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A couple of words from Bob Kernohan

There are a great many honourable and decent lawyers - Val Majkus is one

I'm very proud that this website has attracted supporters of the calibre of Val Majkus.

Val has been one of the most significant contributors to the blog, in comments, behind the scenes and with exceptionally generous practical support.

Val's not said it but I suspect that her love for the law has inspired much of her passion in the pursuit of The AWU Scandal.   Some things really are worth fighting for.

Val sent this note in today as a blog comment and I thought it was worth its own posting.

To become a solicitor in NSW you have to take an oath of office.   Here's the oath for NSW;
"I,                          do swear [or solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm] that if I am enrolled as a lawyer by the Supreme Court of New South Wales I will truly and honestly conduct myself in the practice of a lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and I shall faithfully serve as such in the administration of the laws and the usages of that State according to the best of my knowledge, skill and ability."
In brief there has to be an honesty about your conduct and a subservience to the rule of law.   There are similar oaths of office in every State of Australia and there's a good paper here.  
Note these words:
To become a legal practitioner, that is to say, a lawyer who may represent the modern client, a graduate must present for admission and take either an oath or make an affirmation. In Victoria, and similarly in other jurisdictions, this oath or affirmation requires the candidate to declare that they will well and honestly conduct themselves in the practice of their profession, as members of the legal profession and officers of the court. It is the taking of the oath or affirmation, and the signing of the roll that marks the transition from simply holding a law degree to being a lawyer.
So the attorney's oath means more or should mean more to the attorney than just getting done what the client wants. The oath requires an honesty and integrity and subservience to the law from each attorney.
And some attorneys ... well they don't meet that standard. What happens? ... there's a few examples here.