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Busy day for reporters on the Craig Thomson case

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Hotel CCTV and documents to yield clues as Craig Thomson case steps up

FAIR Work Australia's legal battle against former Labor MP Craig Thomson over alleged misuse of union funds has yielded its first CCTV evidence, with the Westin hotel chain ready to release screen shots taken from security cameras in one of its hotels.

A Federal Court registrar yesterday allowed FWA's lawyers to inspect the footage, taken from the chain's back-up system, and also granted them access to a partially redacted document provided by a company director linked to an escort agency.

FWA's legal case also expanded into the heart of the NSW Labor Party, with details emerging of a subpoena for a document related to Mr Thomson's 2007 bid for the NSW seat of Dobell and payments to the NSW ALP from the Health Services Union, which Mr Thomson then led.

FWA has alleged Mr Thomson misused union funds to kick-start his campaign for the central coast seat, spending thousands of dollars on staff, advertising and office equipment. The subpoena seeks records relating to Mr Thomson's application for preselection and records about the employment of Criselee Stevens by the ALP in Dobell between 2005 and 2007. It seeks information about two payments totalling $3500 from the ALP to the Dobell branch of the ALP in 2006.