Union head arrested - systematic embezzlement - political "kingmaker" - Swiss bank accounts
We need a bit of research please team - who has the contracts with the immigration department - who gets the billions?

There's no more money for palliative care? Then cut something else. You horrible, heartless reprobates.

This is Debra McKenzie with her husband Graham, daughter Brooke and her boy Scott - the photo was taken by Nick Gibson of News Limited for Sue Dunlevy's story on the Gillard Government's decision.

Who is the person from the Federal Government who will visit the homes of suffering families to tell them that a decision has been made to stop funding the $500 million Palliative Care program.

It stops in July.   Unless you get active and tell your Member of Parliament that you are not going to cop it.

This is Peter Dutton, the Liberal Party MP who is the Shadow Health Minister, he'll be the Health Minister in an Abbott Government.   I spoke with him this morning when he was at an airport.

Peter dutton

We reported on Sue Dunlevy's story here.

This is what happens when you get your priorities wrong.   These things should be funded first -then if there's money left over for nice-to-haves fine, spend on that.

But to dress up the nonsense of the $50,000,000,000.00 NBN as money being spent to improve health care is disgraceful.   What's the NBN going to do, connect a needle with morphine in your house?