"What she did to what's-his-name, Kevin Rudd, in the streets of Rooty Hill that's called a dog act"
Surely to God this can't be right. Who could sign their name to this? Sorry, no care for you.

There is a reason paramedics are the most trusted profession in the country. This move is not before time.

Australia's Most Trusted Professions 2012

The results of our annual Most Trusted Professions survey are out. Read here for the full list of Australia's Most Trusted Professions 2012.
“Our frontline paramedics are invited into people’s lives every day, sometimes in stressful and challenging situations. The respect and trust the community has for [them] allows them to perform these duties.”
Mike Willis, acting CEO, NSW Ambulance Service
For eight years, paramedics have held the title of Australia’s Most Trusted Profession, while members of the poll’s top five professions continue to hold our lives in their safe and careful hands.

Reader's Digest Trust Poll 2012 Professions

1. Paramedics
2. Firefighters
3. Rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Pilots

Paramedics take legal action to leave HSU, form own union

  • From:The Australian 
  • February 27, 2013 12:00AM

HUNDREDS of paramedics have taken legal action to split from the troubled Health Services Union in NSW, declaring they no longer want to be represented by the state's "least respected union".

The application by the Australian Paramedics Association will be opposed by the HSU and Unions NSW when it is considered by the state Industrial Relations Commission next week.

Of course Unions NSW opposes the application.  For the burghers of the Labor movement it has nothing to do with the conditions or rights of workers and everything to do with power.