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Cambridge tries to stop the redundancy cheques - the letter

Wilson gets sprung, July 1995 - more documents

I am posting documents here as they come to light.   I know that these posts don't represent a chronology, rather the documents are being published here as they're retrieved from various court files.   The letter here from Bob Smith is new to this blog, as are the minutes to the Finance Committee meeting.  

This letter from Bob Smith is the first real hint of trouble to follow.

25 july bob smith
2 days later this circular followed.

27 july 1995 circular 1
27 july 1995 circular 2
On 2 August, 1995, the Finance Committee met in Sydney.   This extract from the minutes of that meeting sets out the lengthy discussion involving Wilson and his admission (referred to in Ludwig's affidavit, posted yesterday) that "private and union funds were mixed" in the AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account.

Finance Committee 2 august 1985
Finance committee 2 august item wilson
We've posted what happened before that Bob Smith letter (the accounts were frozen) and what happened after the Finance Committee meeting (the redundancy payments of 16 August) - I hope these documents fill out some of the details in between.