Peter van Onselen gets behind our advertisers, thank you for your new-found curiosity Peter
me, moi, saya, ya, ich, أنا, ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ,nekem,私に, 我 - the quintessence of modern Labor subtly disclosed


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Irene Hough


Brilliant. Captures all those moments people need to remember before they vote for Labor in the next election.

We need a strong honest government with integrity to bring us back from the brink before all is lost for this wonderful nation.



michelle 2

In case you missed my second go here it is..
We're getting the hang of this movie making now Jane, I'm choosing another song to go with images for my next instalment.. so much material to choose from.

R we there yet

Well done woman.
Good work.

Let`s VOTE .asap.


Well done...


good work Jane

Cheryl Clifford

In Michelle 2 You Tube video, I noticed the shot of Timmy the toolman,in his shed. A can of International Roast Coffee can be seen in the background. I guess he's not good enough to use one of the many Expresso machines that the taxpayer has bought. Poor Timmy. She who must be obeyed could at least lent him the money to buy a can of Nescafe.


Well done! But, what was the song and the artist? I am a bit of a music freak.

Jane Smith

@tuth will out

Alanis Morissette...Wake up...can't chat...creating.......

Jane Smith

Michelle 2 ILOVE it!

Lyrics by Alanis Morrisette, Canadian American. Album "Jagged Little Pill". Fantastic album. Listen to You Learn ... wonderful

Just Thinkin'

But there will still be people who have the dreaded
WD40 disease.

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