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Tom Switzer, bang on the money - from The Australian

Tom Switzer on the shameless and incompetent Wayne Swan.    Now to assuage your guilt at reading it online, go and subscribe to a great newspaper The Australian, immediately.

Swan's grand GOP slam deserves a hit

  • by: Tom Switzer
  • From: The Australian
  • December 31, 2012 12:00AM

Seasoned political observers should be shocked by nothing. But sometimes one witnesses hypocrisy of such dramatic proportions that it is impossible for even cynics to remain unfazed.

I refer to Wayne Swan's attacks on US congressional Republicans on the eve of the legislative negotiations to avert the so-called fiscal cliff.

Last week, the federal Treasurer took repeatedly to Twitter to slam US small-government politicians, otherwise known as the Tea Party, for holding the global economy to ransom.

This follows his criticism in September when he warned that the biggest threat to the global economy were "cranks and crazies" in the Republican Party.

Their sin, it appears, is to obstruct President Barack Obama's march towards European-style statism, welfarism and insanely high debt.

Those US politicians, in Swan's telling, who support policies that reduce the size of the state and oppose indecently high spending, are recklessly holding the world's post-global financial crisis economic recovery hostage.

Never mind that about 20 house Democrats have supported Republican bills to renew across-the-board tax cuts this year. Never mind that at the time of writing the Democrat Senate has failed to pass a budget during the past three years.

Swan's foray into US domestic politics not only marks a desperate attempt to blame US politicians for his own failure to deliver a budget surplus in Australia. It also displays the rank hypocrisy of the Labor Party and much of the media.

Go back six years. John Howard was asked about a policy proposal of a US Democratic presidential candidate to withdraw US troops from Iraq. The then-prime minister's answer was consistent with his past positions: that any premature withdrawal could destabilise the region and threaten Australia's security by emboldening terrorist groups linked to al-Qa'ida.

The response was overwhelmingly hostile.

"Short-sighted", "irresponsible", "inflammatory", "ill-considered" these were just some of the barbs that Swan's colleagues hurled at Howard. How dare an Australian political leader weigh into divisive US affairs, Labor frontbenchers chanted.

The media echoed the opposition's charge. There was "no justification for trespassing into American domestic politics", thundered the Australian Financial Review. Howard looked like a "player in US domestic politics" and "a partisan politician meddling in another country's election", complained The Sydney Morning Herald.

Bear all this in mind as you witness Swan's meddling in Washington's political process. Except this time, the Deputy Prime Minister's attacks on the Tea Party, merely a segment of a party that lost the recent presidential election as well as seats in the congressional elections, have met hardly any criticism in Australia.

Whatever the merits of Swan's position, it is a rule of diplomacy that political leaders should refrain from commenting on the internal affairs of another nation, not least our most important security ally. And if they do so, they should maintain a civil tone in their comments.

If it was ill-advised of Howard, in an off-the-cuff moment during a television interview in early 2007, to say that al-Qa'ida would pray every day for an Obama victory, then it is impolitic for Swan, in well-prepared speeches and tweets, to slur Republican politicians with whom he disagrees. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Tom Switzer is research associate at the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and editor of Spectator Australia.


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Michael, Swan is just casting arounf for someone else to project the blame on when the Australian books are finally opened by the receivers, and we peer into the abyss that is The Australian economy.


The Mile High Treasurer Club.

One of the two members of this exclusive club of high fliers collects clocks. A heady experience especially at daylight saving time changeovers.

The other one is a collector of knocks. When you spend a lot of time collecting knocks from head kickers you are bound to end up a little bit 'ow's yer mother!

Don't ask, don't tell

Full marks to Switzer.

The greater hypocrisy lies in Labor's willingness to put the nation into a debt position that they would never, NEVER, put themselves in.

John Greybeard

We all knew that Swan is a goose. We may have known that he was also a Fabian and a Union stooge. But we now see he is a closet communist.

Redistribute the wealth, inflate welfare and the Public Service, expand Government, vilify the opposition and stifle free speech. What is next? Gulags?

