Stephen Conroy told me that the NBN's major benefit, the biggie, the Grand Prize, Division One - was telemedicine
Magnificent material. Just world class material. The construction of the gag, the build-up, the timing - no, this gear has no peer.

Our numbers on the blog are holding up pretty close to normal levels during the break

We're at or about our long-term average, around 30,000 per day.   That average of course includes a lot of time at the start with no page impressions, then just a few.   The average say for the week when The AWU Scandal was prominent in Question Time was around 100,000 per day, so 30,000 a day during the Christmas break is quite something.

My apologies for the time it's taking to plough through the comments still awaiting moderation.

I present as Exhibit One for the defence, this photo that documents the perfect weather, tide, inclination of whiting to be present and on the chomp, correctness of bait - and then the simple joy of seeing the kids eat for lunch fish that they'd caught themselves that morning.

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