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Glenn Milne's 2007 article about The AWU Scandal and Gillard's role in it

It's fascinating to look back on this story by Glenn in 2007.   Thanks to Jolly Bagman for sending in the link to the story, first published in the News Limited Sunday newspapers.

How correct was Glenn to be concerned about the influence of union officials on Ms Gillard, first reported two weeks before the Kevin07 election result:

Union sources claim Ms Gillard's involvement with Wilson posed a potential danger to her in the event Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister, even though she says she committed no wrongdoing.

As well as being Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Gillard would be minister for workplace relations in a Labor government, responsible for developing a new industrial relations system.

Fears have been raised within the union movement that she could have been subjected to improper pressure from some officials who knew the full extent of her former lover's fraud.

Ms Gillard told The Sunday Telegraph she had never heard of such suggestions and would regard it as grossly improper.

She said she would in no way be influenced by such a suggestion, other than contemplating notifying the police immediately it had been made.  

The prescience of that observation was plain to see on the night Paul Howes, national secretary of the AWU announced her installation as PM after Rudd's dispatch.   It was also clearly evident when she as PM took to the stage with the arch-right wing Catholic former shearer Bill Ludwig at the AWU's national conference on the Gold Coast.  And you can draw your own conclusions about Fair Work Australia and the new legislation bestowing great dollops of legislated advantage on union officials.

In his November 2007 report, filed after a face to face interview between Glenn Milne and Ms Gillard, Glenn reports that "As a solicitor acting on instructions, she set up an association later used by her lover to defraud the AWU."   A bit different from simply providing legal advice.

But he goes on to report on what I think is one of the most significant contradictions in Ms Gillard's versions of events is the statement that "she has strenuously denied ever knowing what the association's bank accounts were used for."

I think this answer in her recorded departure interview from Slater and Gordon on 11 September, 1995 shows knowledge about the association's accounts and the way that Wilson managed them:

"Now I believe that that must be the source of the rumour about, that must be the
factual construct behind what has become the rumour about, about the
association or Bruce or the union or whoever paying for work on my house and I
don't obviously given I've been fairly surprised by events to date in relation
to this matter, I can't categorically rule out that something at my house
didn't get paid for by the association or something at my house didn't get paid
for by the union or whatever, I just, I don't feel confident saying I can
categorically rule it out..."  

Glenn was on to a very important story in 2007.   Gillard's success in burying reporting of the story is a scandal in itself.   Thank God the tide is now turning.