely costly policies, economic and otherwise, and their open support of corrupt or at best very morally dubious characters, all the while slandering decent people as "misogynists" or even worse. As Napoleon said 200 years ago, "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Clive Shepherd

I am happy to contribute to the Bob Kernohan campaign. Whatever it takes to make Gillard face the music.


Hi Col,

The Liberal's have promised to do A, B, & C on your list (presuming item C is the Andrew Bolt matter)

R we there yet

Oooowww, fun .Especially after a 6 PM Baileys..
Ahem, there is a very positive , concise,Parliamentary speech on this here blog/News site a few articles back.There is one catch... one should listen* whilst absorbing.Then consider, then reconsider.
Mr Abbott spells it out beautifully.
What is not to understand?
Feast on it (highly recommended).
Then , we could discuss any questions Yes/No?
Delighted and Happy* New Year.

Jeff of FNQ

Mel......wouldn't the advert be better placed in one or two of the Sydney/Melbourne papers (News Ltd & Fairfax) as they would probably reach more readers, who are swinging voters or Labor/Green voters.

How much does a full page advert cost? We need to have an idea of what sought of amount needs to be raised.


Smithy, I don’t think Tony Abbott needs to get aggressive and overly assertive in Parliament as this will be playing right into McTernan’s strategy of painting him as being:
“negative” (they will continue portraying his counter argument against Labor’s policies and legislation as being negative)
“a misogynist” (continue appealing to the feminist voters and misandrists)
“a thug” (Swan’s recent term for Abbott portrays him as an aggressive pugilist)

What he does need to do, outside Parliament, is to confront the Press and put them in their place when they try to trap him or say things that are false. He needs to become assertive with the Press and if necessary, aggressive. Personally I would like to see him walk-out of an interview with Leigh Sales, after giving her a controlled and articulate ‘gob-full’. I think his real weakness his inability to handle the press as we all saw with his pathetic ‘freeze’ when Mark Riley got the better of him. In boxing terms, he needs to be fast on his feet and counter-punch hard.


If it means getting Gillard into court to answer the questions she has N-O-T yet answered, I'll pitch in a few bucks, despite existing on a pension.
What REALLY infuriates me is the fact that if it was John or Jane Citizen who was alleged to have rorted union funds, used union money for hookers and other forms of self-indulgence, filled in dodgy Cabcharge dockets, or illegally formed a slush fund, the authorities would have acted with the speed of light, rather than the speed of a tortoise!
I suspect that if Swan, Gillard, Roxon, Shorten, Thomson and Slipper were people in corporate businesses, they'd have been charged and in the dock long ago!
Cheers, CJO


I agree Mel. I'm up for it - give me the details and I'll donate for Bob.


I'd be in it too, we are desperate enough. Let's have a full page ad in the Australian.
Maybe one of our learned Friends on this blog could make up the right wording.
Better to do something than just sit back and take it all, I'm sick to the backteeth
of it all.


Reading "michaelsmithnews" and "Andrew Bolt"I have found clear and sound information, good discussion through the comments and a better understanding of the political world we live in.Because of the dispicable AWU scandal it has renewed and invigorated my interest in politics and my contempt for those who are determined to ruin our country. I used to watch "Current Affairs" programs in order to be informed but ending up turning it off and feeling so desperate that nobody had the same thoughts as myself. I was getting very angry at what I had listened to.I didn't know these journalist's names and what and who they stood for. A lot of these have now come to light through your site. I now research their background but most importantly I have discovered there are people who think like me and that has been an absolute achievement of this site. Thankyou

Maggie Qld

@ Mel. We can kick the tin. Happy to do so.


These types of bloggers are quite common in the bloggoshpere. The blogger will claim to be a "Liberal "voter who is suddenly at pains to have to declare that he or she has sudden doubts about their policies or somesuch current issue.


Most of these types of bloggers are trolls and or work for the Liars Party, Get Up or just try to plant doubt and uncertainty into people's minds in a way that sounds real.

The only bully in Parliament at the moment is the spiteful and vitriolic PM who is desperate to hang onto power at all costs.

