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Labor made an issue out of this, so let's compare Gillard and Abbott

Let's take a close look at the Prime Minister and Tony Abbott and their current or preferred jobs outside of politics.   

Tony's being Tony, volunteering, doing what he's done for years.   It was pretty lousy and stupid of Labor to call that a stunt.   But in Labor characterising Tony Abbott's genuine work as a stunt, Labor itself brings Tony's opposite number Julia Gillard's "stunts" into the spotlight too.   

Here's a current media report about Tony, even with Labor trying to devalue his work.

Labor minister Brendan O'Connor sorry for Tony Abbott 'stunt' gibe

  • From:The Australian 
  • January 09, 2013 3:53PM
  • Tony abbott

Volunteer firefighter Tony Abbott working on fire containment lines in the Conjola National Park on NSW's south coast. Picture: Craig Greenhill Source: The Australian

FEDERAL Labor minister Brendan O'Connor has apologised for calling Tony Abbott's volunteer firefighting a "stunt".   

Read the whole story at The Australian.

Now to Ms Gillard and her preferred job outside of politics.   She was asked the question a couple of months ago in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.   Her answer - Global Philanthropist.

Beside the obvious - that she gives money away all around the world already, her choice of "job" is a hell of an insight into her way of thinking.   To have a fortune to give away, you have to have made a fortune.   And managed the fortune.   Kept it, respected the capital, invested it wisely for good returns. Your tenure as a global philanthropist will be limited if you can't do those things.

See, practical people might say "I'm going to make a fortune from business/investing/property development/software/sales or whatever.   Then when I've worked my butt off for the bulk of my life, I'm going to give the money to charitable causes close to my heart."

Not Julia.   She'll just be a Global Philanthropist.   Giving a fortune away.   How'd you make the fortune?   Don't ask stupid questions.

You couldn't find two more different people in their real life experience than Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard.

Tony Abbott sees bush fires, he joins the RFS, drives a truck, works exhausting shifts on hoses and backburn operations and does something practical to put the fires out.

Julia Gillard sees bush fires, she flies to Tassie and says to the cameras that the fires are evidence of climate change, which will be fixed with a tax.  That global philanthropy thing I suppose.

We started with a piece from today's press about Tony Abbott and his extracurricular activities.

Here's one to finish it on the Great Philanthropist of Other People's Money.

The perils of the Prime Minister's feminist fantasies

  • From:The Australian 
  • November 07, 2012 12:00AM 
Eric Lobbecke

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke Source: The Australian

IN an interview with women's magazine Marie Claire on sale today, Julia Gillard says her dream job outside politics is global philanthropist. Like so much of what the Prime Minister says, it sounds damn good but what it really means is far from clear.

Keep reading at The Australian. 

I care about this stuff because the things we do will determine our future.   Not how we feel, what we tweet, how we seem.

It's what the country does that matters.   If the Prime Minister's dream "thing to do" is to give other people's money away - we are in trouble.   Give me the bloke on the firehose and chainsaw any day.