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Andrew Robb in an interview with me this morning on Warragamba Dam, water, leaks, northern development - and Mark Latham

Andrew Robb is the federal opposition's finance spokesman, he holds degrees in economics and science. You can read some of his credentials in his own words here

For the past 2 and half years, Andrew has been working on an economic development plan that includes water management throughout Australia.

The plan has not been made public.   Bits of it may have been leaked and the journalist Lenore Taylor has written about it here and other articles like this have run on the strength of unverified leaks.

I have known Andrew Robb for about 5 years.   I admire his honesty and intellect and the thoroughness he brings to economic analysis.   He is a man who knows how to plan and to build genuine wealth that creates real job.

Mark Latham writes columns.   Today he uses extra-sensory powers to analyse what's in the unreleased water and economic development plan, a link to his columnn in today's AFR is here

The damnation of dams

Mark Latham - AFR 28/2/2013

For the past six months Liberal finance spokesman Andrew Robb has been cultivating headlines with his promise of a “northern food bowl”. Instead of announcing ways of saving taxpayers money, Robb has resurrected the most discredited theme in the history of the Commonwealth: northern development. A Coalition policy paper has identified 100 dam projects at a cost of $30 billion. In a moment of high farce, it raised the possibility of using tugboats to cart bags full of water from the Kimberleys to Perth.

From 1983 onwards, governments refused to fund new dams because they were an inefficient use of public money. The era of state paternalism had ended.

Andrew Robb and I had a chat this morning.