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Those who know Julia Gillard comment on her attention to legalistic attention to detail - but the Information Commissioner says she was wrong

You may recall Ms Gillard's official response to Hedley Thomas's request for documents under FOI about work done in her department in managing the AWU Scandal and its fallout.

Here's Hedley's piece.

We covered the story here and here.

Well Hedley's originating application, having been knocked back by Gillard et al is now off to the Information Commissioner.

Paul Fletcher MP has already been down this path.   He sought information from Ms Gillard's office under FOI and like Hedley was knocked back.   He went to the Information Commissioner and he won.

Gillard and her staff know that the documents will be released ultimately.   This is all about stalling and coming up with legalistic excuses - something Gillard excels at.

FOI Paul Fletcher
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