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Good mornning on a back to work Monday!

I love fishing and I love Australia - but I hate filthy littering Arabs

I am so damned angry I could throttle someone.

I was out fishing with my sister Kath at Sans Souci on Boxing Day and a group of Arab women left the most disgusting filthy mess I have ever seen deposited in an Australian park.   Nappy wipes, meat trays, tissues, chip packets, coke cans, the whole lot just chucked where they dropped it and it was left blowing in the wind.

Today this heap of crap in the photo just chucked onto the path.   Yes I know the younger ones are probably born here, but they were decked out in Bedouin garb and they had a collective determination to chuck crap everywhere that I have never encountered before.   It was just a complete free for all, use something, chuck the wrapper.   No attempt at cleaning up.   Older people doing it, young ones doing it, everyone doing it.

I know I am generalising, but the generalisation is apt.  They were all Arabs, the women decked out in Muslim garb.   If you are Muslim and your care about your reputation, start knocking some common courtesy and decency into your community.   This crap is not on.  Clean your rubbish up.   You reckon you have porcine dramas, stop acting like them.

Who could do this?   There are bins everywhere near the wharf.

I couldn't drop a chewie packet on the ground for fear my mum might be watching somewhere.   I can live with the Centrelink, I can live with the allowances, I can live with the legal aid - but don't treat this generous country like the tip.

I feel better for writing this down.   I am tempted not to publish it because I know that it's hard to point the finger at a particular group.   But this is a course of conduct by Arab Muslims, or people who were impersonating them with Bedouin garb.

Here's my sister and my thoughts recorded at the time on Boxing Day.   I didn't post it then, but here it is in light of what I saw again today.   Bugger it, I'm over holding back to avoid offending sensibilities.  Stop chucking crap in our park you filthy creatures.