Now fast-forward 8 months - the first time the AWU finds out about the AWU-WRA
There's nothing like a letter from the time to capture the mood

The Subpoena to Slater and Gordon for the Conveyancing and Mortgage files

This is the actual subpoena served on Slater and Gordon's general manager Geoff Shaw calling for all files, paper, writing and other materials in the name of and in relation to Ralph Blewitt concerning a conveyance and mortgage of a property known as 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy.

Slater and Gordon subpoena
Slater and Gordon subpoena 2

And here are the Slater and Gordon internal coversheets on the files transmitted to Ralph Blewitt this year in  answer to his request for copies of his files.

Subpoena cover sheet

Subpoena cover sheet 2
I've been troubled by this for some time.

Have a look at the link above.   Compare the subpoena with what Cambridge exhibited to his Affidavit.   Some one needs to ask, what went missing and why?