Labor made an issue out of this, so let's compare Gillard and Abbott
A letter to the Newcastle Herald from Jonathan Moylan

Christine Milne must resign. It's that simple. She must resign.

Christine Milne still doesn't get it.   Forgery.   $300Million in financial disadvantage.   A blow to the integrity of our financial system.   But on the ABC's 7.30 tonight, she's still praising a prima facie felon.

Senator Milne has completely forgotten about her primary, real, and tangible responsibilities.   Her oath of allegiance, her responsiblities as a Senator in the Parliament of Australia, as the Leader of a parliamentary party The Greens and as the Labor Party's coalition partner in government.   All of those responsibilities counted for nothing.  Her slogans came first.

She's forgotten as well that she is paid handsomely by the Australian taxpaper to uphold those responsibilities.   She pockets the pay, is driven around in the big white car, impresses in the office and relaxes up the front on aeroplane flights - paid for by all of us.

Senator Christine Milne had a clear cut choice here.   Do her job, uphold the law and denounce serious crime.   Or endorse crime when it advances climate change sloganeering.   She chose to endorse crime.    She was obliged to act in accordance with her paid responsibilities as a Senator and the leader of the Government's coalition partner and to put our laws first, but she chose her pet slogans.   That's why she must resign.   Parliamentary leaders can change laws, make laws or bad laws - but they must respect the law.    That's their business, it's what they do.

This couldn't be more clear cut.

A forgery is a document that tells a lie about itself.   It pretends to be something that it is not.   The common law offences of forgery and uttering have been replaced with statutory offences called "creating a false document", but the principles are the same.

So Senator Milne, this is the behaviour you are endorsing.   The ANZ did not create this document, Jonathon Moylan states that he did.   You have congratulated Mr Moylan and enouraged him.  

You told the ABC's 7.30 program this tonight:

SEN. CHRISTINE MILNE, GREENS LEADER: We're in the midst of a climate emergency and Jonathan Moylan is standing up for what he believes in and for making the point that if you continue to bankroll new coal mines and coal exports then you're actually driving global warming with the catastrophic consequences for human kind.

Go and get some help Chris.   You've lost your sense of perspective.   This offender has caused actual, real harm to a financial market that is a fundamental element of our civil society.   No stock market means no investment, much fewer jobs, much more misery.   Moylan's forgery and deception caused $300M in real damage and who knows how much damage to investment confidence.  And that confidence was further hammered when you as a leader of the Labor/Greens government endorsed his crime. 

Here is the instrument of Moylan's deception, it looks like a genuine ANZ Press Release but it is not. It is, on the face of it, a forgery.   And you, Senator, reckon that is to be congratulated and encouraged.

Most adults who take on responsible jobs develop some ability to filter out their little pet loves and peeves and to do their job without affection, malice or ill-will - and most mature honest people will do their jobs within the law.   But you, Christine, are so blinded by your determination to be right about Anthropogenic Global Warming that you are prepared to forego the very reason you have a job - that is the creation of and respect for The Law.

The young man you praise faces a lengthy stay in gaol should he be convicted on the offences disclosed in his admissions.   Just think about your cavalier attitude to him and his family, and to any other up and comer in your movement who might look to you for leadership.   You'll be flying off to conferences and meeting fashionable people and your life won't be affected at all by your sloganeering.   But the poor buggers you've encouraged to break the law will be parading at 0600 with the armed robbers, murderers and bash merchants in whose company they'll sleep and for whom they will be the source of various nocturnal entertainments.

Here is a link to the ABC's 7.30 program tonight, which featured an interview with the offender Jonathan Moylan and comments from the urger Christine Milne.

One last word.   A hoax is generally a jolly affair.   Our media and polity ought refrain from reporting this crime as a hoax. A fraud, a forgery, a criminal deception, wilful manipulation of a capital market - all of those things are activities of a much nastier character.   Milne's endorsement, congratulations and encouragement are not for a benign joke.  Milne is endorsing crime as a means to limit the supply of capital to the coal industry.   She must resign.