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When the lawyer goes beyond advice and draws documents for the purpose of enabling a client to achieve an objective, it is, I think, almost impossible to contend that the adviser does not aid the commission of any offence which results.

I think the Prime Minister may have overreached yesterday - if so Victoria Police should correct the record

A member of parliament is being investigated for  potentially criminal misconduct by Victoria Police.

Rogue MP Geoff Shaw backs new Premier Denis Napthine and hints at rejoining Liberal Party


To add to Victoria's political chaos, police yesterday confirmed Mr Shaw was still being investigated for misusing a taxpayer-funded car. 

"Victoria Police can confirm that the Crime Command is investigating allegations of misconduct in public office by a serving member of the Victorian Parliament," a force spokesman said.

"As the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment further."

That's a quote from this article in the Herald-Sun about Geoff Shaw MP, the article was published late last night.

Well another claim about a Member of Parliament and a Victoria Police investigation was published last night too.

Andrew Bolt has a transcript of Ben Fordham's rivetting and effective interview with Ms Gillard recorded yesterday.   Here's the transcript.

The bit that contains a controversial claim by the PM is this:


Final issue just on this and I’m not talking about political drama and whatever, I’m talking about a police investigation that’s currently going on. Now you can see that money from…


Just be a bit careful Ben. Do not slur me with that.


I have not Prime Minister, I have just said that there’s a police investigation currently going on. You know that.


And you should then clarify and that’s nothing to do with me.


Well, I don’t know that Prime Minister do you know that?


Yes I do and I’ve answered that publicly before Ben and I’d refer you to those statements if you have an interest in the matter.

The Prime Minister has now made a statement of fact.   Given that it was made by the Prime Minister appearing in her official capacity - and given that a precedent has apparently been established by Victoria Police in confirming its investigation into a sitting Victorian Liberal MP Geoff Shaw, I would have thought the police would be duty bound to correct the PM's claim if she is mistaken in fact.   

We owe the office of Prime Minister that show of respect.   Where an agency is aware of a statement made by our Prime Minister and that agency believes the Prime Minister may not have all the relevant facts before her and as a result may have made a statement that is not true, I would have thought the government agency would be under some obligation to forward advice to the PM and her department to allow the PM to correct the record.

A little self satisfied stretch after the rush of ruining someone's career
(that feeling of nothing to hide - priceless)