Irene Hough

Col, whilst I understand from your point of view, things are not moving quickly enough for your liking, this can also be a blessing in disguise.
Tony Abbott is in fact showing more strength by not responding with the same venom dished out by our undignified Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. He's also not giving her or her cohorts, including McTernan and the other one, anything to throw back at the LNP. Just think she can talk about her policies but the public know that talk is cheap and the budget is stuffed and she doesn't care a dam as she's got her lifelong fat government pension and free travel to look forward to. We can only hope she takes off with McTernan to her homeland. Tim will be history too just like her other married men who thought they could trust her and found out they couldn't. Didn't matter if they were Union Officials or politicians, they were all taken for fools as she raced to the top. No amount of smiling at the camera and wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year changes how the Single Parents who are going to loose up to $233 a fortnight effective 01 January 2013 feel. Nothing destroys a family quicker than a lack of money to support them. So in one foul swoop she's destroyed 3 generations, grandparents, parents and children. Socialism here we come!!!

All in good time and don't forget taking shots at Tony Abbott and the LNP is playing right into Labor's hands.

An Aussie Plebeian

Things I want from the Liberals:

An absolute guarantee that they will investigate the corruption within the Unions and the Labor Party through the processes of a Royal Commission of Enquiry.

An absolute guarantee that they will strengthen our implied freedoms in Australia by repealing any recent laws or regulations that have eroded Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Association.

Those are the two biggies and if they show courage on those, then I will lob up and hand out how to vote cards for them on election day (I'm not a member of any political party). However if they refuse to weed out corruption and protect our freedoms, then I'll be voting for Mr Donkey instead (or Smithie if he decides to get into politics).


Tony Abbott has got to get rid of some of the dead wood on the frontbench,Coalition would do themselves a great favour in getting rid of that dope Joe hockey after his flat lining interview on Insiders this year.
Joe the economy has been growing for the last 21 years.


The press are taking great delight in the fact that the attack on Gillard over the AWU scandal has backfired against Abbott. They are still trying to convince people on a daily basis that he has a problem with women. Abbott is in an almost impossible position with so much press bias against him. If I were him I'd be employing a new adviser and get to work on improving his image.


Hi Col,
Funny that this should come up as I was planning on adding my thoughts (again)
I have a sickening feeling that if the Libs don't find some backbone & stop trying to be everyone's friend, then those commie bastards might get in again.
What can we do as a collective, to get the message out do you all think?Because the unfortunate thing is that all of the wonderful work that Michael et al do...they are preaching to the converted.


mmm,interesting. Though the sort of 'blackmail' comment 'I'll just join labor and the frigging Union, instead of delicately dancing around sipping Moet' or words to that effect. Tells me something. Who is Col, what does he do? He's implying that at least Labor is doing and saying something, not sipping moet like the Libs. Of course, Libs must sip moet. Well Michael, on Melbourne Cup day, you have observed a few Labor Union people sipping moet, with sunglasses on their heads. Does he have a program of Tony's holiday plans. How does he know what any of them are doing. No, he reminds me of those people who say they are swinging voters, and if this person doesnt show me their policies then they are all wimps etc. I say they vote labor anyway and that's what I think this Col will do. Good luck to him. Happy New Year to you Col and everybody.

Allan Cox

I fear for our future if JEG is reelected and Col is quite right in asking TA to take a stand, be a man and be damned for trying rather than for failing to do anything that might be seen to be too PC.


Make your thoughts known to the Leader of the Opposition, in fact, to the whole gang of them, but don't expect them to do other than keep their powder dry for an election that is going to be so important and fought in the gutter by labor and the greens and most of the MSM

R we there yet

Re `It pains me to ..etc`.
Oh F G Sakes , look at the option.
Billions in Debt.
The Pain Dr Smith ..Oh The Pain !!
Lost in Space (1976)
Robot warning warning!!
Think tanks .. Ministry of blanks George Orwell 1984 ..but someone took it as Bible.
Oh Dear .It was fiction .Fiction.
Ya can hardly call `em atheists when socialism is like some banannny cult of loss and take.