Jeff of FNQ

John Howard, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell.

While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth.

Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 15 minutes. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes a cheque.

Obama calls the US and talks for an hour. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is 4 million dollars, so he writes a cheque.

Finally John Howard gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is 20 cents. Howard just smiles.

Obama and Putin go ballistic, and ask the devil why Howard got to call Australia for only 20 cents??

The devil smiles and replies:

"Since Julia Gillard took over, the whole country has gone to hell. It's a local call."


Remember the time when Swan 'poohooed' Barnaby Joyce for his warnings of an "Economic Armageddon"?


@John Greybeard

"What next? Gulags?"

Well if they get the right to persecute us for "offending" people, who's to say?

I'll see you down there John!


I had been reading about the 'fiscal cliff' and Swans comments somewhere and thought this bloke is trying to find an excuse for is own failings with our books? Amen that other eyes seem to see it the same !!


The coalition would do well to zero in on this fiscal deadbeat in the election campaign by asking the public do they want another 3 years of him.





People don't listen to wayne , do they?


Apparently Kevin Rudd (the milky bar kid) has been advising the Chinese military.
And here we have Wayne Swan,( the world's greatest treasurer),meddling in the affairs of the USA...

Has this country gone completely nuts?

No wonder we are seen as an easy target. These idiots are making complete fools of the whole country.

Nice to be laid back enjoying life , but helps to have some sort of standards, or the laid back lifestyle won't last too long .

Thieves are always on the look-out for easy targets.

Just look at one of the Grand Muftis of Australia visiting Hamas.....this guy must think we are a bunch of saps .

He might be right, looking at our so-called leaders, I would too if I was on the outside.

Tinaroo john

Jeez Michael , Swan by name Goose by actions. It's a wonder he's not blaming Abbott.
Oh sorry he's already taken, better blame Joe.
Wayne, who's the minister in charge of the Australian people's money, oh that's right it's you. Your the dummy that could not see what was coming and now it's someone else's

And your mates in labor Bragg about you being the worlds greatest treasurer

year of the dragon

Never miss an opportunity to blame someone else.


I commented on this earlier in Craig Emmerson's article, wondering if he'd have to add this (through his eyes) anti- labour biased article to his list of gripes lol, poor boy

But I find it so refreshing to see an article, albeit in the Australian, that dares to criticise anything, something that a Labour politician has done or said. May we see more of it. Perhaps there is a chance we can have balanced reporting after all. Or is that just too naive of me to have that hope?


I think this is interesting. Could there be MORE journalists who are doing their jobs properly?

MPs right and left brought to book

"One book causing a stir in Labor ranks is Takeover, by journalists Aaron Patrick and Jason Koutsoukis. It will tell the story of "the demise of Labor" with tales of "establishments of ill-repute, bags full of cash, text messages gone wrong, pole-dancing MPs, faceless men and the knifing of Kevin Rudd".

ABC Books confirms the book will have a big focus on Shorten. It is not a biography, but Labor figures approached by the authors say it started out that way. Although the focus is now wider, it is seen inside Labor as "a hatchet-job" on Shorten, who has refused to co-operate."

Ray Moresby

Hi Michael, Can I send you some info at the Camperdown address you gave me?
All the best for the new year for you and the family. I think 2013 will be a very dramatic year.
From the tone of some of the comments on your site, there is a growing number that are aware that "things are crook in Tallarook"


Tom Switzer has written a piece that is fair , reasonable, balanced and possibly unauthorised by the wee Scat ... Me thinks he maybe about to lose his job.

Capn Jack Walker

No I will cut and paste it. Bugger them, when they re instate Glen Milne or at least apologise to him, I will consider it.

They rolled over like little poodles when the Gillard boot kicked them and they should have ripped her leg off and handed back the bones.

Happy New Year, Mike, we all respect you.


Michael, I have been surfing the opposing blogs, and knowing many of the names that usually appear, can see that their are many more people now joining in when probably before they were too timid to add their voices. and this at Christmas when most people are kicking back watching the cricket. The opposing voices are weak to non existent.

