Troubles for Joe Trio and Nick Jukes, formerly of Thiess
A memo from the investigating detective to his legal officer (ie the lawyer in the fraud squad)

WA Police considered conspiracy charges against 4 persons

This file note, taken from the WA Police file on The AWU Scandal, released under FOI is redacted.

The censor occassionally misses a name.

Nick Jukes name appears unredacted in at least one memo, as does Joe Trio.

An inference can be drawn from the written observation that xxxx is the xxxx of xxxx.   Trio is the brother in law of Wilson.

Recall that there was no evidence of any work done by the AWU-WRA at the Dawesville Cut job.

Ralph Blewitt has now made a complete confession as to his role.   He states that it was the Thiess managers who advised him and Wilson that an incorporated entity would be necessary in order to satisfy Thiess's auditors as to the validity of the false payments.

Here is the memo from the WA Fraud Squad's legal officer Sam Tough.

Conspiracy Jukes, Trio, Wilson and Blewitt_001

Conspiracy Jukes, Trio, Wilson and Blewitt_002