Pete Fumberger

I don't agree that the coalition should come out with their policies now, but Abbott and his team have to come out and attack gillard and her slimy lot, and not take a backward step. Unlike their cowardice over the last weeks of sitting, where they let gillard off the hook.
They have so much to work with, AWU, HSU, slipper, the cost of illegals each year, the rorts and corruption involved in that, the illegals swamping the country, roxon's handling of the Ashby case when it was before the courts, the spiralling debt, the election money promises to the ferals and wastrels of our country, the generational welfare parasites.
Sadly, the coalition are nowhere, much too cowardly making their statements in parliament and not repeating them outside.
Bloody hopeless, and with them as the opposition it warrants this slime continuing their scorched earth policy. It's all we deserve.


I think Abbott is pushing each time as far as possible ... easy for us to say - go get em, but this is a case for the police and all "t's" need to be crossed and all "i's" dotted - he HAS to be careful and let the police do their work, one word wrong, one fact wrong and some of the media and others will hang him (so to speak!). I think letting Julie Bishop ask questions is the way to go.


Just to clarify that the 'Col' who posted the above comment is not me, the 'Col' who has regularly posted comments to Michael's Blog.

For what it's worth, the real 'Col' feels that keeping the main strategy on ice till an election is called is the best way to proceed.

Gillard will never walk away from her past, but she can be cunning and just as she was ambushed continually by Rudd in the last election, so she should e by all this time around!


Marco Polo

Michael, thanks for staying at the coalface!

I get the feeling that Con's contribution would bring a smile to the face of a certain Scotsman.

Pretend you are that Scotsman and read the editorial line by line and tell me which part you would change if you were him.

According to Con, "Gillard is not flinching, facing down Abbott,and is a "school of hard knocks" scholar".

Labour "have the balls to actually do something, not just delicately dance around the issues", and are a "hardened "Labor Mob".

Abbott and the LNP are "bunch of prissy kids on schools holidays" who "delicately dance around the issues all day sipping Moet" and are "Private School "mummy's boys".

Abbott is also looking like a "big mouth gutless bullyboy".

Apart from Con's vibe re working class Gillard / Labour and those toffy Torry mummyboys I think his suggestion that Abbott and the LNP declare war on the unions and the left wing love in media types re changing the "offending people" laws takes the cake.

That Scotsman would Love Abbot to take on Con's suggestions but Im not sure it would actually help the LNP in the next election.

Im getting a vibe from Con?

But then again I may be wrong and he could just be a class baiting, outraged Lib who wants Tony to tear the temple down on his head for the betterment of the party.

Who knows?


Col is right.

Take up the sword Tony. I already feel it is too late. A lot of us have extended you a fair measure of patience.

In reality mate, you should have been street fighting all the time - then passing the baton to a fellow statesman - 6 months out from full time.

That's how you serve your country Tony, get business done or busted.

People want genuine. It is not about which school, club or city you’re from. They want leaders not representatives. Even if I’m wrong or misguided, people will respect your for it. They’re Aussies.


I'm in full agreement with Col. Howard or Costello would have torn madam trash and that mob a new one ages ago.
We need someone with a backbone and a lot of bite to rid us of that mob and then follow it through by having the lot of them front an inquiry.
Common Julie Bishop, your country needs you.

Marco Polo

Sorry Col, last post I called you Con, I just can't forget our dear leaders famous " big Greek Bullshit Artist" quote. Such elegant language sticks in my mind!

Face the Consequences

I think that Tony is handling this the best way anyone can - he is tough, and tough enough not to resort to the bullying or delaying (an acknowledged fabian tactic - well used on the AWU scandal) and lying (another acknowledged basic fabian tactic) tactics that Julia falls back on. He has the courage of his convictions and doesn't need to stoop to their level. It is very hard to operate on this level, and I think he is doing a good job.