I sent you a message recently and repeat the call..Let us pay for Bob Kernohan to take out a full page ad in the Australia to put his allegations, where everybody locally and overseas can see it, and lets flush the crooks out! Obviously with Hawke being wheeled out and the pork barrelling starting, lets take the fight right up to them. Lets forget about the opposition and the MSM lets use our democracy while it still exists.

I am willing to chip in some dough. Surely we have some lawyers who can advise on the wording.


Hypocrisy is the salt and pepper of politics.

None have ever taken hypocrisy as far as the Latham, Rudd, Gillard stable of Baby Bombers. Nothing from these union led gooses is the truth. Nothing.

I bang on about it, but as Paul Keating said, "they believe in nothing, they exist only to win the next election". Best of all, I like Keating's "scumbag" analogy.

I see an aptly named rally, "Rotten to the Core" to be held in Canberra on I think, the 5th February.
If Michael graciously allows me, here is the link.

thxs once more.


As a subscriber to The Australian, I am dismayed to see Dennis Shanahan's article titled "Voters sense better days as tax fears fade: Newspoll", when, as the article describes, a miserable 13% are optimistic, while a whopping 85% expect things to sat the same or get worse ..... who on earth makes the article title decisions, and how can it be acceptable to be so blatantly deceptive?

The Old and Unimproved Dave

Swannie's doing all he can to make sure no-one forgets that one of the Dodgy Brothers is named 'Wayne'.

The Old and Unimproved Dave

Wayne Swan is the modern Labor Party in microcosm....a political movement that demands an end to privilege while simultaneously insisting that other privileges have to stay in place.


More "whistling in the dark" from Swan who is fair soiling himself over the multi-generational Australian budget & debt mess he and Penny Wong have created.

If company directors had done what these clowns have done they'd be vilified, prosecuted for criminal negligence and malfeasance, stripped of their directorships, fined and jailed. If they were in China, they'd be taken out and given the lead tablet behind the ear.

But because they are Australian politicians they'll get the golden parachute, pension, travel and perks and their mates will repay the largesse and give them gravy train jobs. It stinks.


I agree with Mel re the full page ad. If it seems unfair to put it all on one person maybe there is some way we can all put our names to it. Also we need a site similar to getup where we can have online petitions. Judging by the following on this site, Pickering Post, Andrew Bolt and Piers Ackerman these petitions would get a huge number of signatures. Asking Michael and the others to do it is a bit unfair as they are already doing heaps. I am also prepared to give towards the cost of the full page ad

John Greybeard

@Mel | Monday, 31 December 2012 at 10:40 AM

No truer words said in jest.


Food for thought in Paul Sheehan's article - certainly much more substance than Swan or Emerson.

"We cannot slow down and it is at our peril"

Read more:

Nancy White

Mel @ about 11. I'm with you Mel on the full page of the Australian. There would have to be an answer. What about a half page statement, the other half signatures of people who support that page. And another thing, Can some one advise ms Gillard to please STOP patting and stroking little girls and boys.


Seriously who would give a rats what this moron says? I can understand why Tom wrote what he wrote but really no one in America with any power would care less what he said let alone who the Goose is.
I mean look at the guy. He has that dumb goofy look like God I hope I don't have to answer a question and if I smirk a little they might just leave me alone.
This halfwit like Gillard are WAY out of their depth and the only thing holding it all together are two ego driven nut cases called Windsor and Oakshot.
The only job they could do is the one they are doing badly. If it wasn't for Ludwig they would both be on the dole, one with her girlfriend the other..well he would just be on the dole!

Paul T

Mel @ 1118. I'll kick in as well. How much are we looking at? $10-$20 a head from each of Michael's bloggers should see a decent ad. Rally round troops!


@ Posted by: Arch | Monday, 31 December 2012 at 11:19 AM, I really hope half the voting population turn up, but I have doubt they will, Gillard needs to realise she has failed all Australians as have all Labor MP's have.

