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Sinodinos’ $3.7m shares giveaway

Arthur sinodinis

The Australian Financial Review reports

The president of the NSW Liberal Party, Arthur Sinodinos, has abandoned a claim to a 5 per cent shareholding, worth up to $3.75 million, in infrastructure company Australian Water Holdings after revelations that linked the company to Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid.

Senator Sinodinos, who was chairman of Australian Water and is now Parliamentary Secretary to federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, told The Australian Financial Review he would not pursue the share stake.

He was responding to questions from the Financial Review on how Australian Water became one of the largest donors to the NSW Liberal Party within days of Mr Obeid’s ­family contracting to buy a $3 million stake in the company in November 2010.

True to his word - here is his declaration of the shareholding in his Senator's Interests Register made on 25 November, 2011

Sinodinis sharehoolding

And here, yesterday, is his report that he has disposed of the interest.

Sinodinis disposal


If it looks a bit smelly, if it involves people of questionable repute, if it discloses a conflict of interest - your conscience will let you know what's right, wouldn't it?

Your shareholding in a water company with the Obeids? $3.75M

Your integrity?   Priceless