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The ABC Board seems to have redefined the law in its new electoral coverage policy

Sent by a dill to Rooty Hill.

Mcternan dill

(Illustration from National Times)

And this piece of commentary from Chris Kenny in The Australian

Stay is nothing but a stunt

OVER a beer earlier this month, Julia Gillard's communications director John McTernan revealed he was spending the next day on a familiarisation tour of western Sydney.

It sounded like a good idea. After all, this is Labor's heartland, where the ALP holds 11 seats, as many as exist in the entire state of South Australia.

On current polling, at least half of these seats are under threat. So, with the parliament on a knife-edge, the election can be won or lost in the vast suburbs of western Sydney.

As a Scotsman, McTernan is forgiven for not knowing this territory. It made sense for him to try to get a fix on it - soak up the ethnic diversity, the love of rugby league, the congested roads, the massive clubs, the clumps of public housing and the sprawling new housing estates.

The only trouble with McTernan's familiarisation tour is that somehow it has manifested itself in a clumsy stunt for the Prime Minister. By deciding to base herself in Rooty Hill next week, Gillard is demonstrating how out of touch her government has become.

Hard to disagree with that Chris.


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The ABC certainly has bias, but Mark Colvin though is very balanced on his PM program and yesterday's program was no exception.
In this link, about 1 minute in when clicking to play audio, a Rooty Hill resident described Gillard's knifing of Rudd as 'a dog act'. Absolutely hilarious.....


A room @ Rooty hill Novatel hotel is $203.00. per night
$1187.83 five nights No breakfast.
Thats one room HOW MANY ROOMS IS the Crime minister booking.
Mean while a ward will close at Randwick hospital 26 beds lost due to lack of funding..WTF is going on.


Because Gillard has a residence at Kirribilli across town, she is not entitled to travel allowance by staying at Rooty Hill. She will have to pick up the tab herself. Remember Nick Sherry back in 1998 Travel Rorts affair?.....


I love the parody. It is a good one. In fact I have loved all of these parodies.

We can sing our way through our protests... love it.

She better not decide to come to Lake Haven because my husband is afraid I might end up getting arrested :)


If I lived in that area I would be getting my BANNERS made now! Let the world know - and the sycophant MSM and the Labor propaganda arm - the ABC how WE feel. I can think of some banner ideas.


- You are either against Gillard's unionist Labor or against AUSTRALIA. There is NO COEXISTING with those that want to destroy Australia from within.



I saw a picture on the front page of one of the papers just after Gillard became PM. The headline next to her picture was FLYING START. Someone had taken a red pen to the first letter of each word and put a red cross thru them. Priceless BUT TRUE !!!

Get busy Rooty Hill and neighbouring suburbs and make Australia proud!!!


"If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed."


Apparently she is going to pay for her stay, as are her staffers. I want to see the receipts. I think it is going to be fantastic, this little jaunt, lets see if any of the public can get near her. Or just just shills.


Some one should remind the Rooty Hill RSL that Gillard is a self confessed Communist – so have they forgotten Korea, Malaya and Vietnam for a few dollars – selling the memory of dead comrades to accommodate a communist leader.

What was the motto - “Lest WE Forget”?


I take it she's no thrill at Rooty Hill!


Hi Michael, Keep up the good work, Just on Chris Kenny's story, McTernan in not SCOTTISH, he was born in London 1959 moved to Edinburgh when his Father got a job there, McTernan was with the Scottish Labour Party and then moved back to London for a job with Tony Blair's Labour Party, but that does not make him SCOTTISH...... We would'nt have him !.


That video is BRILLIANT.

Too little, too late jules. You wasted your time in office, 1 weeks worth of tokenism is not going to improve things.


So remind me again what the qualifications are for importing specialist "trades" under the 457 visa?

Farmers Daughter ..

Definitely top Ten Material Michael ,in the Michael Smith Collection !!Brilliant !!