Something needs to be done as Labor = scandals that never see the day of light and NO accountability for ANYTHING that Labor has done including bad policy making such as boats, carbon tax and so on.

As I have said before, we will all have to suffer under Gillards regime to the very end, its Communism style Government as for the free loaders (greens and the independents) will all be able to make a difference this year.

A big thanks to Michael and Andrew Bolt and the Australian, that have lead they way in proper journalism and to keep the pressure on.


Now this is some advice that Swanny should be listening to. Most of it sounds like it's been written just for him in mind
Have a happy new year by managing your holiday debt

THE end of the year can be the most fun and rewarding time on the calendar, but it can easily become a nightmare if you aren't careful with your budget and keep on top of debt repayments.

It is no coincidence that the gift giving during Christmas and partying over the holidays and New Year's Eve is quickly followed by a financially stressful period come late January when those goodies have to be repaid and other big bills fall due.

... but people must keep in mid their budgets and stay within them.

"'The key thing is to work out a budget and create a shopping list based only on what you can afford.''

There's even some tips for him in the article
5. Avoid taking out short-term loans to pay for presents or bills...

7. Review last year's ... spending. It will highlight any waste and overspending.

8. Set a spending limit. Look at your lists, check your wallet and get the two to match.


The basic financial message for President Obama & all US citizens is essentially the same for our Treasurer Swan, PM Gillard, her government & the rest of the world who spend more than they earn.

Godfrey Bloom is from the UK, he is a Member of the European Parliament. He recently delivered the home truth here to that parliament.

It is a short 3 minute video clip. Even the myopic members of Canberra press gallery should understand it. The same goes for any literate members of Courier Mail’s editorial staff!

Unfortunately Godfrey’s simple message must be beyond the comprehension capacity of all who still think it is OK to just keep on spending more than they earn.

Don Osborne

Swan must surely be one of the greatest nongs ever to hold high office in Australian political history


The comments from Wayne Swan continue to beggar belief. I wonder if he actually believes the stuff that comes out of his mouth, or he's trying to make others believe it.
New Year's resolution: accentuate the positive

THE Gillard government bears no responsibility for the negative and vitriolic tone of political debate this year, according to the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, who admits the ''scrappy'' political year has turned many voters off politics.
In an interview with Fairfax Media, Mr Swan pledged to haul the political debate into positive territory next year but denied the government had contributed to the bitter partisanship that defined 2012.
''I don't concede that the government has been behind personal attacks,'' Mr Swan said.

... But Mr Swan, who was acting Prime Minister until the weekend, denied suggestions the government was culpable in helping to set the low tone of what has been labelled the nastiest political year in memory. ''You've got to be kidding me,'' Mr Swan said.
''The negativity in policy and personal attacks have all been from Abbott. I mean, for god's sake....

Liz of Vic.

Fantastic article from Tom Switzer, hope he keeps his job.
Swan also a hopeless case, really can we find one honest person on the front-bench? And even look further back?
Answer is :'NO'.
Pitiful, but true!


One of the diferences between Howard and Swann is that Howard knew and still knows what he's talking abouut, whilst Swann hasn't a clue.
He's just the mouth piece for the movers and shakers in trades hall.


Posted by: Gary | Sunday, 30 December 2012 at 11:27 PM Hi Gary. Thanks for the support. I hope Michael heeds the call that we need dedicated threads to concentrate our efforts on a step-by-step review of the known facts.
Gary writes: "It is high time that a "Media Kit" is prepared containing summary fact sheets, dossiers, photos, time lines and simple clear graphics explaining relationships, links, timelines and dependencies. You have many skilled people on this site who I am sure would be willing to help. You only need to ask, select the elves, and workshop/prioritise the production and editing of the documents for the "Media Kit".

