I thought Col's comment was worth a bit of space here for your reactions
From The Age today. Swannie is on something and not sharing.

This comment from noteworthy comment-maker Michael prompted some post-prandial reflection from me last night

I was moderating comments last night after dinner and this one from Michael stood out.

So I jumped on the audioboo bizzo to get my thoughts recorded.

Here in their unedited, first version glory are the comment and my non RBT reaction.

Michael said:

I like the new rule of jurisprudence introduced by bob kernoghan. If he swears an affidavit, and sincerely believes someone has stoen a million dollars it follows that they have. I thought the existing rule was that George Brandi's, QC, makes an allegation in his learned QC,s opinion then that,s the end of he story. Now we just need bob,s affidavit, since there is no chance bob is mistaken, doesnt know the full facts or the law. So much easier than that boring old court case were both sides tell their story, and evidence is tested, and there may be QCs or SCs on both sides of the case, each saying, in their learned opinion their side of the case is right.