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UPDATED, CHANNEL 7'S SUNDAY NIGHT, Kowtowing to Islamist barbarians

I posted the story below on 28 March, after broadcasting about Alica's plight while I was on the radio on 4BC.   Please make sure you watch Channel 7's Sunday Night program tonight.  Ross Coulthard is a superb journalist and this is a story every civilised citizen of the world should see.


Channel 7's Sunday Night program is on 7 at 6.30 tonight - preview here.

UPDATE ENDS - Original story 28 March, 2012

The Australian Government may live to regret its approval for our national flag carrier Qantas to merge elements of its operations with Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates show a face to the world of modernity and engagement with the civilised people with whom they share the globe.   The reality of life within the UAE is very different.   The Emirates are ruled by misogynist Islamist barbarians.

You will probably be aware of this smuggled tape of one of the Emirate's princes who video-taped his torture session with a person he believed had cheated him on a business deal.

I have been advised that it may be unwise for me to travel to any of the Emirates, Saudi Arabia or indeed any Islamic-law country which enforces the Sharia because of this investigation into my comments about Mohammed and his consumation of marriage with a 9 year old girl.  While an Australian government authority found me not guilty of any offence in Australia, the same evidence in a Sharia court could result in the death penalty for me.

While I was at 4BC in Brisbane I took up the case of Alicia Gali, a beautiful young Queenslander who was pack-raped by several men in the Emirates.   Alicia was charged with adultery because some of her rapists were married and she was gaoled for 8 months for the offence of being pack-raped.

Alicia gali

Alicia gali 2

You are having trouble believing what I just wrote, I know.  It's hard to believe that in 2013 we live in a world where Islamists still operate their stone-age belief systems and still treat women in a way that beggars belief.



Starwood Hotels didn't do near enough to look after this young lady.   The thought that she'd have to sue to get any reasonable compensation for what she was put through by the Muslim state again beggars belief and invites the conclusion that she is being violated again.   Starwood's brands include Westin, Sheraton and W hotels.

Well this week the Australian Government gave the go-ahead for Qantas and Emirates to join up their operations.  That means fly Qantas to Europe and you'll transit Dubai.

Yes, I've been there - it's all wonderful and glitzy on the surface.   Just try to remember that if you're Rohy'd up and find yourself in the hands of a Prince or a group of hotel workers.   Don't expect the religion of peace to help you.

Qantas should hang its head in shame for giving in to these archaic barbarians.   On every transaction with the Muslim nations it is us who has to give way to accommodate their barbarism - in Halal food, observation of archaic practices and in making sure that we don't offend the memory of the perfect model life lived by the 50 year old Arab man who consumated his marriage to a 9 year old girl.

It is long past time that we said no to them and demanded that they change to meet the very basic standards of human rights that differentiate us now from the Europeans who lived in the Dark Ages.

You may stand and gawk at the Qantas plane flying next to the Emir's aeroplane over Sydney Harbour on the weekend, but think about what the joint flypast stands for.   Olivia, I hope your team is thoroughly ashamed of yourselves, you are doing the cause of women and modernity no service at all.

Qantas and Emirates to stage flyover over Sydney Harbour to mark partnership deal

This story is from today's Daily Telegraph

Qantas emirates 1

QANTAS and Emirates will celebrate their new partnership with a spectacular flyover in formation over Sydney Harbour on Sunday morning.

A Qantas A330 and Emirates A330 will take off from Sydney Airport at 9.20am and fly north to Longreef before turning and flying to Watson's Bay.

The planes will fly over the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 10.30am towards the Gladesville Bridge before turning around.

The Qantas plane will lead the formation at a height of 1500ft with the Emirates aircraft to the right and higher.

Qantas's first flights to Dubai will leave from Melbourne and Sydney on Sunday afternoon.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, Transport Minister Anthony Albanese and a number of celebrities will be on board the flight from Sydney, which departs at 5pm.

The partnership got the eleventh hour go ahead from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on Wednesday.

The move means Qantas passengers will get "one-stop'' access via Dubai to 33 European destinations including Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Munich and Barcelona, as well as destinations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Before the five-year partnership, approved after a six-month review process, Qantas passengers flew to London via Singapore under the Australian carrier's longstanding partnership with British Airways.

That deal has ended under the new arrangement, with the British carrier forming a codeshare agreement with Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific instead.

Under the new deal Qantas Frequent Flyer members and Emirates Skywards members will be able to earn points or miles on all flights on the joint network worldwide.

They will also be eligible for lounge access with both airlines, except in the Americas, New Zealand and South Africa.

Qantas is also boosting its baggage allowance for economy passengers to 30kg and removing rules about the number of bags on international flights to everywhere except America to bring it into line with Emirates.

Allah uh-akbar.