I suggest we revisit some of the substantial work done on this blog and get the "Media Kit" under way. As an example, the following thread is one well worth reviewing because it showed the powerful benefits to be gained by having brilliant people like John Lourens collate and analyse facts and put the result out for discussion. There are some excellent posts on the PoA and other matters. I "hijacked" the thread to put my own thoughts and suggestions on paper to seek input and discussion on how to progress matters, and on re-reading them I still see what I've suggested as a logical way forward.
Otherwise, we seem to be continuing to run round in circles going over the same things time and time again and in essence, preaching to the converted. We need to get the message out to the MSM, ABC,TV, Universities,journalists, politicians and the general public. The dossier may never get "officially" published by any of them but they will not be able to claim they were not aware of the facts!
No personal criticism of anyone is intended and I hope this will be seen as wholly constructive.
Any comments or suggestions?

"Julia Gillard and her apologists constantly try and deflect and/or prevent proper questioning of her actions in the AWU fraud when she was a practising solicitor and salaried partner of Slater & Gordon. They argue that it's "old hat", all this happened 17 years ago", ask why it is now being pursued.and what relevance it has to her performance as Prime Minister."

"the revelations and evidence about the extent of her possible involvement in unlawful and arguably criminal activities really only surfaced around August 19-20-21-22-23 this year (2012), with the release by one of her former employing partners, Nick Styant-Browne, of the redacted transcript of her exit interview followed by the draft statement of another employing partner, Peter Gordon."
Posted by: hillbilly33 | Sunday, 02 December 2012 at 11:32 AM

End of Part One.
Posted by: hillbilly33 | Saturday, 01 December 2012 at 03:36 PM

End of Part Two.
Posted by: hillbilly33 | Saturday, 01 December 2012 at 04:13 PM

End of Part Three.
Posted by: hillbilly33 | Sunday, 02 December 2012 at 01:16 PM


@ Posted by: Mel | Monday, 31 December 2012 at 11:18 AM

I think that is a brilliant idea Mel. But I can't even get Michael to put his blasted "donation "button up again. So I don't think you will be very successful with your request lolol.









If I think the proposed spending cuts in the US at a time of very weak recovery might lead to recession (making the debt/GDP ratio even worse, leaving apart all the hardship imposed on the unemployed) , if i think the US might be about to make the same mistake as the US did in 1937, prolonging the recession, or the same mistake GT Britain has already made, austerity induced recession, i.e. if I am a part Keynesian in my economic thinking, I can say so. If Wayne swan thinks the same he is not allowed to say so, is that the theory?

Or is that you just disagree with his economic theory?





I'm sick of that too. Swan is trying to blame the budget deficit on the 'Tea Party' & he's praying the deal on 'fiscal cliff' doesn't happen on time so he can then blame TP for all the problems he's created as Treasurer.
Fact is a deal will be carved out because too many stakeholders around the world depend on it, so Swanny is out of luck.
Queensland State budget (60 billion dollars for goodness sakes) and Oz Federal budget are two examples of what happens when good fiscal management is described as something driven by 'cranks and crazies'.
Hence when Abbott and Gillard outlined their vision yesterday, Gillard made more motherhood statements about NDIS and education among other empty rhetoric, whereas Abbott mentioned one key theme he'll take to next election: lower taxes, lower spending, more efficiency.
It will appeal to voters because the Fed govt is now a heck of a big target given its fiscal (and monetary) mismanagement.
'Monetary mismanagement', because if so much untargeted spending wasn't dropped into economy, interest rates would be lower & dollar wouldn't be so high (killing exports & actually putting handbrake on economic growth). More targeted business incentives & less wasteful spending is what was required & again, such approach will appeal massively to voters, given we still have 20% youth unemployment, despite all the slovenly waste.


McTernan 101. Attack (usually Tony Abbott so a bit off message here) shift the focus away from ALP. Swan just wants you to discuss what he shouldn't be discussing if we do that is a big win for him. So my questions to Swan are "working Australians have to balance their budget why don't you?" "You have gained government twice on the basis of a surplus being the core promise, if you can't keep that how can we ever believe what you say?"


ps. Gina Rinehart & John Singleton's bid for Fairfax is finally pushing its share price up & report below says shares down 40% since start of this year.
Little wonder, given their whitewashing efforts of AWU scandal among other things....

