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Robert McClelland to retire

Robert McClelland is one of the true gentlemen of the Federal Parliament.

He was a solid Attorney General, replaced for no good reason by the disastrous Nicola Roxon.

Yesterday he announced his retirement from politics.   The Sydney Morning Herald this morning reported:

As a backbencher last June, Mr McClelland referred in Parliament to Ms Gillard's involvement in providing advice on the establishment of a contentious AWU fund.

While speaking on a bill to crack down on fraud by union officials, he quoted Ms Gillard's past comments that she never wanted ''to see a dollar that a worker gives a union used for any purpose other than the proper purposes of representing that union member's best interests''.

Mr McClelland added: ''Indeed, I know the Prime Minister is quite familiar with this area of the law; as lawyers in the mid-1990s, we were involved in a matter representing opposing clients.''

Subsequently, the opposition raised questions about Ms Gillard's role in advising on the fund's establishment and her conduct as a lawyer.

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The SMH can't help itself in parotting Gillard's claim that she "provided advice".   She did a lot more than simply advise.

Mr McClelland represented the much-admired then National Secretary of the AWU Ian Cambridge in his efforts to get to the bottom of what Bruce Wilson did, while Julia Gillard helped her lover Bruce Wilson to do it.   Rather than help uncover what he'd done, Gillard helped cover it up.

I admire Robert McClelland and I wish him and his family all the best that retirement has to offer.