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Response from the WA Government regarding the State Records Office and the empty AWU-WRA folio

UPDATED - If this report that Barry O'Farrell doesn't want to destabilise Gillard's shemozzle is true, then Barry needs to get back on the Maccas or something

This report from is apparently based on some inside info.

ONE of the major threats to the survival of the Gillard government has been removed, with Labor MP Robert McClelland's losing his bid for a top NSW judicial appointment.

It is believed the NSW government, despite believing he was qualified, didn't want to be responsible for any action that could have created instability in the federal government.

If successful in his NSW judicial job application, Mr McClelland's departure from federal politics before the September 14 election could have forced a decisive by-election in his Sydney seat of Barton.

Senior NSW government sources yesterday confirmed that the former federal Attorney-General had failed in his application to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Mr McClelland, a key supporter of Kevin Rudd, who was dumped from cabinet last year by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, made it to a shortlist of two candidates put up to the NSW Treasurer and Industrial Relations Minister last week.

Aside from not wanting to be responsible for destabilising the federal government, it is believed the state government was also unwilling to defer Mr McClelland's appointment until after the federal election in September due to the backlog of cases now before the IRC.

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This is very bad news today on several fronts.

Robert McClelland would have made a fine Industrial Relations Commissioner, it's a crying shame that he has not been appointed at this time.

I feel for Robert who has been treated abominably by the Prime Minister and now if this report is even partially correct by the conservative side of politics too.   Robert would have first hand experience of "jobs for our mates" Gillard and her approach to judicial appointments (including the notorious mate Bernard Murphy).   He can now contrast that with its polar opposite in Barry O'Farrell, who apparently doesn't want to be seen to be doing anything that could be even obliquely interpreted as politically advantageous to his side of politics.

I don't know the successful candidate and I'm sure he's an eminently good choice, but the mere voicing of the view that the O'Farrell government may have been influenced by a desire not to damage Gillard is very unsettling.

Robert McClelland misses out on IR job

FORMER federal attorney-general Robert McClelland will not be appointed to a NSW judicial position, saving Labor from a by-election in his Sydney seat.

The Daily Telegraph reports today that Mr McClelland, a former industrial lawyer and retiring member for the marginal southern seat of Barton, has failed in his application to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. Had he been successful, there were fears he would depart federal politics before the September 14 election, forcing a by-election.

The Daily Telegraph reports the NSW Coalition government believed Mr McClelland was qualified but it did not want to cause instability (to the Federal Government, MPS comment in parenthesis).