Cambridge tries to stop the redundancy cheques - the letter
The Subpoena to Slater and Gordon for the Conveyancing and Mortgage files

Now fast-forward 8 months - the first time the AWU finds out about the AWU-WRA

Ms Gillard continued to act for Wilson up until his departure from the union on 17 August, 1995, with his redundancy money.

Keep in mind that Ms Gillard disclosed detailed knowledge of the AWU Workplace Reform Association to her partners in Slater and Gordon on 11 September, 1995.    She also provided a detailed report about the property at 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy on that date.

This letter is the first acknowledgement from the AWU about the existence of the AWU Workplace Reform Association.   Note the date, and the source of the information.   8 months later.

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