The presence of the article in The Age today "Don't blame us: Swan on vitriol" shows that people are thinking for themselves and questioning the labor argument that it is Tony that comes up with all the negativism (yes, an ism) - quote "THE Gillard government bears no responsibility for the negative and vitriolic tone of the political debate in 2012, says Treasurer Wayne Swan." What a load of crap.

Fabians basic commitment/belief is that they should lie to get into power, and then revert to their communist agenda. Swan is a fabian, so is Julia and many other Labor ministers - who knows what the caucus is made up of.

Read more:


Both parties are part and parcel. If the government is so bad, which it is, and the opposition so principled, which it may not be, then here's the work around.

They say, "This government is corrupt and has reduced the Parliament to a shambles. We can no longer be party to this, henceforth all members of the Liberal Party resign effective immediatly."
Result election next month, but its not going to happen. Democracy is only for the poor people, to the rich and powerful its irrelevant.

Farmer Ted

I wonder about that "swagger". I expect that was what Barnaby Joyce referred to as "squaregaiting".

Is it real, or is it exaggeated by computer trickery? Some of it surely was, because it went beyond balance. Video computer programs can do such things easily.

I remember in the run up to an election in the 90s hearing John Howard on the ABC sounding very much like Donald Duck. No trouble to do, and the technology has moved on since then.

However the Libs have given us much cause for frustration. In my view Tony Abbott should forget about political correctness and get down to proper slugging it out. JG has been allowed to hide behind her gender. Forget the gender issue, and let her feel what a real misogynist might be like.

It's the ALP who have been playing the gender card. To date they have been allowed to get away with it.

Farmer Ted

Michelle Grattan wrote a piece lately about Tony Abbott's 'slush fund' that he ran in his campaign against Pauline Hanson.

In that article Michelle Grattan made no distinction between a slush fund set up for the purpose it was used for and the slush fund that JG set up deceptively and which was subsequently used to embezzle very large sums of money.

She should be reminded of this.

seeker of truth

People have had a gutful of politics come this time of year (that is except for the diehard Michael Smith followers). They want a break and one of the latest polls reflects this.

Whatever action Tony Abbott takes now won't get the full impact of widespread publicity. Yes, we want action but not when the voters are more interested in cricket, the beach and holidays.

Julia Gillard says much, promises much, but achieves very little except put us further in debt.


I agree what you have said about Abbott col over the awu fraud. However many people in this country including me know that Julia Gillard is a crook and that the labor government are unelectable and will most likely lose the election because Queensland and New south wales have so many marginal labor seats that will fall to the coalition. Queensland and New south wales will seal Gillards fate as prime minister in next year's election, Queensland and NSW hate this government and Gillard so much that the results in the other states in next year's election will not matter. Abbott has got the prime ministers spot in his lap because many Australians know that Gillard and this government is a joke and don't care if Abbott, Turnbull or even Julie bishop become prime minister as long that labor is not re-elected because many Australians will never listen to Gillard and her government anymore. I would like to say col that there are a few coalition people who are going after the awu fraud matter very hard, Julie bishop is the one leading the way. She has truly rattled Gillard in her questioning on the awu fraud and she will continue to question Gillard very hard next year. Julie bishop is definitely prime minister material in my view and is better than Abbott. I do agree with you col that Abbott is soft and not hard enough while Julie bishop has guts, balls, and a real leader with so much toughness. Gillard is not that tough, believe me col.


I might have started to believe 'Col'was reasonably fair dinkum, until the rubbish threat to vote Labor. Just doesn't make sense.
Tony Abbott has enough sense not to be baited by the constant jabs and smear attempts. If enough people can't see where we're heading if they vote Labor in again....well the country deserves what it gets.


