Something seems cruel about this mob - pretending climate change matters, then "Sorry, you're dropped".
From Kelly O'Dwyer's website - Labor's top 20 Climate Change Bungles

Gillard - put foreigners last. "Foreigners" should go to the back of the queue.

Continuing a lifetime dedicated to putting foreigners last, Julia Gillard yesterday gave a speech at the University of Western Sydney.

PHILLIP COOREY Chief political correspondent for the Australian Financial Review

PM: put foreigners last



A defiant Julia Gillard has used her own life story to identify with the ­residents of western Sydney and vowed to make their job security her top priority, saying “foreigners’’ should go to the back of the queue.

Listing five priorities for western Sydney for which she would fight, Ms Gillard said they would include stopping “foreign workers being put at the front of the queue with Australian workers at the back’’.

Really?  How does that sit with her lifetime commitment to the cause of global equity.

I can think of $8 billion in contracts in the last year alone designed to put the interests of foreigners first.   And that's just the immigration department.

Add on to that the Foreign Aid budget of $4.8 billion - it's  serious Australian taxpayer money spent in the interests of foreigners getting a better life.

You can argue whether that's morally right, whether it's controlled spending or not and whether it's in Australia's interests.  

But I don't think you could argue that Julia Gillard's government has anything like a track record of putting foreigners at the back of the queue.