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David just lost a parent - the family was supported by Mt Druitt Palliative Care - he asks Ms Gillard to walk 500 yards from Rooty Hill RSL to explain the $500 million funding cut

I hope I die quickly avery long time from now.
But if I have to sit in front of the doctor's desk and hear the diagnosis - or worse still hear that shattering sentence about someone I love - then I hope that I'll live in a community that thinks caring for the dying is important.
More important than advertising.
More important than fast youtube videos.
More important than consultants, or wine fridges, or climate change leadership, or UN security council seats, or pink batts, $900 cheques to people overseas, an open door boat arrival policy and I'll just pause there.
You have the point.   I know you do.   We all do.  
It takes a special type of person to get the ruler out and go through the national budget and decide what's in and out.   It's an awesome responsibility.  New offices for the climate change people - OK, in.    Care for the dying  - well they can't vote.   This government has decided to stop funding a $500 million palliative care program from July this year.
Someone is responsible for the decision.   While she's in Rooty Hill next week, our reader David has a request for the Prime Minister.
David said:
Hello Michael,
As the son of a person who recently passed away, I am all too familiar with Palliative Care.
The Staff at the local Palliative Care Unit (Mount Druitt) were simply outstanding.  My family and I and all our friends  are forever in their debt for their help.
I have a thought. Rooty Hill RSL ( and its Novatel Hotel) is just 5 minutes walk down the road from Mount Druitt Hospital and its excellent Palliative Care Unit.
Why don't we invite our Prime Minister to  walk the 500 metres from Rooty Hill Novatel to Mount Druitt Palliative Care Unit and explain to the Staff, Patients and Family and thier Friends why half a billion dollars worth of funding is better spent elsewhere.
Will you join David in making this request of our Prime Minister?