Ralph and I will do our thing on Sunday
Glenn Milne's 2007 article about The AWU Scandal and Gillard's role in it

I was delighted to be able to share my happiness with you yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon I just had to let you know that there is tremendous cause for optimism about justice being done in The AWU Scandal.

We're not having a baby, I have no specific new information about Craig Thomson, I haven't won Lotto, haven't got a new job - I just wanted to share with you my happiness and reinvigorated faith in justice being done in The AWU Scandal. 

I am still surprised that barrackers for the Gillard camp still refuse to countenance the possibility that she is a person of interest in a police investigation.

I wrote about that investigation here in November last year and the investigation was confirmed in writing by Victoria Police in early December last year, posted on the blog here.

Hedley Thomas's report about Victoria Police presence on the Sunshine Coast to speak with Olivia Palmer (nee Brosnahan) should have confirmed to most reasonable people that something was afoot with police.

So let me reiterate something I've often said on this blog.   I remain a fierce advocate for the professionalism and prosecutorial expertise of the Victoria Police.   The Force went through a pretty rough patch so far as its top leadership is concerned over the past decade or so - starting with the appointment of Christine Nixon as the Chief Commissioner of Police in 2001.

You will have read of her history - and perhaps you may know that Prime Minister Gillard launched Ms Nixon's book, a biography, in August 2011.   The less said about that book the better.

The Victoria Police Force is now led by a man who is respected by every serving copper I've spoken with.   Chief Commissioner Ken Lay APM is a copper, that is all.   He's not a politician, he doesn't want to influence diversity policy or push an agenda for bald men, or people with 3 letter surnames or any other agenda.   He strikes me as a policeman.

One last point about the Victoria Police.   At the Academy, we all took the Oath in the cathedral at Glen Waverley.   Here it is:

I swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen as a member of the Police Force of Victoria in such capacity as I may be hereafter appointed, promoted, or reduced to without favour or affection malice or ill-will for the period of from this date, and until I am legally discharged; that I will see and cause Her Majesty's peace to be kept and preserved; and that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against the same, and that while I shall continue to be a member of the Police Force of Victoria I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties legally imposed upon me faithfully and according to law.”  

Those words speak volumes.    And the sworn members I know live them every day.