Progress report - reader Rodney's letter to immigration about McTernan's 457 Visa
I swear this Greenie madness story is not me on the La Perouse, this is fair dinkum

"I did nothing wrong" Julia Gillard, AWU Scandal. I stake my reputation on the proposition that you did.

If you know anyone who says Julia Gillard did nothing wrong, please ask them to listen to this editorial. Barry Cassidy, Jon Faine, Peter van Onselen, Fran Kelly and the Labor Caucus would be some I can think of.

You might want to read the previous post and the paper from our reader StephenJ, it's the post just prior to this one.

My son Hugh makes a cameo appearance in this recording, courtesy of girl-friendly programming choices from ABC3.   We are going to the Monster Truck Show at the Wagga Showgrounds to night to make up.