Maggie Qld

It is an excellent article. I like Tom Switzer's work but this is an exceptional story of the real Swan. When has Swan ever accepted responsibility?

Anyway it is a change from blaming Abbott.


I cringe every time I read anything about Swine. No wonder the Americans have called Juliar and Swine "provincial" - no class, no ethics, no brains, only filth and bile. Surely Australia has better standards than these two pathetic excuses for human beings????


My watered down comment is that I am so angry with ALL of the como's mascarading as the Australian Labor party, you just want to see them shut down and start all over. Australians don't want, and will never overtly support communistic ideals. So they should declare themselves as Gillard has done in her earlier days and see how the public accepts them. The trouble is that most are used to being activists and have no idea of being a politician and therefore stuff their portfolios up. You can pretty much name the whole cabinet, and they have no one who can replace them.
Looking at the facts, Swan never had the capability or aptitude for his position as Treaserure, all he has is his big mouth, which when opened shows him to be just another union thug.


@Mel. I will chip in for that. In the words of the gillard bring it on. Let's "pud up or shuddup

Max 1


Can anyone read between the lines (pointers to the present) in these two articles from Stephen Mayne?

And in the SMH:

The $5000 hourly fee quoted as an example is an impost on the taxpayer. WHY?


Sorry the video is here:-


Another article that makes sense regarding fiscal discipline & in support of Tea Party 'lower spending, lower taxing' position.

In brief, writer says that US spend far more than it earns, but funds it in large by selling bonds to China and rest of the world. Then on bond maturity, US print money to pay, effectively awashing the rest of the world with extra money, which in turns boost asset (ie. property) and commodity prices globally.
So false commodity created leading to inflation and higher interest rates & also trade distortions. However China has no incentive to deregulate financial markets either because of the uncertainty this approach ensues according to writer below.

Best solution? Tea Party approach both in US and in Australia & abroad. Don't ask Swanny though...... …


Michael, glad you've come back down to Earth with the wife safely.

Meanwhile, Gotham City is in danger from The Joker aka The Julia, as she starts cranking the pork barrel of feel good, the NDIS. But this worthy initiative, which the Coalition supports and has the only means of being able to handle in her hands, will in the Julia's just be one Big Joke...on the disabled who will get nothing from her but hot air, and the taxpayer, who can't possibly expect a bunch of incompetants and crooks to deliver.

God, where are the heros when we need them?

Kathryn E.

Hi Michael,

I started reading the Australian two years ago and I've always appreciated both sides of an argument even if I don't like criticism of the coalition.I've always liked the fact that you are always informed of previous decisions in regards to policy on both sides which we voters often forget over time and which politicians hope we don't remember especially the labor party.

You never get this indepth quality anywhere else in the print media and it's great to sit down with a cuppa and learn something new.

Nancy White

Good idea Mel way to go. How about half a page of message, the other page half names of people supporting the top half.!!!!


Swan is a lightweight and I cannot imagine just how he rose to be the bloody Treasurer!

Not one of these Wankers in the ALP has ever done anything other than work for the ALP/Union. That is why the Government of Australia is lead by such ill-equipped and dangerously stupid like this swan/turkey/goose. If you haven't employed people, worked on a business plan, mortgaged the house, taken risks with your own money, worked for low wages whilst paying higher wages and better conditions to staff etc etc, like most small business owners do, how on earth can anyone empathise and truly understand the issues that affect small businesses, who are the biggest employers of Australians.

On top of that how can this most incompetent Treasurer, who has somehow managed to have Australia's 4 biggest defects in history (despite being a the biggest boom time ever!) ever consider opening his mouth and criticising other country's policies.

And where was the press when he abused the big Aussie miners, like Gina and Twiggy ? What he did was pure nasty and irresponsible. The press should have jumped on him then like a ton of bricks and in my humble opinion he should have been sacked as those types of comments from a Deputy PM would be likely to undermine confidence in those companies.

