Wilson Tuckey lost his ministry for writing on ministerial letterhead over a speeding fine - how is Gillard's letter different?
The jet setting Gillard glasses. She gets hers flown in. I buy mine at the paper shop.

From Laura Tingle, AFR last Friday - ALP Focus Groups say the rot set in for Labor over the AWU Scandal

Laura Tingle has very good access to the Labor machine in Canberra.

She has made very good use of her contacts to get a precis of what the ALP's focus groups are telling it about how Australians feel.

The AFR carried this piece on Friday last.  It's heartening news.


It’s raised eyebrows in Parliament at ten paces

Gillard eyebrows raised
Trust and competence are still at the heart of the Coalition’s attack on the Gillard government Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

.......in reality the government’s apparently sudden problems with the polls have had a long gestation. The public quantitative polls showed Labor ending 2012 on a “relatively” high note, with a slow upward trend in its primary vote and Julia Gillard in a strong position relative to Tony Abbott.

.......however, the conductors of focus groups say that, in fact, the rot set in for Labor after those last two weeks of Parliament last year when the Coalition decided to stem any benefit the Prime Minister had been getting from her misogyny speech by returning their attack to the AWU slush fund affair.

Pollsters say the misogyny speech did the Prime Minister a lot of good with voters, but all in the wrong places; voters in safe Labor and safe Liberal seats loved it but voters in the many seats in contention were left cold.

Also, in spite of Gillard managing to neutralise much of the attack over the issue, they say what voters took away was that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

You can read Laura's story in full here.

The findings of those focus groups accords with everything that I hear from my circles of friends, and from my mum, mother in law, aunts, music circles, army circles, police circles - it's everywhere.

We might not understand whether Swanny's telling the truth about collateralised debt obligations and credit default swap instruments and their effect on his budget - but we all understand right from wrong.

And we don't want leaders who do wrong.