There is a reason paramedics are the most trusted profession in the country. This move is not before time.
Their own work, in their own words - it's hard to disagree.

Surely to God this can't be right. Who could sign their name to this? Sorry, no care for you.

I would be very pleased to hear that this report is wrong.   It was published in Sunday's News Limited papers.  

Terminally ill suffer as federal palliative funds dry up

TERMINALLY ill cancer patients and the elderly will be left without specialised end-of-life care from July when a $500 million program at the heart of Julia Gillard's health reforms finishes.

Palliative care nurses and specialists in three states have already been told they will lose their jobs and at least one five-bed service in Victoria has closed already.

Also affected are young disabled patients with spina bifida, neuromuscular disease and those with severe injuries who will have their access to rehabilitation axed from the same date.


About 2000 NSW patients will be left in the lurch when 54 palliative care workers lose their jobs in July, Palliative Care Australia estimates.


Mental Health and Ageing Minister Mark Butler said federal funding for palliative care service "is not expiring".

The states had been given an extra $1.6 billion in funding from 2010-11 to 2013-14 to invest in sub-acute services.

"It is open to the states and territories to use this funding in hospital and community settings with the aim of increasing access, including to palliative care," he said.

Health Services Association NSW said patients would die at home with their families forced to care for them without medical support.

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