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This is the announcement from Labor to the faithful - join the fight!

A friend of mine received this note at 12.35PM today.   What is it with the fight?   Be nice if we actually made something.
I have just announced that the next federal election will be held on Saturday September the 14th.

Later this year, Labor members and supporters like you will have a big role to play in the election campaign.

But for now, I want to be clear that while there are many days of hard campaigning ahead of us, these are the days for governing.

In coming months your Labor Government will be delivering important policies for our nation. 

Our Industry and Innovation Statement will deliver on jobs, today and into the future. 

Our National School Improvement Plan will see standards rise in all our schools, allowing our children to secure the high paid, high skilled jobs of the future. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will provide security and independence for some of the most vulnerable. 

All this will be underpinned by clear Budget savings to make room for key Labor priorities. 
That’s the plan for 2013, and you can join me in campaigning for these important policy changes by sending your details
Thank you for all your support as we begin the work.