What a load of crap col, its obvious from your post that you dont like abbott so why would he want to listen to your BS anyway. The reason hes so unpopular is that labor has managed to paint him as a bully (which you yourself seen to believe), as being negative etc etc, its BS but for some reason people believe it, by coming out all guns blazing he would just reinforce that perception. As far as the AWU stuff is concerned, what exactly do you want him to do, deep down 99.9% of the people that know anything about it knows shes as guilty as sin, but there is nothing thats shows 100%, without a doubt proof that she done something wrong and wether you like it or not, she has a lot of media on her side who wont act without that proof. As well as the fact that most Australians just dont care, they just arnt interested enough in politics to check the facts. Someone mention Climate Change, sorry but its exactly the same there are still at least 50% of australians who believe it because of humans, if he came out and said it was BS he would be crucified in most of the media and they would paint him even more as someone living in the past. Sorry but why more people may be starting to think its BS, the believers still hold a lot of sway, way to much for the coalition to say its BS, it would be political suicide. As for the policy issues, FFS col hes the opposition leader its not his job to announce major policies months and months before the election, and anyway all this talk about not having any, go have a look at there website, seems like there plenty of policies on there to me.


Michael, I posted this link to Simon Benson's blog earlier.
It hadn't got run yet but it probably will.
I just reckon everybody should read it.
I think the article by Benson puts labors vicious personal attack on Abbott in perspective.
Understanding exactly why labor fear him helps you understand how corrupt this government is and why they will do whatever it takes to keep him out of the lodge.
Abbott is saying very little. At the moment. You could say he's keeping his "powder" dry.
At some stage, whether it be before or after the election he is going to go off with an almighty bang.
And if your on the labor side of politics, the collateral damage to labor will be catastrophic.
They know it and they fear it.

mary mc

I think most decent people in Australia respect the kind of man tony abbott is. He is a decent man, and a clever man. That is a great combination. I think he is right not to get down and dirty himself with the pm. It is there for all to see that she is being coached by mc tearaway. Good luck to her. Some one once said "the truth will out" Didn't say how long it would take but it will come out.
Mary Mc


I'll stick with Abbott, he's not a fool.

He might not say a lot , but when he does , he makes a lot of sense.

Better to just let the others screech and yell. They are only making fools of themselves.

And Tony doesn't need to lower himself to their standard.


Col Michael, Michael Col?


I haven't read all the comments here and I hope nobody else has said what I am about to say quickly as I have to leave.
The Libs and TAbbott simply cannot reveal their future policies and plans as Labor will take them without any shame and run with them. That is a proven fact. The Asian language thing they announced just the other day and that red one was so full of it was a Liberal future plan and not Labors.
I am off here. Happy New Year everybody.


@ mel:

Mel I am with you all the way!!!! I had written another comment but Michael did not put it up.


Tony Abbott has laid waste to Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Why do you think Labor, the Greens, the Independants, the unions and the media are going after him? Because Tony Abbott has the mind of a strategist while they have the minds of a thug. Just because Gillards stands in Parliament screeching like a banshee, doesn't mean she is winning the "war". This tactic of bullying is all they know. And why do they label Tony Abbott a thug, a bully, etc. Think about it. Because each and every day they watch him STAY IN CONTROL! They are seething with rage yet Tony will not be baited - he knows to let his guard down this close to the election can cause the media to go into a feeding frenzy.

Col, we all feel that same frustration of seeing "our team" on the receiving end of vicious spin. But, think back over these last few years at the vile campaign waged at not the LNP, but just Tony Abbott. His time in the boxing ring, as a fire fighter, as a life saver as a debater have taught him one thing. SELF CONTROL. Its a characteristic seen in all the great leaders and those called upon in dire circumstances That knockout punch is coming, but are WE prepared to stay at his side or run and hide. The last thing we should do is listen to gossip, criticize or goad him into a fight. This is just what Labor are desperate for.

Labor are the ones scared of Tony Abbott. He is their greatest threat. If thru frustration he is replaced then Labor will win the upcoming election. The prize is on the other side of the election for the people of Australia. The spoils you might say!! A repeal of the mining and carbon taxes, safe borders, fiscal responsibility, business and consumer confidence, etc. If we break ranks now and panic, we will have not Tony Abbott to blame but ourselves. Think about returning Australia to what she was before this socialist got in. If you run like wimps when things get tough and defect to the other side, YOU, not Tony Abbott will have to explain it to your grandchildren that you let them live under socialism. The battle will be dirty, endless and at times cruel. Today, the first day of the election year we need to draw on that ANZAC Spirit that saw our forefathers sacrifice much to give us what we hold dear. They held their ground and nerve. We need to do the same!


