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Sherron Lewis, back home at her hospital in Lae, Papua New Guinea

Sherron wrote to me this morning

I am finally back home in Lae. Thought you`d like to know that even though Angau Hospital has announced that it`s now open they have had no Doctors working over this past weekend. We had a stab victim brought into my hospital yesterday afternoon that was stabbed Saturday night. He layed untreated for 24 hours at Angau with them unable to find a Doctor to attend to him. He was brought into LIH yesterday afternoon and we had 2 of our surgeons fighting to save his life yesterday afternoon. The latest stats on the mosquito born virus is that we have treated 57 cases in the last 3 weeks and of those 5 were expats. Now that I`m back on the ground I will give you stats for TB including drug resistant. HIV.Malaria ( vivax and cerebal) as well as Typhoid and Cholera.Another disease that is now presenting is Syphillus again we have drug resistant strain.