Tom Switzer, bang on the money - from The Australian
This comment from noteworthy comment-maker Michael prompted some post-prandial reflection from me last night

I thought Col's comment was worth a bit of space here for your reactions

Col said:

If the LNP dont make concrete announcements soon about when they next win Government, that they will;

A)initiate Judicial Inquiries into AWU Scandal,

B)Change the status of a Union to that of a Company and subject to the same laws and taxes as companies and

C) repeal the proposed changes to the law regarding "Offending people", I think I'll just give up and join Labor and a frigging Union. At least this lot have the balls to actually do something, not just delicately dance around the issues all day sipping Moet.

Each day that passes, the Libs look like a bunch of prissy kids on schools holidays. Sorry! Can't do anything now, I'm on holidays! I'm entitled you know"

Well Tony, we don't care. Get your finger out and get a move on. If you were in private enterprise, you would have been sacked by now. Mate!!

As much as I hate her ethics and her policies, you have to begrudgingly respect Gillard for not flinching at Abbotts and etal's attacks. Tony limply implied she's a crook, and Gillard faced him down and barks back, so what...get stuffed. And what does Tony do, retreats into his safety zone and consults his copy of "Political Strategy for Dummies".

As far as I can see, Abbott and the Libs are starting to look like a bunch of Private School "mummy's boys", and far too delicate for this hardened "Labor Mob". The LNP come across as "all yap...yap...and no go...go...".

It pains me to say it, but I am seriously concerned that in backing Abbott, we have backed the wrong horse. I say to Tony, if you want to win the next election,"wake up mate, be daring and follow through full bore". Like Gillard you have nothing to lose. After all, one of you will be surplus to requirements after the next election.

Do you want to be remembered as "the little Tony that tried but wasn't sure he could", or the Rhodes Scholar that was taken down and disgraced by a "school of hard knocks" scholar. I want to know if your swagger is a reflection of your strength or is it just the swagger of a "big mouth gutless bullyboy". Who are you Tony!!

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