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Cash movements in Members' Welfare Association account - 94-95 and AWU-WRA

Wayne Hem and his role in depositing money in various accounts

You may recall media reports last year quoting a former AWU employee Wayne Hem, who said that he deposited $5,000 cash into Ms Gillard's bank account.   He states that Bruce Wilson gave him the cash and the instructions to deposit the money.

Later in this post you'll find Wayne Hem's Statutory Declaration.   (It also explains why Bill The Greek may not be keen to return to Australia).

$5,000 is a lot of money for a union official in 1995, particularly one with a wife and children to support.   Only Mr Wilson knows where the cash came from.

On 27 April, 1995, Bruce Wilson filled out this cheque for $15,000 cash and signed it.   It was paid by the bank with the endorsement "$5,000 cash, b/Cheque $10,000 K Spyridis" on the back.   Perhaps a copy of the cheque might jog Mr Wilson's memory about where the $5,000 came from.


Wayne hem stat dec 1
Wayne hem stat dec 2
Wayne Hem's signature is on the pay-in slips for many of the large deposits from construction companies that were banked into the AWU Members' Welfare Association NO 1 account from December, 1994 to mid 1995

23 dec 1994 welfare deposit
13 june 1995
19 Jun 1995
13 july 1995