There's no more money for palliative care? Then cut something else. You horrible, heartless reprobates.
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We need a bit of research please team - who has the contracts with the immigration department - who gets the billions?

If I was motivated by profit and strong cash flows I would gravitate as close as possible to the Federal Government's Immigration Minister.

He is bound by the government's policy stuff-ups to spending billions of dollars in ways that are difficult to control.   Every smart operator with half-way decent connections knows it.

Contractors can charge what they want.   The government is weak, the service providers strong in this relationship.

Could someone (hopefully a few) have a look at who has the contracts, what they provide, how much they get - all that sort of detail.

I've got a fair bit on the plate this morning - and I know you will have the answers.

Transfield is mentioned in this story

Campus contract dumped after asylum assault claim

  • From:The Australian 
  • February 28, 2013 12:00AM

A PRIVATE company that billeted dozens of asylum-seekers in student accommodation at two Sydney universities has terminated its contract with the Red Cross in the wake of an alleged sexual assault on a female student.

Campus Living Villages, a wholly owned subsidiary of infrastructure giant Transfield Holdings, had been providing temporary accommodation for the refugees on campus at Macquarie University and the University of Western Sydney.

Read the whole story here

And the starting point at the Immigration Department's website would be somewhere around here