Part of the ABC website hacked - personal details of 50,000 (?) people exposed. Twitter user blames Geert Wilders interview.
An insight into the election campaign from Labor

The ABC website hacking - the Geert Wilders link confirmed

This is the twitter account of the person(s) taking responsibility for the ABC website hacking.   The Geert Wilders link is explicity given as the reason for the hack - and that statement was included with the dump of the ABC's data on a hackers website.   It could only have come from the hackers.

Phrozenmyst abc hacker

Other websites are showing the account details for people whose information was stored at the ABC.   I hope authorities are moving quickly to shut them down.

But it's chilling that a group or a person would do such a thing as this simply because the ABC's Lateline program interviewed the politician Geert Wilders.

I would like to think that media organisations in Australia would harden their resolve to support free speech and to make sure that time is found for Geert Wilders to  be interviewed again.   But having worked in the industry I fear that the safe, easy route is the route most often travelled.

Sadly that means that this operation with the #opwilders tag will have been a success.   The people who did it will get what they want.   And we're all a little diminished by that.

I hope I'm wrong, but even our government has been happy to appease violent, threatening behaviour and to make life difficult for the peaceful Wilders because it's  the easy way out.