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Sent by a dill to Rooty Hill.

Mcternan dill

(Illustration from National Times)

And this piece of commentary from Chris Kenny in The Australian

Stay is nothing but a stunt

OVER a beer earlier this month, Julia Gillard's communications director John McTernan revealed he was spending the next day on a familiarisation tour of western Sydney.

It sounded like a good idea. After all, this is Labor's heartland, where the ALP holds 11 seats, as many as exist in the entire state of South Australia.

On current polling, at least half of these seats are under threat. So, with the parliament on a knife-edge, the election can be won or lost in the vast suburbs of western Sydney.

As a Scotsman, McTernan is forgiven for not knowing this territory. It made sense for him to try to get a fix on it - soak up the ethnic diversity, the love of rugby league, the congested roads, the massive clubs, the clumps of public housing and the sprawling new housing estates.

The only trouble with McTernan's familiarisation tour is that somehow it has manifested itself in a clumsy stunt for the Prime Minister. By deciding to base herself in Rooty Hill next week, Gillard is demonstrating how out of touch her government has become.

Hard to disagree with that Chris.