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The NBN is on its way to Ocean Grove. Soon. They've got the greeting cards to prove it.

Anonymous Coastal Resident writes,

I live in Ocean Grove, Victoria. Apparently it’s in the most marginal electorate in the country, but of course that has nothing at all to do with the wonderful news we received this week.

Apparently we’re getting the NBN!!!!

I’ve attached the lovely card we got. You might like to share it on your blog to show how well the Government is looking after us! It was very closely followed by a visit from our Labor member, Mr Cheeseman. My wife wasn’t home at the time - maybe she's dodged a bullet I thought.

But no, she said that she’d have loved to have met him and asked him a few questions. Maybe HE dodged the bullet!


We had a visit a few months ago from Sarah Henderson, Mr Cheeseman’s opponent. She’s a lovely lady with some very sensible ideas. She’s been active in our community for a long time  - well before the election was announced! But I guess Mr Cheeseman is a very busy man, and he couldn’t get around sooner.

Anyway, as you can imagine, we were thrilled to know that we’re getting the NBN, and as you can see from the card it won’t cost us a thing!!!!

I must admit I was a little confused by the last comment on the card that says “To check when you’re getting access to the NBN, go to and enter your address”.

I’m in Ocean Grove, and they’ve said I’m getting it, so why would I need to do that?

So I went to the site and was shattered to find that it said “The NBN is coming to your place; however construction hasn't commenced in your area as yet”. Shattered.

So I looked a little deeper and found something that truly disturbs me. It seems that construction has “commenced” in some new estates. Now I’m no genius, but I think that new estates need to be cabled for phones and stuff like Internet. I don’t think that the traditional providers like Telstra are likely to want to do it since they know the NBN is going to cut their lunch there, so I reckon that the NBN HAS to do new estates!

So it looks to me like all the people who already live in Ocean Grove won’t get the NBN after all, but new people who don’t live here yet might. I say “might” because the rollout map is colour coded and it doesn’t really fill me with hope.

You’re a very smart man who understands this stuff better than me, so here’s the map for you to check. 

Nbn roll out map
(the map is a static screen shot, it's a random address - you can enter your details on the NBN roll out site here )

My government wouldn't lie to me would they Michael?

What should I do? I’m in despair!

Kind regards,

Coastal Resident.


Did you notice the bit on the left hand side at the bottom of the map?   12 months from the start of construction in an area until services are available?   That's a lot of areas in Australia x 12 months to get done!

Coastal Resident - if the NBN is rolled out completely in the form as designed on the VIP jet (using the beer coaster method of telecoms infrastructure planning) I will push a peanut along a piece of fibre optic cable from Sydney to Melbourne with my nose.

One way or another Coastal Resident, the NBN extravaganza will be a little less ambitious than the mammoth task of running fibre optic cable to every home, office, apartment and work place in the nation.   Keep that card though, it'll be worth something one day!