Zoe Arnold, Craig Thomson's wife writing about the Prime Minister in the Women's Weekly
Statement from Michael Philip SMITH re Victoria Police Fraud Investigation into Julia Eileen GILLARD and others

Acting Victoria Police Commissioner Lucinda Nolan on ABC Local Radio with Jon Faine - The AWU Scandal

Atabout 9.30 this morning I started getting notes like this one.

"The acting police commissioner in Vic (Lucinda Nolan) was just asked by Jon Faine (9.29 am)  about the inquiries into Julia Gillard. She said the inquiries are continuing, people have been interviewed and the end is in sight. She could not say exactly how long it would be.'"

I haven't seen the transcript of Jon's show so I don't know if he framed his questions with Julia Gillard as the person of interest as suggested by my correspondent.

Pia Akerman of The Australian newspaper was apparently listening too.

AWU 'slush fund' probe nearing end

THE Victoria Police fraud squad investigation into the AWU "slush fund" scandal is drawing to a close.

The story goes on to say

Acting Chief Commissioner Lucinda Nolan today said the investigation was still ongoing but was expected to conclude shortly.

"There is an end in sight and again, it isn't that far off," she told the ABC.

"I couldn't give you an exact timeline but we've interviewed most of the key people."

Ms Nolan said the outcome of the investigation was "not a decision for me".

Former AWU national secretary and current Fair Work commissioner Ian Cambridge this month called on witnesses to co-operate with the investigation.

Victoria Police have sent detectives to Sydney and Queensland to interview witnesses, including a legal secretary, Olivia Palmer (formerly Brosnahan), who worked at Slater & Gordon with Ms Gillard and became involved during the purchase by Mr Wilson of a Melbourne terrace house with union funds.

I have known far too many false dawns in this matter to get too excited about the end being in sight, or not that far off!