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Julia Gillard - feels misunderstood by the media - Juries sometimes have that affect too

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she's misunderstood by the Australian media

This story was reported in today's Herald Sun on their website here

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard says she feels misunderstood by the media and has given a colourful account of her cabinet colleagues.

In a frank and personal interview on ABC radio in Brisbane, Ms Gillard said fairness and a "love of country and a love of family" were at the core of her personal values.

However, she said she often felt misunderstood, particularly when it came to the modern-day media cycle.

"I think there is a lot in this time of change in the media industry that pushes the cycle towards more schlock, more horror," she said.

"That means you need more and more drama or you can't sustain it, so even the simplest things get puffed up in a way that is really pretty absurd."