@ Posted by: Marco Polo | Monday, 31 December 2012 at 10:17 PM

You make a good point.

Geoff L

Hi Michael
All the best for the new year to you, the Princess and children, and all the bloggers on the various sites chasing this AWU issue.
We jointly have one unfortunate chasm to climb from. That is the in-effectiveness of the current LNP-Coalition parliamentary party. They have been chastened by a yelling and screaming prime minister who is adamant on retaining power at all costs irrespective of what happens to this once-great country.
If the parliamentary opposition don’t stand-up and bring the "rights" for the people to the forefront of parliamentary debate, then don’t be surprised if she and her cohorts are re-elected to run this country in 2013. The so-called independents will be dismissed and replaced but not necessarily by coalition representatives. This is going to be an interesting year that will make or break this country.
We need an opposition that can take the fight to the front line, and not be scared off by yells of smear, mysognomy, and sleaze.
Let’s hope that the opposition members have the balls (term of speech) to attack and take the initiative in a very important election year.


Much of our personal politics is determined not by what the Politicians do or say, but by what the media tells us they do or say. That's why control of the media/media owners is such a holy grail of global politics. Gillard and the AWU, and the general media's studious avoidance of the subject is the best case in point I've yet seen of this in action in this country.

Maggie Qld

Col's comment is out of place but I am glad it was posted and I am glad it is not the real Col.

Abbott has lifted the Coalition to a winning position with Gillard attacking and Turnbull niggling away from inside. We need to get behind him not stand in his way, he cannot do it on his own.

Over 30% of people don't care that Labor is controlled by Paul Howes and the like and even the media failed to report the biggest news item of 1012, Gillard's involvenment in an AWU scam and revelations by Kernohan and Blewitt.


While I understand Cool point, the added trouble Abbott has is the media. If he went as aggressive as Gillard the MSM would be merciless towards him. he would be painted as the biggest sexist ever. they would twist his words and every turn. Just look at the lies mal farr and dennis Atkins (news ltd journo's - lefties take note) told about what Abbott said on the insiders. The canberra press gallery will do everything it can to save Gillard so Abbott does need to tread carefully.


Abbott does'nt have to "lay a glove" JEG, she is doing it nicely herself.



Thank you, Isabell, for your excellent and valuable post. It is inspiring!


Happy New Year to everybody. Just want to say to Isabell, a great comment. I'll raise a glass to you and of course, to all of the other posters. Later on of course, too early now. I feel great, no hangover. Had a quiet night, watched the 'last night of the Proms', televised from Royal Albert Hall, full to the rafters and 40,000 people in Hyde Park. Wonderful songs, finishing with Land of Hope and Glory and Auld Lang Syne, with everyone joining hands, mind blowing and a few tears. All waving the flag. Anyway lets hope this time next year we will be all still celebrating hopefully a new government. Cheers again.


Tony Abbott is doing a good job. Julie Bishop is doing an excellent job and the Liberal Coalition is hanging in there admirably.... I wouldn't knock it too much. The Liberal Party is a herd of free thinking cats at the best of times.

Retired lawyer

The constant barrage against Abbott by Labor and its supporters is simply proof of the effectiveness he has shown as an Opposition leader. I agree with all those contributors who have urged Abbott to hold course steady as she (sorry, he) goes. The more he does it the more he gets under Gillard's skin.
Remember Abbott won the coalition leadership by the narrowest of margins against overwhelming odds because Turnbull refused to listen to many of his colleagues and the rank and file in relation to the ETS, and Hockey wasn't prepared to take a risk. Abbot's timing was impeccable.
He needs to show the same timing in 2013, because he again faces overwhelming odds with a combined government/media campaign already in full swing. If Abbott were to reveal the detail of all policies prematurely, it would be a pushover for Labor with the help of most of the media to frighten the horses.
All those who yearn for a return to honest, decent and competent government should face up to what Gillard and her fellow travellers have known for years, as demonstrated by their actions - Abbott is the coalition leader most likely to have her dumped from office at the next election.