The ALP way is to attack, divert attention and blame someone else. So now it is the turn of the Tea Party in the US. What a grubby little man he is!

Jeff of FNQ

newbposter.....''You've got to be kidding me,'' Mr Swan said.
''The negativity in policy and personal attacks have all been from Abbott. I mean, for god's sake....

This from the clown that continues in Question Time to call Abbott, Hockey & Robb the "Three Stooges" and continually calls Abbott a "thug".

Not on the Left

Even if the likes of Gillard, Thomson, and Slipper were white as the driven snow (not), Swan's hopeless ineptness as an economic manager should be sufficient enough to send Labor into the political wilderness for many years.

Leaving all that aside, the man is a hypocrite of the highest order.

Extreme Centrist

Swine has a new MasterCard,now he can pay off the visa he used to pay off last years amex. Who approved his credit card limit anyway?


Apologies to all. I put the wrong link in my post @ Monday, 31 December 2012 at 12:55 PM
Try this one!

Enough is Enough

I'm in too Mel, someone on this blog said recently, we all need to act!
We all feel helpless, this maybe a start, I don't know if we are allowed? Considering she now controls most of the media!

Paul T

I think there is probably sufficient support about Mel's suggestion for a full page ad. What about putting the button back up again Michael? test the support. Don't know how much we are looking at - but let's see what support you get from your webpage followers who want to see the demise of gillard. If insufficient funds then you keep whatever is raised to support the battle.


OK Mike happy New Year to you, Kat, the kids, dear Bob, all the bloggers, Maggie, Jenstar, my favorite CHAFFBAG, Grey beard, Hillbilly33 (you are a legend), the old and unimproved dave (and don't let anyone say you should change as if you would listen anyway, whats to change), BBPD, Jenstar, Min (keep up the study of DSM IV), Ulla Nancy White, newbyposter, the voices of sense that are Nonna and Liz of Vic, Jollybagman and everyone else too numerous to mention..chuck down a few celebratory G&T's and see you in the morning bright and early to plan the next advertsing move against the forces of evil..

for tomorrow we play as the youngsters down at spin central will all be horribly hungover if my experience of parenting and running a skeleton staff at a health facility on Jan 1 in years gone by is anything to go by so we will have the jump on them!

I sign off with this, and Michael just put it up I will take all the responsibility OK? Its a good song:


Michael put my new year greeting up as afavour seriously ..put me down in the disclaimer.. you should know who I am by now from my email address I am dying to have Gillard take me it!


In the DNA, really, could've fooled me.

"Labor's excessive spending led to birth of Keating's banana republic
John Stone From: The Australian January 01, 2013"

"OPPOSITION Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey continually says excessive spending, and resulting budget deficits, "are in Labor's DNA". I recalled this during the release, by the National Archives Office, of the 1984 and 1985 cabinet papers (embargoed until today).

An overview by the National Archives historical consultant Jim Stokes was well-informed, but its account of the 1984-85 budget was seriously amiss. In truth, the Hawke government then missed a huge opportunity for a budget that could have transformed its fortunes.

That failure stemmed from the excessive spending proclivities in Labor's DNA"

Bean Counter

Michael 1 (1.32pm) You may not have read Henry Morgenthau's comments on Keynesian Monetary Policy before, so here they are once again. To the US Congress in 1940...

"We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. … I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot."[12]

Morgenthau tried what you reckon is the "solution" for a recession/depression. He spoent for eight long years, and even had Keynes in person in Washington for personal advice...and it was all a dud. What don't you get?

Lee Carrol

People it has been suggested time and time again on this blog and on others that the current Prime minister of Australia Julia Aileen Gillard is a liar and a crook.
Well I say it is official- confirmed as I took a look once again at this little compilation to remind myself of just what we are all dealing with!

A very happy & prosperous New Year to Michael & Family and to all followers/ freedom fighters on here. A very Happy New Year also to Bob Kernohan and his Family I truely admire you Bob you are a Man among Men,an Australian hero.
You are on notice Gillard- We are taking OUR Australia back!

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