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Progress report - reader Rodney's letter to immigration about McTernan's 457 Visa

On 23 November Rodney wrote to the people who are in charge of issuing 457 visas.

Rodney was keen to know more about Australia's inability to produce a spin doctor for our Prime Minister.

Whenever you want to transact with a business/department that calls itself  "Centre of Excellence" you should expect to be screwed around.

Why can't they call themselves the 457 Visa Department?

Centres of excellence
Anyway, Rodney has now spoken with the people from Really Excellent.

His or Her Excellency conversed with Australian citizen Rodey and told him that he was not entitled to know anything.   The Really Excellent department's information can only be discussed with the UK citizen McTernan.   Here is Aussie Rod's note to me about his discussion with His or Her Excellency:-

Hello Michael,  

Thanks for your phone call the other day.  

I followed up with Dep't of Immigration this morning (8Mar).


In response to  my 2 letters (23Nov12 & 19Feb13 mailed to Brisbane office), they advise they although they "appreciate the notification", they have "no provision in the legislation for acknowledgment" to me.

They also advise they "cannot provide any feedback" on my request to revoke Mr McTernan's visa due to privacy laws.  The matter becomes one between the Department and Mr McTernan.


In summary, I do not know if they officially received my letter, recorded it, and acted or did not act upon it.