what a shameful article from the COL. Tony Abbott is doing the best he can. he is fighting an ATHIEST. Gillard and her GANG are busy taking Australia down the sinkhole to hell (the FABIAN PIT). DID Gillard ever answer any questions directly? If you ask her how much is a dozen of eggs? her answer will be something like...Well did a misogynist put you up to this. or she may say that she got the abortion pill approved for use so that more babies can be killed. Is that the kind of PM we deserve? Until we are told of julia Gillard secret agenda we are all going down fast. (julia is a Fabian....fabians will swear and shout and yell.. they wear down their opponent and then they strike: their motto is unashamedly the WOLF in SHEEPS clothing. so Col maybe you should just join her and enjoy the ride down to hell...TONYT ABBOTT WILL be the next PM. Gillard will lose quite badly....the ALP will be thrashed and dumped into the fabian pit that they themselves have built...all the NBN blowouts will not help them, not one bit.


Interesting, the Fake 'Col' seems to have done a good job a dividing opinion a little, is it a sign of the success of this blog that regular contributors might be impersonated?

The real Col

Belle of Tweed

Col - are you a Labor plant?


Real Col,
In my opinion Michael snuck in fake Col and Michael as Christmas stocking fillers, I think journalists call them Puff Pieces.


Get the helmet on, and the chainmail.
Draw the broadsword and



I hope Tony Abbott and the rest of the LNP don't lower themselves to the Crime Minister's/Labor party gutter level.


Reply to Leigh Tuesday, 01 January 2013 at 01:04 AM

Nice link mate, let's hope he's right about some of his observations.


Inspiring comment Isabell, I'm with you whole heartedly.

Please Michael, post Isabell's reply (as an update to your original post) to the labour plant Col (Mr Turnball!).


Col makes a good point.
A lot of the comments posted here - I believe - Col would not argue with - nor are they Col's point. Col's first point is he wants clarity as to what the Libs are sworn to do in relation to the AWU, the fiduciary responsibility of union office bearers and the repeal of these horrendous proposed laws that dilute free speech.

Col's second point is that he is wary of the Liberal party's ability to lead the nation out of this mess that our fellow voters have put the country into.
If Col had a concluding paragraph it could have been, "we are all going to have to get down to the booths and do the kill off of this disgraceful coalition of unions and independents by ourselves - the opposition don't look like doing it for us".

Abbott, as many has commented is well and truly leg tied by a frightened and vicious media. However, Col has NOT called for immediate policy announcements as some seem to think he suggests.

To me, Col is colourfully making the point that Tony Abbott does not look too comfortable in his own skin. As much as I have to agree that TA has performed statesman like and I am proud of TA's record of doing such, I too wonder if TA's is inspiring anyone. I hope the many of you that believe things are so bad, a change of Government is a forgone conclusion, are correct however I'd like to see TA's leadership shadow being dominantly cast over the whole affair.

That's what Campbell Newman did in Qld. He cast leadership from outside the parliament. There was no ifs and buts. Queenslanders had no time for ALP spin.
Campbell Newman looked good on the horse he sat on and people followed him just to see him do it. Don't underestimate inspiration.

Col, is simply one who needs to be inspired. Many are. TA's problem is - as good as a man as he is, as good as a servant he is, people need to be led. Life is not academic.
That being said, I'll vote for TA. Many who should, won't.


If you haven't checked out this video, Grinding American Down (make sure you sit down with a drink etc) pls Di so, putting aside the religious undertones and just focusing on the socialist angle, the similarities between the USA and Australia are very scary indeed,

The real Col :-)


Look at the alternatives --Christine not pristine Milne ,Ju-liar Gillard doesnt even rate a vote and Abbot playiong the game of chess
There will only be one winner and if it isnt Abbott then think of moving to --lets say --the Cook Islands ,Samoa

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