The PM's office selectively writes history - "Dear PM, where is Ben?"
The Power of Attorney - from the Reserved Judgements file of StephenJ

Letting the sun shine in - Julia Gillard's words and actions on FOI

This is the link to the FOI logs kept for the Prime Minister of Australia.   Since May, 2011 all Australian Government departments have been required to publish an FOI log.

On 7 September, 2010 Julia Gillard pledged to "Let the Sun Shine in."

According to the Prime Minister's FOI Disclosure Log, the last time the PM released anything under FOI is 26 October, 2011.

The Prime Minister's department, the "Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet" also releases information under FOI requests with FOI publications before and after these separate Prime Minister log entries.

These are some of the Tim Mathieson emails released under FOI.   What's your take on the Prime Minister's FOI log.