Clever words to one of my favourite songs. Yes, be prepared for those 'staged' moments. I'm sure McTernan et al will be out now scouting for those true blue laborites to play their role in front of the news cameras. Apparently there is an area out there where there are quite a few disability cases. No doubt this will be a good 'Kodak' moment for her and for her to once again give these poor people false hope over the NDIS. The nose will grow longer each day as she lies her way around. The CEO of the Rooty Hill has been quoted as saying he is proud to have her there. Wonder how many of his members agree with him. Me, I'll be in Canberra and hoping to get a glimpse and listen to Bob Kernohan. Watching the weather from up here in FNQ. Cheers eveyone.


Oops, should have read my comment more carefully. I left out RSL, when I commented the CEO, meant the CEO of the RSL was quoted as being proud to have her there. Sorry.

Maggie Qld

It would have been smarter for McTernan to have Gillard shot out of a cannon. It gets my goat that she could even think that people cannot think. Who the hell is she appealing to in Rooty Hill, first photo will be of Gillard draped over a bar drinking with the FIFO "locals".

Shaun K

The Labor Party's and Unions strategy is-fool the voters,secure their votes and then forget the voters.The ALP and The Unions attitude is,Who cares,they are all fools.Don't let The ALP/Union officials and Mr.MCTURD perceive us and treat us as suckers by bombarding us with their sweet talking deceptive ways and propaganda.Once the election is over,they won't give two hoots to us,they will instead be planning to move to more affluent suburbs while we carry on with our lives, as usual.Vote these miserable ALP parasites out,for good.


McTernan had contacted Ray Hadley by email to catch up for drinks PRIOR to the announcement of the 5 day visit by her highness in the West of Sydney. It seems Mr McTernan tried to smooth talk 2GB because of their radio reach into Western Sydney with no success.

The 5 day visit sounds like the consolation prize for Gillard. Historically, note how Gillard always fawns over individuals until she gets what she wants and she's trying it on with the Westies. There are a lot of burned carcasses in her trail and at the moment its Western Sydney constituents who are in her sights. GIVE HER WHAT FOR ...SHE'S STAYING AT THE NOVATEL


Gillard in Rooty Hill seems like a massive Freudian Slip to me.


Julia says she not campaigning but the Libs thinks she has and have started the anti labor, anti Rudd ads.
We said labor would rue their words.

2 Bobs Worth

What a fool McTernan is.
Doesn't he yet realise that when Gillard is out of the public eye e.g. OS her popularity and Labor's polling goes up?
The last thing labor needs is Gillard doing her emu-strut down the streets of Western Sydney, looking like a lecturing schoolmarm and sounding like a side-show alley spruiker.
Best they can do for Gillard is keep her hidden, off TV, off the radio and out of sight.
Better still, if Labor's strategic command want to limit the bloodbath, hold an election now- the longer we have to suffer this woman, the worse it'll get for Labor.
And who's idiotic idea was it to bunker Gillard down at the Rooty hotel.
Given Gillards reputation with the married men she's "known", I wouldn't want the word "root" remotely associated with her.

john greybeard

@WESTIES DEMAND RESPECT | Wednesday, 27 February 2013 at 12:08 PM

He also invited Alan Jones for cocktails. Alan Jones said he would be pleased to accept if he could bring his own food taster.

Menai Pete

Something to remember. RSL Clubs are, in most cases, separate entities from their RSL Sub-Branches. Sub-branch members are the ex-diggers who are members of the RSL. 'RSL Club' members can be anyone, including Sub-branch members. RSL Clubs used to be run directly by RSL members but most Sub-branches have handed over responsibility for running the club to a separate board of management. The Club' is allowed to use the words RSL in its name and it provides facilities for its affiliated Sub-branch to operate but the 'Club' does not represent the RSL.


Here's another Labor dill!

"Mental Health Minister Mark Butler told Adelaide radio this morning that he preferred not to stay at the Rooty Hill RSL because it sounded a bit too “Benny Hill”.

“I stay at the Penrith Panthers when I'm in western Sydney because I'm not sure I could check into the Rooty Hill RSL with a straight face,” the urbane South Australian said.

“It just conjures up all these sort of Carry On films and Benny Hill episodes and Carry On Governing filmed at the Rooty Hill RSL,” he said, referring to past British comedy acts."

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